iglidur® on tour

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First week of remodelling At least 21 countries in nine months! Our car for “iglidur® on tour” is going to drive not only on conventional roads but also on dirt roads along fields, mountains and forests to visit customers, branches and exhibitions. India, China, South Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, Brazil and almost all of Europe are destinations of this extraordinary tour.

In the Cologne University of Applied Sciences students are working under the instruction of Johannes Thome to get the car ready for the trip. Over the course of the next four weeks various parts and bearings in the car are going to be replaced by igus® parts which will be put on the test when travelling about 100000km. During the exhibition in Hannover in 2015 they are going to be removed again to demonstrate how they endured the tour.

Currently students have already removed the chassis to get access to the modules they work on. In the next step they analyse how certain bearings in the car could be replaced. For instance they exposed the front part to be able to deal with the linkage of the windscreen wipers and the steering gear. The rear chassis as well as the doors have been removed too. The bearings which are helping to lift and lower the window will be replaced by igus® bearings.

The chassis on the sides had been removed to work on the window opener

In the course of the next weeks the project will be accompanied to document how the car will be prepared for this unique adventure.