Second week of remodelling

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Our car for “iglidur® on tour” stripped off!

In the course of the next weeks the car will be totally dismantled.

During the first step it will be lifted so that the engine can be lowered and examined. This is done in order to check if we can replace bearings in the “starter”. Simultaneously the modules that have been already dismantled are going to be examined closely too. In cooperation with the german Technical Control Board (TÜV), igus® employees investigated which parts are replaceable. Thus the question that arises is “How can they be replaced best?“

Some are absolutely no challenge for the specialists in the University of Applied Sciences. For instance the bearings at the break pedal. They can be easily substituted by igus® “standard bearings”.

On the contrary other parts offer surpises as well as challenges like for instance the convertible top:

A positive surprise: The convertible top contains steel bearings! They will be substituted by igus® plastic bearings which will be one of the many parts sent on a 100000km (approx. 62100 miles) journey! By doing this we are proving that we have confidence in our products and that our plastic bearings are on a par with steel bearings.

A challenge: Bearings in the convertible top are riveted and therefore can only be replaced forcefully. Furthermore those bearings, which are “guiding” the top, are an on-off production meaning that igus®-substitutes need to be manufactured! Will the convertible top still work? Will it still protect us from rain, mud and extraordinary weather conditions on this incredible long trip?

Also the “door window machanism” consists of revitet bearings. Will it still work after they had been removed? Is it also possible to recreate the sliding carriages and to adapt them to the giving System?

The mechanism for the door-window with riveted bearings