Third week of remodelling

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Now for the real thing!

Our car for “iglidur® on tour” shows us what’s ‘under the bonnet’!

Now that our car has disclosed its secrets the remodelling goes one step further! The bearings at the break pedal have already been replaced! Following you will find more novelties:

Now it is time to start dealing with the “starter”. This is used to not only start the engine but also generate electricity. In our car the “starter” is fixed to a shoulder bolt. Allowing the bolt to move enables radial- as well as axial movements to balance out vibrations. This ensures that the link which connects starter and crank shaft, is tensioned all times. The bolt, holding the starter, is fixed by two bearings. They enable the movements and are going to be replaced by igus® bearings.

The bold that carries the “starter”

Also the suspension strut is brought to focus. Its purpose is to prevent smashing our heads on the ceiling when going over a bump. More precisely we are going to examine the rolling bearing which is located above the suspension to ensure that the axis can be moved. As it is frequently in use it has to be able to endure pressure and friction over a long period of time.

This bearing is planned to be replaced with an igus® bearing which is specifically manufactured to endure pressures up to 11KN (which is about 2420 pounds)! Nevertheless there are two challenges with this bearing: The original bearing is of a different size which means we need to confirm if we still can use this special igus® standard-bearing or if one needs to be manufactured first. Furthermore, the suspension is screwed with the rolling bearing. Thus the igus bearing® has to be adapted. Will the suspension work afterwards or shall we already prepare ourselves to face a terrible headache?

The original bearing (right) and the possible igus® bearing (left).

Johannes Thomé is showing where the bearing is located

The throttle valve was examined too! Throttle valves are located in the air intake pipe of a car. Modern engines not only need fuel but the right mixture ratio of both fuel and air. The volume of air flow is determined by how fast we accelerate which is regulated by the throttle valve. It is placed on a shaft, which is moved by a small electric motor fitted inside our two bearings. They will be replaced by igus® bearings.

The throttle valve which is located on a shaft.

The handbrake

Last but not least the handbrake. The hand lever is connected to a module that is located on the car body. It is going to be investigated if the hand lever is connected through a replaceable bearing or just a metal bolt. This decides on whether we can fit an igus® bearing or not.

Conclusion: It comes to details but it still remains exciting!