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Dear igus visitor,

Welcome to the first newsletter of the New Year, I hope that all readers enjoy a happy and prosperous 2014. Christmas is now a fast fading memory and perhaps like me only the credit card bill remains, all other traces have been removed.  January is the month where the high street stores seem to directly target my better half with all kinds of marketing promotions, and I usually fight a losing battle against the success of these “too good to miss” special reductions. The old adage is almost always true “There’s no such thing as a free lunch!” I say almost, because the exception of course are the vector® awards, held again this year. You can read about this below, but the basic facts are if you use e-chain® then tell us about your application and you can win up to €5000. Nothing would please me more than an igus® UK newsletter reader taking the top prize!

Best regards

Matthew Aldridge


We want your energy supply applications!
… for novel applications using e-chains®
… e-chainsystems® with cables…
The vector® award is an joint initiative between igus®, the industrial media and engineering associations.

Novel applications wanted!
The vector® award aims to recognise novel energy supply applications, which have been realised with energy chains and cables.

We are looking for novel solutions, e.g. for:

  • Longer service life
  • Higher speed
  • Resisting dirt, extreme environments, chemicals, etc.
  • Savings in the design or installation cycle
  • Logistics
  • and much more

Whether a prototype or a production application; big, small, complex or simple… taking part is easy!
Harald Nehring, Vice President e-chainsystems®, igus® GmbH
Simply submit your application. The jury will then select the technically most novel and creative solution; 1st prize is €5000!

1st Prize:
The gold vector® award, certificate and prize money of €5000

2. Prize:
The silver vector® award, certificate and prize money of €2500

3. Prize:
The bronze vector® award, certificate and prize money of €1000&nbs p;

Further information about the vector® award, video and entry form at: www.vector-award.eu

The vector® award ceremony will take place at the Hannover Messe
(7. -11. April 2014)

Winners 2012 
Gold vector® 2012:
KUKA Cobra Silver vector® 2012:
sludge treatment Bronze vector® 2012:
wood handling

fast, light, compact …