Video of the Week – igus readychain is ready to go

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our energy chain is always delivered in less than 10 days and ready to install

readychain is a comprehensive energy chain solution designed to help machinery and plants – from an access platform to a crane – reduce down times and thus costs.

readychains are the complete energy supply ready to install and comprise energy chains completely assembled with cables, hoses and connectors as well as custom metal work and fittings. Transport racks, installation and maintenance support are also available on request.

We deliver to the customer in around 10 days, readychain is specifically designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers. With no storage of cables, connectors and associated extra parts needed, storage costs are reduced to zero.

In order to ensure speed, every readychain system is carefully tested in our laboratories before delivery and certified according to ISO 9001.

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Video of the Week – igus readychain is ready to go