Drylin Q- The Exclusive Product Managers Feature Preview

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New to face the linear module drylin kit is the drylin-Q 20, a square guide system that boasts some great application features and can be used in a range of industries from medical to pick & place machines. We catch up with Lee Wilkins, igus’ Drylin product manager, to find out exactly what this new addition is all about!

“The drylin-Q 20 really adds a fresh and diverse twist to the original drylin range. This square guide system not only complies with the usual igus lubrication and maintenance free benefits, it goes that one step further with numerous added extras of which I cannot wait to share with you all.” Enthused Lee.

Lee’s top properties of the new Drylin Q:

  1. Don’t Lubricate- no need for added lubricant reducing machine maintenance, downtime and contamination which is particularly beneficial in industries such as food and medical.
  2. Absolute safety against twisting due to the square profile.  A real special product feature!
  3. Impacting loads and moments up to 10 Newton Meters can be supported in all directions.
  4. Space for supply lines has been integrated via the hollow profile.
  5. Adjustable guide carriage to suit your exact requirements.
  6. Hard anodised square aluminium profiles.
  7. The guide carriage can be combined with not only the igus square shaft, yet all 20/20 aluminium construction systems meaning it can be offered as an individual igus component.
  8. Bearing play can be manually adjusted with an Allen key in all directions, therefore tolerance differences can easily be compensated.
  9. Applications can be mounted simply and in little time in all directions due to the use of slot nuts.


    Take a look at Drylin Q for yourself here: http://bit.ly/MBkDQ1

    For more information, Contact Lee Wilkins himself on:

    Email: lwilkins@igus.co.uk

    Phone: (07736269217)