Social responsibility and a generous donation

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See how igus was founded:

igus® not only stands for high quality but also for social responsibility. We want to give something back to the society in each country we visit. For each kilometre, we donate one euro to a local charity organization. It is always up to our branches to decide how the money gets distributed. Our Korean colleagues had the idea not to hand over money but to help in the form of rice.

For each driven kilometer, igus® Korea bought one kilogram of good quality rice. As we made more than 2000 kilometres, three soup kitchens received in total 2000 kilogram of rice (which is almost four times as heavy as our iglidur® car). The picture is only showing half of the rice as the truck couldn’t take a heavier load. Two local soup kitchens received 500 kilograms each which covers about 25 days (each day they serve more than 20kg of rice to the less fortunate).

Typical igus® teamwork

The third soup kitchen, called mindele noodle house, operates in more than one city having kitchens based even in areas such as the Philippines.

Mindele not only has noodle houses but also a school or kind of kindergarden respectively, where children can come to learn and to play.