Video of the Week – igus plastics in 3D printers

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Lightweight, versatile and easy to assemble 

Designers of 3D printers are increasingly turning to plastics expert igus forlinear bearings, lead screw units, plain bearings, energy chains and flexible cables in order to provide self-lubricating, abrasion and wear resistant components for the latest 3D printers.

Many digital printing machines now integrate drylin linear bearing and drive technology from igus. In addition, e-chains and chainflex cables are used to supply reliable moving power and data.

Smooth and quiet operation can be enhanced further by using igus plastic ball bearings; this is especially highlighted when compared to metallic or ceramic bearings.

Using plastic components, as opposed to metallic ones, also helps ensure a versatile and relatively light-weight printer, which can be built at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time. The flexible design options available by using plastic components from igus also allow for printers to be incorporated into even the most compact of spaces.

Video of the Week – igus plastics in 3D printers

To find out more about the use of igus plastics in 3D printers, watch the 3D printing video here: