Press conference-Tokyo

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This morning was the official start of iglidur® on tour in Japan where, to mark this occasion, Thirty-two journalists came to a hotel in the centre of Tokyo to join the press conference.

Kunihiko Kitagawa (or Kenny, which is easier for non-Japanese), country manager of igus® Japan, was informing the journalists about the history of igus®, our iglidur® products and the immediate tour.

We intend on exploring the whole island, driving along the coast once around Japan with at least 4500 km lying ahead. For each kilometre, igus® Japan will donate one euro to a foundation that is helping children who have suffered from the Tsunami in 2011 (For instance, those who lost their home).
One highlight of the conference was the speech of Mr. Sickert, who was representing the German embassy. The German embassy helped us with the complicated registration of the car.

Mr.Sickert referred to igus® as a highly innovative company that is representing the German “Mittelstand”:
“With its highly specialised products, sales and production facilities on several continents and obvious knack for marketing, igus is a prime example of the successful Mittelstand”. The German “Mittelstand” comprises of mid-size companies that are considered as the economic backbone of the German economy.

After his speech, the journalists had the chance to ask questions and to get more information about our products.A wide range of igus® products were also showcased on several tablets.

Following on from the press conference we left Tokyo. Our first stop is Isesaki, where we are going to visit our first customers. Three weeks of customers, driving and adventures. Let the tour begin.