Tip Of The Day- How to reduce noise and vibrations in the E6 chain

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More information on the E6 chain can be found here: http://bit.ly/VJILVQ

Does the mounting direction for E6 chains matter?…

Yes it does. In case the E6 chains are mounted the wrong way round (fixed end and moving end mixed up) this would lead to a slightly higher noise level and increased vibrations during travel. Especially with printers this can be a big factor.

Correctly mounted, the side parts at the top face towards the moving end, as shown in the drawing to the right.

How should the lids of e-tubes be assembled?…

To guarantee the highest possible chip-resistance, you should start assembly of the lids from the fixed end. Every next lid in direction to the moving end should overlap the previous one.
This prevent the chips (mostly falling from above) to enter the chain between the lids.
Chip-resistance tests with both assembly methods showed significant differences in the number of chips that entered the tube.