iglidur® has a new team for the European side of the tour

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Hello everybody and welcome to the European side of “iglidur® on tour”.

My name is Karl and I am the representative of iglidur® on tour throughout Europe. Within the next six months, I’ll take pictures, record videos, conduct interviews and post all information onto the blog. You are going to read about the places we discover and the culture we experience. Due to the fact that I’ve got a master’s degree in mechatronics, I will have a closer look on the technical aspects as well. Our customers and their applications are our source of innovation. Therefore, I’m curious to get the story of how igus® products solved their problems and made life easier. In addition, igus® developed web tools to simplify the configuration of our products based on our test results and the requirements of the costumer. I want to know how helpful such tools are to make the right choice and get the best solution.

All in all, I will report on a daily basis but I’m looking forward to hearing from you as well! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or to contact us, if you have any feedback or want to know something more in detail.

The iglidur® car, dry-tech®-box and me. We will get to know each other very well within the next 6 months.

The iglidur® car had its routine maintenance before it started its journey. Therefore, the dry-tech®-box will have a look around Frankfurt.

The Main Tower is one of Germany´s highest skyscrapers with a total height of 240 m, used as office building and open to public. 26 Elevators take visitors to a platform at 198 m height with a speed of 25,2 km/h. These elevators are the fastest in Germany. The drytech®-box made it to the top and had a look at the bank district of Frankfurt am Main.

The dry-tech®-box on top of the MAIN TOWER. It’s cold and windy at a height of 198 m.

At the end of the day, our iglidur®-car left the service centre refreshed and ready to conquer Europe. We are on the road with the next stop ahead. Who we are and where will we go? Find out in my next post when I introduce my colleges and the tour schedule.

So let’s join the igus® family and be part of the innovations around the world!