iglidur arrives in the South Of France

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The iglidur team made it to the south of France!

We started by visiting a customer who develops special wheelchairs. Fortunately, we got to conduct an interview and find out where and why our igus®-bearings are used. The video is under construction and will be available soon. Afterwards, we discovered the “Cité de l’espace” which is a large aerospace exhibition.

We brought a ticket to the Moon…

… and this is our shuttle!

On the way to our hotel in Castres, we drove through Toulouse and of course, we had to stop to take a photo in front of the Airbus HQ of France. igus®-products are used in the field of aerospace as well due to their light weight and maintenance-free properties. An example is the adjustment of the seats.

iglidur® can be found in every single airplane.

Finally, we arrived in Castres.