Tribo-tape for canal boat hatches

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The sliding hatch on canal boats is nowadays as ever present as the main entrance, the practicality of a sliding hatch, the intended ease of use and its space saving abilities are the main reasons for their presence. They usually consist of two pieces of angle iron welded to the roof of the boat. The hatch then slides forward and backwards on runners.

However there are some issues that can occur affecting the hatch movement such as metal to metal wear, making the hatch hard to manoeuvre and also the potential for gouge marks to occur in the runners from forced movement. Adverse weather conditions can also play a part and being exposed to the elements over time will cause rust and corrosion which in turn will also affect the movement of the sliding hatch.

Some common preventatives for such issues are standard teak wood and Vaseline and PU sealant which can work temporarily but aren’t long term solutions and can actually cause dirt and debris to build up on the runners.

igus® has recently developed its new tribo-tape material, made from tribologically optimised iglidur A160 material. Designed to reduce wear on a wide range of applications due to its low friction and abrasion values, the tribo-tape has maintenance-free dry-running properties that in turn, improve all types of sliding surfaces. Tribo-tape can improve the function of a sliding hatch door by eliminating alignment issues from wood expansion, there is also no need for lubrication so dirt and dust particles are not attracted which also assists with the long term smooth running of the sliding hatch.


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Tribo-tape for canal boat hatches

Tribo-tape for canal boat hatches.2