Unique energy chain applications wanted as vector award goes into the sixth round

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We are still looking for innovative energy supply solutions for numerous applications, from handling energy and data safely on the arm of an industrial robot to an outdoor camera system that films high-speed track events without interruption and vibration.

“Even today, new and unusual applications are still being developed, often with fast speeds or complicated rotary movements,” says Justin Leonard, the-chain director, igus. “The competition also provides a unique opportunity for us to know the full capability of our products.”

The winners will be selected by an expert jury and the prize will be awarded at Hannover Fair 2018. The winners of the top prize will take home the golden vector trophy as well as 5,000 euros. The competition is open to anyone who has novel or challenging applications with energy chains, irrespective of what branch of industry they come from.

Apply online (www.igus.co.uk/vector) with your energy supply solution!

Deadline for entries is 23rd February 2018.