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The brexit referendum

Editor Matthew Aldridge writes:

Dear Sir or Madam,
If you decide to vote today, no matter how you vote in the brexit referendum, can I please urge you to continue to vote for motion plastics®:

- Vote LEAVE lubrication, use igus® motion plastics® to make your machine truly maintenance free
- Vote REMAIN with cost savings, use igus® motion plastics® to save time and money

Well, the summer is almost upon us once more, and so the editor of this newsletter will be taking a well earned rest, and will resume services in September. However, igus® continues at your service, 8-8 Monday to Friday, 8-12 on Saturday, and my promise still holds true: if you have moving parts on your machine, it is highly likely we can save you money while also increasing the life of your design!

Simply email me at maldridge@igus.co.uk with the details of your requirements and, I promise I will give it my urgent attention. This applies to bearings, linear guides, cable chains and flexible cables, the samples are free and you could save a lot of money, please vote for motion plastics®!
Best regards,


 Thank you

Video of the Week – CFRIP® tool


Stripping the insulation jacket from high quality cables is a very time consuming operation.  If performed manually with a sharp cutting tool the insulation of the inner core cables can be damaged, and may result in a safety hazard or expensive scrapping of material.  The risk is compounded when long lengths of cable jackets have to be stripped.

igus® has introduced the CFRIP® tear strip, along with a special plastic hand tool, that reduces cable insulation stripping times by up to 50% - saving both time and money.  Requiring no cutting operation with metal tools, the outer jacket (inner jacket on shielded types) can be quickly and safely removed to the desired length.

This feature is now available on 569 e-chain® cables, including the new CF78.UL PUR control cable, providing quick and easy cable striping without damaging the core insulation or outer jacket.  The CFRIP® technology received the IF Design Award in 2016.