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Video of the Week – easier industrial 3D printing with iglidur® l150 tribo-filament



This week’s video of the week introduces the latest tribo-filament material for 3D printing from industrial tribo-polymer specialist, igus®.

Previously, igus® introduced the world’s first structural plastic filament for use in 3D printing. 50 times more wear-resistant than conventional 3D printing materials, it was developed for engineers that need to create structurally robust prototypes or even small batch samples for real-world tests. A number of variants are available to suit different application requirements.

While still offering very good wear-resistance, this new iglidur® l150 variant is even easier to process and print compared with other igus® tribo-filaments. It can be used in any 3D printer for which a nozzle temperature of approximately 250°C can be set with or without a heated printing plate, if an adhesive foil is used

Video of the Week - take a tour through the igus® test lab


In this week’s video of the week, we take a tour through the igus® chainflex® test lab in Cologne, the world’s largest facility for testing moving cables.

As part of its commitment to customer success, igus® has operated an extensive test lab for more than 20 years. This state-of-the-art 2750m² facility carries out more than 2 billion test cycles per year. Conducting more than 700 tests simultaneously, four test robots put igus® chainflex® cables and energy chain® carriers through their paces in a series of demanding material tests, including torsion testing and -40ºC cold chamber test stations.

More than 5000 measurement locations are monitored continuously, taking 1.4 million electrical measurements per year.  As well as rigorous and comprehensive testing to igus® standards, customer-specific application testing is also undertaken.  All tests are systematically documented; this exacting process is part of how igus® is able to offer customers a 36-month guarantee on its cables and carriers, giving them the reassurance that their system will deliver a reliable long life.

igus® showcases bearings and cable management systems at Automechanika Birmingham

Automechanika, one of the world's leading exhibitions for the automotive supply chain and aftermarket, is coming to the UK for the very first time. During the show, which runs from 7th – 9th June at Birmingham’s NEC, igus® will be showcasing its innovative, tribopolymer bearing products and cable management systems on its stand (11E22).

“Dedicated to meeting the growing needs of manufacturers and engineers, we offer a huge range of cost-effective, lightweight and maintenance-free solutions for a variety of automotive applications,” says Matthew Aldridge, managing director, igus®.

With 40 standard iglidur® materials, ranging from iglidur® X for corrosive environments to iglidur® J260 for plastic shafts, igus® offers the world’s broadest range of friction-optimised polymer plain bearings. In addition to low weight, benefits include wear resistance, low noise, corrosion resistance and cost. Areas of application include windscreen wipers, convertible roof frames, door hinges, seats, chassis, the steering system, gearbox, and pedal box, or even within the engine compartment. Today, over 200 million iglidur® plastic bearings are installed in cars worldwide.

With increasing pressure on car manufacturers to save as much weight as possible in every component, every gram counts. iglidur® polymer bearings are up to seven times lighter than their metal counterparts, thus reducing the overall weight of the car and helping save fuel. Car seat applications are a good example where there has been a migration from metal on metal to metal on plastic to fully plastic. In addition to their low weight, the noise damping and quiet running properties of iglidur® bearings, which take a high static load, are beneficial to the driver’s comfort.

The requirements on cable management systems in vehicles are becoming ever more complex. Onboard, there is a growing number of moveable, electrically-controlled functions and settings on hinged and sliding doors, seats, speakers and windows, as well as security and locking systems. Conventional power systems, such as gliding contacts, are susceptible to intermittent contact with loss of signal and no permanent current feed. In addition, simple plastic tubes and rubber grommets offer no defined guidance or radial stability, and cable ties are only suited to static applications.

igus® E2 micro cable management solutions are suitable for universal applications with different types of motion and travel, and protect and guide power, data, and fibre optic cabling, as well as gas, air and liquid hose lines. These energy chains are already onboard in a range of car systems for applications with very high dynamic loads, tight working spaces and long service life requirements. Available as one and two-piece systems, from 5mm inner height and bending radii from 100mm, these lightweight energy chains feature a cable-friendly interior and offer high torsion resistance.

For simple motion applications or infrequently moving cables, the E1 system is a cost-effective solution for large volumes, yet offers the same protect and guide functionality as the E2 micro.  The new “e-rib” simply clips onto existing corrugated hose for stabilisation, preventing unintentional sideways movements thus enable several hoses to be guided next to each other.

Throughout the show, members of the igus® team will be available on Stand 11E22 to take visitors through the benefits and potential applications of their bearing products and cable management systems, as well as provide insight into the full range of igus® products suitable for automotive applications. For more information, please visit: www.igus.co.uk/automotive-onboard


Video of the Week – igus® celebrates 25 years in the UK

igus® has enjoyed an eventful quarter of a century in the UK, starting from small beginnings as a supplier of a limited number of components, and growing rapidly to become one of the most respected manufacturers in the country. These days, igus® offers an unrivalled range of plastic plain bearings, spherical bearings, linear guides, cable carriers and continuous-flex cables, while also producing fully integrated systems.

Managing director, Matthew Aldridge, has been with the company since its early days: “Over the last 25 years, igus® has grown considerably and been involved with many high-profile projects. We’re looking forward to the next 25 years.”

During this year’s MACH exhibition at the NEC, igus® formally celebrated its 25th anniversary within the machine tooling industry. Viewers of this week’s video of the week will see some of the highlights of the busy show and may spot themselves on the stand – if you do, please tweet us at @igusUK using the hashtag #spotigus and we’ll send you a gift.

igus® can be found at an exhibition on average every four weeks – upcoming shows include Automechanika Birmingham, Hillhead, and Manufacturing & Engineering North East. If you are registered to attend any of these events, please do drop by our stand.



Video of the Week - igus® highlights from Hannover Fair 2016


This week we get a taste of the highlights from the igus® stand atHannover Fair - the world's leading trade fair for industrial technology.

The igus® stand showcased 138 product innovations and additions to its portfolio. As well as substantial updates to the capabilities of its cables, energy chains and bearings, igus® showcased its affordable robotic arm kit and 3D printing technology, demonstrating its ongoing significant investment in R&D, designed to drive customer success.

One of the key innovations demonstrated was its smart plastics for Industry 4.0 – designed to increase protection against failure via intelligent products powered by onboard sensors, monitoring and communication, enabling predictive maintenance.