Taiwan a paradise for mountain bikers

Taiwan has an incredible diversity in nature and stunning landscapes, such as the huge mountains that are dividing the island. You can find many hiking and bicycle trails that are turning Taiwan into a paradise for mountain-bikers. Some of these trails are very steep, next to slopes, slippy etc., just very dangerous. If the bike fails, this can have fatal consequences for the health of the biker. igus® improves the performance of your bike so that you can rely on your bike and are able to concentrate on the trail that is ahead.


You can find igus® everywhere in your bike, from the brake to the pedals to the hub. Big bike manufacturers such as GIANT, SRAM and APRO TECH have been associated with igus® for many years. If you ask them about advantages, all will stress the light weight properties of igus® plain bearings and that they are self-lubricating. APRO Tech, a Taiwanese based manufacturer, have been using iglidur® for more than five years in their suspension fork. They see the smooth running and long life of igus® bearings as a point that makes us standing out of the mass.


You can find iglidur® in suspensions in all kind of bikes, often in the best and most expensive ones. For example, mountain-biker Sabine Spitz (Beijing 2008 Olympic gold medallist), relied on igus® bearings in a sensitive suspension fork. Our plain bearings are used to face repeated shocks and very high edge loads (for more information, check: http://www.dpaonthenet.net/article/56139/Mountain-bike-suspension-poses-extreme-test-for-bearings.aspx).

SRAM, an American based company, is manufacturing a wide range of bike components. In most components they rely on igus® plastic bearings. The Asian headquarter is located in Taichung. There we met one of the leading engineers who has been associated with igus® for many years and expressed how she really appreciates the good support and reliability of the local igus® sales team.

Driving through Taiwan is not only an adventure by bike but also by car. A must-drive road is the one that is leading through Taroko National Park passing the most famous canyon of the island. Before you reach the canyon, you pass the divine tree that is presumed to be about three thousand years old.


From the divine tree, it takes about one hour through an ocean of trees before you arrive in the valley that marks the entrance to the canyon. During the drive through the canyon, you see many small temples digging their way through the stone.


From the divine tree, it takes about one hour through an ocean of trees before you arrive in the valley that marks the entrance to the canyon. During the drive through the canyon, you see many small temples digging their way through the stone.


Once we have left the canyon the weather turned quite bad. While the West is partially protected by the mountains, the East is facing all the storms from the sea. Here, our car was facing heavy wind and tropical rain. Bad for us, no problem for the water proven iglidur® bearings. We are currently on the way south. While doing this we were passing a famous cave.


 Unfortunately, you cannot go by car but only by climbing stairs.


I felt a little anxious, when my colleague suddenly drew my attention to a snake that was beneath the stair on which I was standing only a few minutes after we had passed a sign warning visitors of poisoned snakes.

Okay, that is all from me today. I will write you guys once we have reached the South.

Yours Sascha

Sun Moon Lake

Finally, the car arrived in Taichung, not only the third largest city (about 2,6 million citizens) but the home of igus® Taiwan Ltd.

From Taichung, we start to explore the entire island, a very green island with a sub-tropical and tropical climate. This goes hand in hand with an extraordinary high humidity that at this moment, the atmosphere is at a humidity of 80%.
Despite the small size (about 58 times smaller than the adjacent country China), the island offers a high variety of landscapes. We plan to drive to drive a mountain road terrain up to more than 3000 meters, to visit National Parks, tropical beaches and stunning waterfalls. While doing this, we will meet many of our customers from a wide range of industries.

The last days were determined by organizing the immediate tour and by freeing iglidur® from Taiwanese bureaucracy.

Although we spent most of the time dealing with this issue, I did however get the chance to discover parts of Taichung. The night markets in Taiwan are definitely not to be missed!

Within these night markets, a high variety of food shops, that are offering well known Asian food as well as specialties such as a cake made out of rice and pig blood (not my favourite food but better than I had initially thought) line the pavements invitig you to try traditional dishes.

As the first of May is also a bank holiday in Taiwan, we decided to take a trip to the sun moon lake; the biggest lake in Taiwan and a famous tourist attraction (in particular for visitors from the neighbouring country).

The name of the lake comes from that the east side resembles a sun while the west side resembles a moon. The bright colour in the water and the moon-like shape of the lake in general combined to make quite an eye-catching collaboration.

Already the way to the lake is eye-catching. As soon as you leave Taichung, everything turns completely green and becomes hilly. Due to the lake being situated in the centre of Taiwan, you come close to the green mountains that divide the island.

After a short half an hour drive, the impression and general feeling if being in the middle of the rainforest was already prominent.

A sign warning visitors of poisoned snakes and huge “killer” bees, only reinforced this feeling of being within the rainforest.

People that are living in the forest, predominantly know three ways to create income: Either they harvest the betel palms that are everywhere along the streets, they pick Bambus or they live out of the trade with black tea.


A black tea field near Sun Moon Lake

What really surprised me was that, despite the impression of being far away from every kind of civilization, suddenly a magnificent temple appeared out of nowhere.

The Kong Ming temple dates back to 1901. The temple has the largest image of Kong Ming, who was a well-known leader and became famous with the title of best strategist of his time.

I’m really excited to explore more of the island. I will keep you up to date and show you more of beautiful Taiwan soon.


yours Sascha

Video of the Week – iglidur for cars

From pedals to steering, igus’ bearings fit many applications

For more information on igus products and to request free product samples, please contact igus on 01604 677240. For regular updates, follow us on www.twitter.com/igusUK, watch our videos at www.igus.co.uk/youtube, connect with us at www.igus.co.uk/facebook.

iglidur plastic bearings from polymer expert, igus, are a great fit for the automotive industry. Carefully tested in igus’ high-tech laboratories, the iglidur range has been developed to live up to igus’ ‘plastics for longer life’ mantra.

Self-lubricating and dry-running, iglidur plain plastic bearings provide the automotive industry with an effective and efficient alternative to lubricated metallic and roller bearings. A light weight material, iglidur can help car manufacturers achieve significant savings on costs and energy consumption.

Furthermore, thanks to its heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties, iglidur is ideally suited for a variety of automotive applications. Drivetrains, pedal mechanisms, steering systems and variable intake systems are only some of the many parts of a vehicle where iglidur can make the difference.

To find out more about the many ways in which iglidur can be used in the automotive industry, please watch this video: http://www.igus.co.uk/Automotiveiglidur

Deception in South Korea

Visit the igus website here for more information on igus parts used within in iglidur vehicle: http://bit.ly/1kOWYZ4

We have previously visited the main areas within South Korea. Places visited range from the beautiful sea shores at the east coast, to the most famous mountains in the north-east and even to the frontier with North Korea. As it stands, we are now within the completely opposite area of South Korea, this being the deep south.
Whilst making the journey south bound, we stopped off and visited one of our customers, these being Hanmac electronics.

Hanmac moulds plastic parts for appliances such as refrigerators or washing machines. They rely on igus® bearings for a plastic part that is located in the bottom of a washing machine. The plastic plate contains two rollers that rotate during the washing process which keep the water flowing in a circular motion therefore avoids the tangling of clothes.

Each roller is placed on a shaft that is embedded in two bearings. Before they made use of iglidur® H, Hanmac electronics had tested several other bearings but all failed. This was due to the fact that they could not ensure fast constant motions as well as being resistant to water and chemicals simultaneously. iglidur® H has been developed specifically for underwater applications which makes this a great solution to their needs. (For more information, check: http://bit.ly/1f9thTw)
The need for costly tests was no longer an issue and since they have been using the iglidur® material, they haven’t even had one single complaint.

Mr. yong lee, chief engineer of Hanmac, is not only stressing the durability and chemical resistance of iglidur® H, but also the support of igus®. He is fan of the 24h or today delivery promise. He is surprised that igus® can keep the promise although all products are only manufactured within the cologne, Germany headquarter.

South Korea is a very modern country that has a well developed infrastructure. This is not only pleasant for working or relaxing in the car but for the car itself too. I felt it was time to stress the car a bit more by driving off-road again. Of course, as igus® bearings are all used to dealing with high forces and dirt, they are still working perfectly.

Whilst on the road I came across this temple, not particularly thinking that it was of any significance, however I was very wrong. This temple is actually no real temple but a famous scenery used for Korean drama movies.

The place is called Danyang Ondel Open film set as it is located in the so called Ondal tourist site.

The following building, in comparison, is no film scenery but an historic relict which was built to preserve the portrait of King Taejo Yi Seong-gye, who founded the Joseon dynasty. Initially the area, called Gyeonggijeon, contained a gigantic building accompanying many attached buildings, but it lost half of the land during the Japanese occupation.

For the weekend we will stay in the area around Busan. Busan, located in the south of South Korea, has 3,6 million citizens making it the second largest metropolis after Seoul. Moreover, it is even the world’s fifth busiest seaport by cargo tonnage. I am looking forward to get to know more about it soon.
That’s all from me again. I hope you all had a happy Easter. While people in Europe tucked into Easter eggs, in Korea they were given igus® goody bags.

I will continue to keep you all up to date.

your Sascha.


MACH 2014

Thanks to everyone that visited the igus stand this week. Yesterday was especially busy with visitors flocking to see our extended range of products. Customers were keen to find out how our plastic bearings, energy chains and flexible cables can save them money and time, along with increasing the performance of their machines. The team were on hand to answer any queries and provided many application solutions, which were greatly appreciated.

With two more days to go why not visit the team at the NEC on stand 4539, you can qualify for a free case of igus beer, pick up free samples or just simply have a chat and enjoy some refreshments. Whatever the reason you can expect to be welcomed by a friendly face.

Hope to see you there!

Drylin Technology- Proven Favorable in Special Purpose Machinery


Case study area: Reeling Machine

Take a look at the igus website for more product information and to request free samples: http://bit.ly/1fljKqg

As the Reeling Machine moves the Product from the Reeling Unit into a Cutting Unit, the customer needed a Grease free solution. igus can provide just that alongside bespoke elements such as locks and extra fittings.


Chris Foot (dry-tech® Sales Manager), goes onto explain the benefits of igus’ Drylin within this application:

1. Maintenance and Lubrication Free, the system is used to fold bed sheets, so having no grease is a massive plus point in terms of cleanliness and overall machine maintenance.

2. Cost Effective, a saving on their other options due to high performance materials that reduce machine downtime.

3. Easy to Assemble to the Machine. Saves time and energy, therefore the customers productivity is effected in a minimum manner.

4. Vibration Dampening.   The machine has numerous moving parts, bearings are not effected by this.

5. Low Friction. Constant movement is required, so the combination of iglidur J and Hard Anodised Aluminium is perfect.

6. Dust resistant.  Plenty of dust in the air, this doesn’t effect the performance of the Bearings.

7. Corrosion Resistant. Humid environment, so no chance of a Polymer Bearings rusting.

The application itself fitted with igus parts.

Contact Chris Foot on:

Telephone: 01604 677240



iglidur reaches Beijing

Finally, we arrived in Beijing, the capital and political centre of China.

For information on igus parts in the automotive industry, visit the designated area on the website here: http://bit.ly/1aiIKyf

Square of heavenly peace

Beijing marks an important step on our trip as from here we are leaving the coastal area to drive through the inland back to Shanghai. We arrived at the hotel late in the evening and woke up early the next day to visit our beloved customers. Most customers are located in the outskirts of Beijing. You cannot compare “outskirts” of Beijing with “outskirts” of, for instance, cologne. Here in Beijing this basically means 1-1,5 hours of driving to get there. One customer, who had the pleasure to welcome both car and truck, is a specialist for medical equipment.

We met Mr.Ma, who is the chief engineer of this company. He wanted to show us one of their x-ray generators.
X-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation that allows the user to look at the inside of objects. One of their x-ray generators is a mammography system that is used for scanning the breast for cancer.

The doctor has the possibility to adjust the machine so that he can scan the exact part he would like to examine. It is all automatic so that he doesn’t need to do anything by hand anymore. He can choose between three different settings of motion. One of the motion setting is carried out by DryLin® N.

DryLin® is moving the plate, that is reflecting the x-rays, up and down along the y-axis.

Mr. Ma stressed that the plate is moving very smoothly and is making absolutely no noise. As he is working on lowering the noise of his x-ray machine, he intends to use more of our DryLin® products.

Now to Beijing. Well, my first impression was that Beijing is completely different to Shanghai. Granted the city has fewer people than Shanghai, but whether a city has twenty four million inhabitants or fifteen million makes no big difference. Beijing has skyscrapers too, but you never have this “metropolitan feeling” that you get when you walk through the skyscraper-canyons in Shanghai. This is surely also allowed so the streets are very broad. Some even have seven lanes, ON EACH SITE.

Nevertheless, in the rush hour you are moving forward in walking speed. The incredible high number of cars goes hand in hand with extraordinary high pollution. Yesterday, we had a day where you could barely see the car in front of you.

As Beijing lacks this metropolitan “spirit” it offers more historic sights than Shanghai.
A very well known sight in Beijing is the forbidden city. The forbidden city was basically the palace in the Ming Dynasty.

What can you expect at one of the most famous sights in the most crowded country of the world? Of course, a huge crowd.

Still, despite the crowds it is a very pretty area containing huge squares and nice gardens.

We saw India’s landmark, the Taj Mahal. Now we also had the chance to get to know Chinas landmark, the Great Wall. We visited a section of the wall that is not far from Beijing. Afterwards, I must say that this wasn’t the best idea. To repeat my question from above: What can you expect at the most famous sight in the most crowded country? Too many people again.

Nonetheless, it was impressive to know that you are at the biggest sight in the world and that this particular wall had stretched about 8800 km across old China. Nowadays, the largest part of the wall is dispersed and only the maintained parts are in a good shape (by the way, it is a myth that the wall is visible from space. It is too narrow).

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a better spot for a picture with both car and wall. Still, it is more the historical moment to be with our iglidur® on tour car at the Great Wall of China, that matters.

The next stop we are aiming at is Luoyang, which is about 800km south again.

I will keep you guys up to date,

yours Sacha

igus India says goodbye

For information on igus parts within the automotive industry, see here: http://bit.ly/1aiIKyf

It is unbelievable how fast the time has gone. The India tour is already over. It feels weird, after more than five weeks, to hear no one using the horn on streets. Guess one thing that will always be related to India for me :). Of course, igus India organized a proper goodbye for iglidur®. One day before we handed over the car to customs we did a small closing event. Following you find some memories that we would like to share with you:

At the beginning, a traditional south Indian band welcomed iglidur® when the star of the evening went to its place in front of the igus team, guests and journalists.

igus India says goodbye

After a proper opening with a traditional dance show…

igus India says goodbye.2

…we began our program. First point, the manus winner. As it seems appropriate, we combined the closing of the tour with the manus awards.

Gold and one hundred thousand Rupees to late Mr. Harshwardhan Gupta. Tragically, Mr. Gupta died in the night before we announced the winner. Instead, his daughter came to take the price (right). Mr. Gupta perfected a file cutting machine by using Drylin®, but also many other parts (Neubauplan Automation).

Silver and seventy five thousand Rupees to Mr. Munir Pansare who works for Tata Motors and had been rewarded for applying iglidur® JVSM for noise reduction in steering column (center).

Last but not least, Ms. Manhari Govankop of Mahindra & Mahindra who got bronze and fifty thousand Rupees for a tractor application by making use of igubal® WGRM.

igus India says goodbye.3

After this make a difference, the voluntary network which supports children living in street shelters and orphanages, received from igus Germany 4600€ euros/rupees. Beforehand, we calculated with about 4200km but in the end accomplished more than 4600km! Additionally, igus India spent 100 rupees for each driven kilometer! In total we handed over about 10.000€. This is money that will ensure the school education of dozens of children.

igus India says goodbye.4

We had a very successful start of our tour. This was only possible due to the extraordinary organization and work of the igus India team.

igus India says goodbye.5

Thanks also again for the great hospitality and your support. I felt welcomed from the very first moment and will surely come back for visits.

igus India says goodbye.6 igus India says goodbye.7

Next stop is Shanghai. See you guys there in a few days.



Yours Sascha

Drylin Q- The Exclusive Product Managers Feature Preview

New to face the linear module drylin kit is the drylin-Q 20, a square guide system that boasts some great application features and can be used in a range of industries from medical to pick & place machines. We catch up with Lee Wilkins, igus’ Drylin product manager, to find out exactly what this new addition is all about!

“The drylin-Q 20 really adds a fresh and diverse twist to the original drylin range. This square guide system not only complies with the usual igus lubrication and maintenance free benefits, it goes that one step further with numerous added extras of which I cannot wait to share with you all.” Enthused Lee.

Lee’s top properties of the new Drylin Q:

  1. Don’t Lubricate- no need for added lubricant reducing machine maintenance, downtime and contamination which is particularly beneficial in industries such as food and medical.
  2. Absolute safety against twisting due to the square profile.  A real special product feature!
  3. Impacting loads and moments up to 10 Newton Meters can be supported in all directions.
  4. Space for supply lines has been integrated via the hollow profile.
  5. Adjustable guide carriage to suit your exact requirements.
  6. Hard anodised square aluminium profiles.
  7. The guide carriage can be combined with not only the igus square shaft, yet all 20/20 aluminium construction systems meaning it can be offered as an individual igus component.
  8. Bearing play can be manually adjusted with an Allen key in all directions, therefore tolerance differences can easily be compensated.
  9. Applications can be mounted simply and in little time in all directions due to the use of slot nuts.


    Take a look at Drylin Q for yourself here: http://bit.ly/MBkDQ1

    For more information, Contact Lee Wilkins himself on:

    Email: lwilkins@igus.co.uk

    Phone: (07736269217)





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