Predict the future with the worlds first intellegent cable.

igus® takes the next step towards industry 4.0 by developing the worlds first chainflex® cable that warns the user before it fails. If problems arise, such as the threat of a core breakage, the cable issues a warning while in operation. This enables the user to replace the cable before it has a chance to fail.

A big stride for preventive maintenance and therefore,  increased plant availability. The cable will be presented at the 2016 Hannover Messe.

If you are already interested, you are welcome to gain initial experience as a beta tester.

Predict the future with the worlds first intellegent cable

igus® celebrates 25 years of chainflex®

igus® is celebrating 25 years since the launch of its chainflex® range of cables developed specifically for moving applications in energy chains. With 1,040 cables available from stock, the chainflex® range includes motor, control and data cables. As market leader for e-chains®, igus® tests and offers both energy chains and chainflex® cables as a system solution with a 36-month guarantee upon request.

“The degree of automation in companies is continuously increasing, particularly on the journey towards Industry 4.0,” says Frank Blase, CEO, igus®. “At the same time, it is necessary to guarantee uninterrupted flow of data, media and energy. With business in this area exceeding 100 million euros in revenue this year for igus®, this really motivates us to invest significant resources in innovation, product reliability and fast, worldwide availability, to ensure that our customers receive the best possible ratio of price to reliability.”

Considerable investments are being made at the igus® test laboratory in Cologne. Here, there are more than 70 cable test machines performing more than two billion test cycles per year. On average, 650 cable tests are being conducted simultaneously. New test rigs enable fast acceleration speeds of 15m/s2 on a travel of 50 metres; a new cryo-chamber has been installed, which allows tests down to -40°C. Thanks to new torsion attachments and the expansion of the outdoor installation for long travel distances, cable use can be simulated under even more real conditions. The overall area of the test laboratory has increased by 1,000 square metres to a current total area of 2,750 square metres.

Thanks to a multitude of tests, igus® is the only manufacturer able to offer a 36-month guarantee for all chainflex® cables, including torsion cables such as the world’s first CAT7 cable for robotic applications. These tests also allow igus® to make exact statements in its catalogue regarding bend radii, temperature ranges and service life for special use in the e-chain, in addition to the standard norms.

The results from the test laboratory are also used in the five online configurator tools for chainflex® and three online tools for readycable® harnessed solutions. igus® has invested significantly in its online capabilities to allow customers to quickly determine the service life in moving applications and find, configure and order the most suitable cables for their particular application.

In addition to investment its test capabilities, igus® has expanded its production and storage capacity in North America, Asia and Europe – this ensures even faster delivery to its customers in local markets. With cable production on three continents and 14 storage and assembly centres worldwide, customers receive the exact cable needed for their production system from stock: single, individually cut cables, reeled cables, fabricated cables or ready-to-install energy chain systems. Complementing this offering, igus® provides an on-site system installation Service.

Frank Blase concludes: “Now and in the future, affordable pricing will not be the sole concern of customers. Their primary concern is the quality and reliability of cables when working in an energy chain. We consider ourselves the first point of contact for finding a solution for our customers and our 36-month guarantee makes it clear that chainflex® lasts.”

igus® celebrates 25 years of chainflex®

igus chainflex cables claim a world first as they receive Germananischer Lloyd certification

chainflex product manager, James Harrison, returns to tell us about this important development within the commercial shipping and offshore industries.

Cables for moving applications on ships and within offshore in general would, until now, have needed costly custom certification or design concessions. In response to this, igus has further extended its list of approvals and certifications by announcing that 328 of its chainflex dynamic cables are now certified by DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd), the world’s largest ship and offshore classification society.

igus chainflex cables claim a world first as they receive Germananischer Lloyd certification

igus and DNV GL, jointly developed these new industry standards in order to allow dynamically flexible cables to be safely used in moving applications on ships and offshore more generally. This announcement makes igus the world’s first company to offer a full range of dynamically flexible cables, guaranteed for millions of movements and compliant with commercial shipping regulations.

“The approval process for igus chainflex cables took three years and there were many stages to go through before the cables could be ‘Germanischer Lloyd’ certified,” says James Harrison. “But now our customers have the option of buying DNV GL certified control, bus, measurement, data and power cables, specifically for dynamic applications, from stock.”

Harrison explains what this means to igus customers:

‘igus Chainflex customers can now be assured that chainflex cables for dynamic applications, such as power, control, data and bus, comply with commercial shipping requirements. We are really proud of this new development and feel it affirms the high-quality and reliable nature of our products to our customers.’

For more information, take a look at the igus website:

Alternatively, contact James Harrison directly on:


Phone: 07971468439

The chainflex guarantee club- Making moving energy safe

Introducing the chainflex Guarantee Club, where cables supplied by igus for continuously moving

applications, come with a service-life guarantee.

The guarantee club is open to all chainflex customers including machine builders, equipment

manufacturers and maintenance accounts.  You can receive a chainflex Cable Guarantee at one of

three levels: Orange, Silver or Gold, based on annual turnover.  The guarantee is defined time or the

number of double strokes the machine performs; whichever is reached first. The guarantee covers

free of charge replacement of cables.


The three status levels of club membership are as follows:

  • Orange status; the guarantee covers 18 months or 5 million double strokes with the option of

labelling the machine with a guarantee sticker.

  • Silver status: the guarantee covers 24 months or 7.5 million double strokes with a full staff

training programme for your employees on site, carried out by an igus sales engineer.  The training

covers handling and installation of cables, cost reduction and e-chain system optimisation.

  • Gold status covers 36 months or 10 million double strokes with the certification and training

undertaken by the product manager who also provides application specific support.  A complementary

one day seminar on cable technology is also included in the gold package.

igus chainflex product manager, James Harrison, tells us why igus are so confident in the durability of

the cables:

  • igus conducts extensive research and product development as well as live tests within our purpose

built 1,750m2 test lab.

  • Two billion double strokes are conducted annually in the test lab for research and development and

qualification of cables.

  • We undertake 10% batch testing of all cable production and carry out in excess of 100 million double

strokes in energy chains in pursuit of this.

  • The use of a climatic test chamber enables us to safely qualify cables from -40°C to +100°C.
  • Extensive training and product seminars from igus chainflex specialists on your site, provides you with

knowledge on how to achieve the optimum output from igus products as well as developing current employee skill

bases and information on industry innovations.

“Extensive test data of our chainflex cables, fills me with confidence that we can provide a superior cable and guarantee to match with promises that go beyond the norm.” Enthused James Harrison. “We cannot wait to build a real community for the chainflex Guarantee Club.”

Take a look at an example of a complete application test report for yourself here.

For more information, visit the dedicated section on the igus website:

Or alternatively contact James Harrison:


Phone: 07971468439


MACH 2014

Thanks to everyone that visited the igus stand this week. Yesterday was especially busy with visitors flocking to see our extended range of products. Customers were keen to find out how our plastic bearings, energy chains and flexible cables can save them money and time, along with increasing the performance of their machines. The team were on hand to answer any queries and provided many application solutions, which were greatly appreciated.

With two more days to go why not visit the team at the NEC on stand 4539, you can qualify for a free case of igus beer, pick up free samples or just simply have a chat and enjoy some refreshments. Whatever the reason you can expect to be welcomed by a friendly face.

Hope to see you there!

Cables, Standard vs Dynamic…is there really any competition?

igus’ chainflex product manager, James Harrison, tells us why choosing cables for dynamic applications is so crucial

As technology advances rapidly, more and more machines need moving power and data supplies. The process of selecting cables for these dynamic applications, where cables may have to move in a range of repeated strenuous motions, is definitely one that needs consideration.

The simple construction of standard cables is unsuitable because the cable may fails due to the few, yet large, conductor strands bending at a small radius and breaking. Another common problem in standard cables is the “corkscrew” effect primarily due to the compression of inner cores and the cores untwisting because of a loose fitting jacket with poor grip.

So how can you solve these problems?

Simple; purchase a chainflex cable specifically developed for dynamic applications!

Cables, Standard vs Dynamic…is there really any competitionFinely stranded copper cores, that are optimised for maximum flexibility, reduce the risk of work hardening and core fractures and even give large core high-current motor cables the flexibility required for dynamic operation. Cores are twisted with a shorter pitch and in multi-core cables the cores are braided and bundled wherever possible.  This results in the path of the core being from the outside of the cable to the inside and back over a very short optimised distance. Compressive and tensile stresses therefore cancel each other out reducing the overall level of stress and wear.

Of course, the outer jacket is greatly relied upon as a means of preventing the core from twisting, a good dynamic cable has a pressure-filled jacket rather than plain extruded!  Where EMC shielding is required a braided shield will be seen in quality dynamic cables preventing gaps opening via a shallow braid angle.

“We’re so confident about the quality of our chainflex cables, we will even guarantee a minimum number of cycles in an energy-chain. A true reflection of our chainflex guarantee program!” Enthused James Harrison.

James’ top 10 tips when choosing your cable:

  1. Make sure that the bend radius is dynamic, opposed to static. You don’t want to waste your time or money!
  2. The cable needs to be suitable for the bend radius of YOUR energy chain.
  3. Ensure that the cable is rated for the appropriate number of cycles. How can you find this out? Click onto the igus chainflex Lifetime calculator tool to see:
  4. Know your travel length. The longer the travel, the higher the grade of cable required.
  5. Be clear on the applications speed and acceleration. This ones simple:                                                         The faster the speed/acceleration = More strain = Better quality of cable required.
  6. Have the working environment clear in your head. Exposure to factors such as dirt, oil and chemicals are all elements that the outer jacket needs to suit.
  7. Ensure cables are suitably laid in the energy chain upon installation.
  8. Check there is sufficient clearance and space between cables using appropriate interior separation where necessary.
  9. Appropriate strain relief is essential; this can be achieved simply via tie-wrap plates or for more demanding applications use igus CFX saddle clamps.
  10. Finally, order from a reputable supplier!

It was good to see you at Southern Manufacturing

We’d like say a big thank you to everyone who visited us at Southern Manufacturing this week. Despite the atrocious weather conditions that forced the show to close early on day 1, it was still a great show for visitors and exhibitors alike.

The igus stand was busy on both days even right up until the unforeseen and unfortunate premature closing at 2 pm on Wednesday. There were plenty of attractions and innovations that we had so many visitors to the stand. The team were so busy helping customers with their enquiries explaining how igus products can benefit their new and existing applications; it was a shame to have not been able to continue to the end of the day.

Fortunately the unpredictable Great British weather didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the exhibition and all it has to offer. Day 2 was really busy as the show continued in full swing. Visitors merrily enjoyed drinks, snacks and chatting with the team, it was really nice to be a part of it. Witnessing the hustle bustle on the igus and surrounding stands it was evident that everyone was just as engaged as ever and furthermore, happy to be at the show.

If you missed us at Southern Manufacturing and have any enquiries that you would like us to help you with email us at, or visit our website at and we will be more than happy to do all we can to assist you.

P.S. Happy Valentines Day

It was good to see you at Southern Manufacturing