Southern Manufacturing 2016

We will be at Southern Manufacturing show from the 9th – 11th of February 2016 showcasing several new cable and bearing products on our stand (N97).

One focus to our stand will be the new dryin® W linear guide system, which is constructed entirely of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). Ideal for applications across the aerospace, automotive and medical industries, the drylin® W linear guide system is up to 60% lighter than a traditional steel rail system, and 40% less compared with, the ‘light’ alternative, an aluminium rail. This light weight system is available for travel lengths of up to 2 metres, allowing designers to develop a more cost-effective solution.

“This CFRP linear system is ideal for aerospace and motorsport applications where weight may constitute money, or where high dynamic movements are important, such as robots for manufacturing,” said Rob Dumayne, director at igus®. “In addition, the carbon drylin® rail is available as a completely metal-free belt drive system, which integrates plastic pulleys and xiros® plastic ball bearings, meaning these systems can be used without restrictions within X-ray equipment.

Another focal point will be the readychain speed 2.0. Whilst looking for a solution to reduce the amount of cable needed for a customer, igus® developed readychain®; a pre-harnessed energy chain with integrated attachment designed for fast swapping. As with the whole readychain® service, the manufacturer only needs to determine exactly what is required, and igus® will supply the energy chain fully assembled and ready to fit.

Come along and visit our technical experts from the igus® team who will be available throughout the show to provide visitors with practical advice and guidance on selecting igus® products for their own specific applications.

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Video of the Week – Mounting options for drylin SHT


Bearing specialist igus® presents a new video, which illustrates the mounting options available with its drylin® SHT range.


The end blocks of all drylin® SHT modules have machined fixing holes – a counter bore on one side and a tapped hole on the other. To fix directly onto the machine, holes can be tapped into the machine bed and M6 screws used.  Alternatively, for machines with clearance holes, the threaded hole can be used with an M8 screw.


To watch a short video on the different mounting options, please follow this link: To keep up to date with igus® new online training centre platform, visit


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Video of the Week – drylin Q now used in mobile control panels

Linear guide system is self-lubricating, lightweight and operates quietly

drylin Q is the latest torque resistant protected square linear guide system from bearing specialist igus. With self-lubricating and light-weight properties, the adjustable drylin Q is ideal for fixture, positioning and measuring Systems.

Due to the manual clamp, the drylin Q bearing can be mounted in various locations and numerous attachments can be added via the slot nuts, providing designers and engineers with a highly flexible solution. The drylin Q runs quietly and is maintenance free, thus helping to reduce costly machine down time.

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drylin linear guides benefit the entertainment & film industry

Robert Nartowski tells us how the use of igus products have benefited his application:

“Igus DryLin linear guides are essential and valuable tools, replacing the need for bulky camera dollies. Constructed with superb precision and trusted in the most extreme environments they offer timeless cinematic beauty…in every scene. I traveled across Poland with two metres of DryLin in the summer of 2012 creating this short film, since then the DryLin linear guides have become a fundamental pillar in my artistic projects.”

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Drylin Technology- Proven Favorable in Special Purpose Machinery


Case study area: Reeling Machine

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As the Reeling Machine moves the Product from the Reeling Unit into a Cutting Unit, the customer needed a Grease free solution. igus can provide just that alongside bespoke elements such as locks and extra fittings.


Chris Foot (dry-tech® Sales Manager), goes onto explain the benefits of igus’ Drylin within this application:

1. Maintenance and Lubrication Free, the system is used to fold bed sheets, so having no grease is a massive plus point in terms of cleanliness and overall machine maintenance.

2. Cost Effective, a saving on their other options due to high performance materials that reduce machine downtime.

3. Easy to Assemble to the Machine. Saves time and energy, therefore the customers productivity is effected in a minimum manner.

4. Vibration Dampening.   The machine has numerous moving parts, bearings are not effected by this.

5. Low Friction. Constant movement is required, so the combination of iglidur J and Hard Anodised Aluminium is perfect.

6. Dust resistant.  Plenty of dust in the air, this doesn’t effect the performance of the Bearings.

7. Corrosion Resistant. Humid environment, so no chance of a Polymer Bearings rusting.

The application itself fitted with igus parts.

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Telephone: 01604 677240


Video of the Week – drylin Q20 linear guide is tough yet light


available in multiple options for flexible bearing design

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drylin Q20 linear construction kit is the latest torque resistant square linear guide from linear guides expert, igus. Available in a variety of mounting options and with adjustable bearing clearance, drylin Q20 offers designers and engineers a highly flexible solution.

To meet all igus’ customer needs, drylin Q20 comprises a carriage version for all unsupported solutions as well as models with or without manual clamp. In addition, fastening slot nuts are only one of the many mounting options offered by drylin Q20, which can also be combined with all 20/20 aluminium construction profiles.

Due to its hollow chamber design, the drylin Q20linear construction kit’s rugged hard-anodised aluminium profile is light-weight, self-lubricating and thus ideal for carrying supply cables.

To find out more about drylin Q20 linear construction kit, please watch this video:

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Drylin Q- The Exclusive Product Managers Feature Preview

New to face the linear module drylin kit is the drylin-Q 20, a square guide system that boasts some great application features and can be used in a range of industries from medical to pick & place machines. We catch up with Lee Wilkins, igus’ Drylin product manager, to find out exactly what this new addition is all about!

“The drylin-Q 20 really adds a fresh and diverse twist to the original drylin range. This square guide system not only complies with the usual igus lubrication and maintenance free benefits, it goes that one step further with numerous added extras of which I cannot wait to share with you all.” Enthused Lee.

Lee’s top properties of the new Drylin Q:

  1. Don’t Lubricate- no need for added lubricant reducing machine maintenance, downtime and contamination which is particularly beneficial in industries such as food and medical.
  2. Absolute safety against twisting due to the square profile.  A real special product feature!
  3. Impacting loads and moments up to 10 Newton Meters can be supported in all directions.
  4. Space for supply lines has been integrated via the hollow profile.
  5. Adjustable guide carriage to suit your exact requirements.
  6. Hard anodised square aluminium profiles.
  7. The guide carriage can be combined with not only the igus square shaft, yet all 20/20 aluminium construction systems meaning it can be offered as an individual igus component.
  8. Bearing play can be manually adjusted with an Allen key in all directions, therefore tolerance differences can easily be compensated.
  9. Applications can be mounted simply and in little time in all directions due to the use of slot nuts.


    Take a look at Drylin Q for yourself here:

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    Phone: (07736269217)





It was good to see you at Southern Manufacturing

We’d like say a big thank you to everyone who visited us at Southern Manufacturing this week. Despite the atrocious weather conditions that forced the show to close early on day 1, it was still a great show for visitors and exhibitors alike.

The igus stand was busy on both days even right up until the unforeseen and unfortunate premature closing at 2 pm on Wednesday. There were plenty of attractions and innovations that we had so many visitors to the stand. The team were so busy helping customers with their enquiries explaining how igus products can benefit their new and existing applications; it was a shame to have not been able to continue to the end of the day.

Fortunately the unpredictable Great British weather didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the exhibition and all it has to offer. Day 2 was really busy as the show continued in full swing. Visitors merrily enjoyed drinks, snacks and chatting with the team, it was really nice to be a part of it. Witnessing the hustle bustle on the igus and surrounding stands it was evident that everyone was just as engaged as ever and furthermore, happy to be at the show.

If you missed us at Southern Manufacturing and have any enquiries that you would like us to help you with email us at, or visit our website at and we will be more than happy to do all we can to assist you.

P.S. Happy Valentines Day

It was good to see you at Southern Manufacturing

The evolution of drylin E

igus does not stop with the traditional linear guides method. The original drylin drive range has evolved introducing drylin E, a complete linear axis with motor; the ultimate in drive technology.

drylin E perfectly suits the needs of both engineers and designers, providing a complete drive solution from one single source with one final price. Stepper Motors, DC motors, limit switches and chainflex motor cables contribute towards the maintenance-free systems.

igus’ very own drylin E specialist, Adam Sanjurgo, tells us the factors that make drylin E a top solution within multiple industries:

  • Reduces outsourcing levels

One part number and one price for a complete motor-equipped linear axis, saving time on outsourcing components and simplifying the process.

  • Online services

The online CAD tools save time for designers and enable the end user to select the perfect system for their needs, as well as allowing the user to view the exact product via the online CAD system, by downloading a 3D model Straight into their own designs.

The online product finder for drylin drive technology provides the option to calculate the correct motors and service life. Once the optimum option has been specified orders can easily be made. The online product finder boasts a range of features including:

1.      Linear solutions tailored to your application.

2.      Configuration of accessories.

3.      Motor selection including load calculation.

4.      Easy to understand results offering the ideal solution.

5.      Convenient access to other functions, such as online catalogues and Downloads.

  • Numerous options

A range of complexity in terms of motor options, including DC and stepper means the system can be completely tailored to the application needs.

  • Complementing parts

Other components, such as limit switches, can be supplied reinforcing the ease of sourcing from one place.

  • The igus promise

As with all igus products, drylin E is self-lubricating, maintenance-free and predictable ensuring a cost effective and reliable product that well and truly corresponds with the igus ‘Plastics for longer life’ promise.

‘Drylin E has progressed massively within just a few short years. With its’ increased portfolio of new products within the range, we can confidently cover a large array of most industrial applications.’ A. Sanjurgo.

For more information, visit:

Or contact Adam Sanjurgo (drylin E specialist) on: