Iglidur® meets e-chain®

Busan is not only the second largest city in South Korea, yet also the world’s fifth busiest seaport by cargo tonnage. Dozens of cranes are handling a high number of goods daily, thus such cranes need a lot of energy. In order to protect the cables against any kind of weather and therefore to ensure the energy supply, igus® offers the solution in the form of the Energy chains®.

Iglidur® meets e-chain®

igus® power chain systems are a good alternative to bus bar, festoonings and reel systems. igus® e-chainsystems® and chainflex® flexible cables are worldwide in operation on more than 10,000 port equipment applications.

Iglidur® meets e-chain®.2

Sixteen cranes in the port of Busan rely on the igus® e-chain® 5050RHD.

Iglidur® meets e-chain®.3

igus® e-chains® are the perfect solution for crane users and builders as they offer numerous advantages such as:

  • Space saving design
  • No control system necessary
  • All media can be conveyed: power, data, air, water, etc.
  • Low maintenance product reduces your downtime
  • Wind and weather resistant
  • Synchronous run of trolley and e-chainsystem®
  • Quick an easy installation of additional cables
  • No parts marked as reason for wear and tear
  • Spare part guarantee for 10 years+

MACH 2014

Thanks to everyone that visited the igus stand this week. Yesterday was especially busy with visitors flocking to see our extended range of products. Customers were keen to find out how our plastic bearings, energy chains and flexible cables can save them money and time, along with increasing the performance of their machines. The team were on hand to answer any queries and provided many application solutions, which were greatly appreciated.

With two more days to go why not visit the team at the NEC on stand 4539, you can qualify for a free case of igus beer, pick up free samples or just simply have a chat and enjoy some refreshments. Whatever the reason you can expect to be welcomed by a friendly face.

Hope to see you there!

Video of the Week – igus micro fizz 10 is even bigger

energy chain guide system enclosed for safe operation

e-chain expert, igus, has developed the micro fizz 10 aluminium guide system to meet the engineers and designer’s need for a larger cable and hose capacity, compared to the existing MF06 and MF08 systems . Thanks to its unique enclosed design, the micro fizz guide system is already proving an ideal solution for a variety of applications, ranging from sliding doors to camera and studio Equipment.

Thanks to the integrated spring element, the polymer energy chain is captive in the guide system whilst still having low friction and maintenance-free properties. Other key features include a low friction carriage and mounting brackets for easy joining and fixing of the system.

To find out more about the micro fizz 10 aluminium guide system, please watch this video: www.igus.co.uk/MicroFlizz10

For more information on igus products and to request free product samples, please contact igus on 01604 677240. For regular updates, follow us on www.twitter.com/igusUK, watch our videos at www.igus.co.uk/youtube, connect with us at www.igus.co.uk/facebook or visit our blog on blog.igus.co.uk.

Who better to install your Energy Chain System than us, the people who make them?!

In today’s technologically advanced society, machine downtime can have huge cost repercussions in lost process time that could have been avoided. energy chain systems from igus have been implemented across a wide spectrum of industry applications due to their increasing recognition of being highly reliable with a long overall service life and very low maintenance.

Extensive and specialist energy chain system knowledge is evident in our full turnkey installation & project service that we offer at igus, which consists of a full technical analysis from our dedicated UK based projects team, prior to submitting a detailed proposal on where we can make improvements within your application. Full turnkey retrofits can also be carried out on old festoon systems, cable reels and BusBars all complete with the igus guarantee.

Who better to install your Energy Chain System than us, the people who make them Who better to install your Energy Chain System than us, the people who make them.2

Mark Smith, the igus installation & projects manager, explains the advantages of the igus service:

‘Here at igus, we have a vast knowledge of energy chain systems.  Between us, we have many decades of experience and can take a look at your application and advise of any improvements, whether they be minor adjustments or a complete reconfiguration.  Our focus is simple: Machine reliability, so involving us early in the design stage or maintenance programme can reap rich rewards in the future.  With this extensive knowledge, we have now developed a calculation tool to give a fixed installation price, with 11 simple questions.  This enables us to react quickly, so we can offer a fault free, professional maintenance and installation service by highly qualified and specially trained personnel.’

11 Simple Questions to generate your igus installation price:

  1. e-chain type?
  2. e-chain length?
  3. Old guide trough to be removed?
  4. New guide trough to be fitted?
  5. Trough length (m)
  6. Guide trough mounting
  7. Working height
  8. Cables to be fitted?
  9. No of cables?
  10. Total number of cores to be terminated?
  11. Site induction required?

You place one order, totally project managed by us.  We manufacture the energy chain, chainflex cables & guide troughs, including detailed 3D CAD drawings and for full installations, we would also include for instance any special steelwork or cable connectors, to enable us to return your machine back into your hands, fully commissioned.

We also offer full maintenance inspections, so we can regularly check your Energy Chain System in order to prolong the service life and produce a detailed report for your technical file.

Who better to install your Energy Chain System than us, the people who make them.3

Of course, at igus, we like to offer our customers that little bit more. For every concrete enquiry for our installation & project service, you will receive a free keg of Toad & Fiddler ale from the Frog Brewing Co!

If you think we may be able to help, please contact Mark directly on 01604 677240, or send an email to msmith@igus.co.uk

Alternatively, you can find information on this service when you visit our website:  http://bit.ly/1hNttUT

It was good to see you at Southern Manufacturing

We’d like say a big thank you to everyone who visited us at Southern Manufacturing this week. Despite the atrocious weather conditions that forced the show to close early on day 1, it was still a great show for visitors and exhibitors alike.

The igus stand was busy on both days even right up until the unforeseen and unfortunate premature closing at 2 pm on Wednesday. There were plenty of attractions and innovations that we had so many visitors to the stand. The team were so busy helping customers with their enquiries explaining how igus products can benefit their new and existing applications; it was a shame to have not been able to continue to the end of the day.

Fortunately the unpredictable Great British weather didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the exhibition and all it has to offer. Day 2 was really busy as the show continued in full swing. Visitors merrily enjoyed drinks, snacks and chatting with the team, it was really nice to be a part of it. Witnessing the hustle bustle on the igus and surrounding stands it was evident that everyone was just as engaged as ever and furthermore, happy to be at the show.

If you missed us at Southern Manufacturing and have any enquiries that you would like us to help you with email us at sales@igus.co.uk, or visit our website at www.igus.co.uk and we will be more than happy to do all we can to assist you.

P.S. Happy Valentines Day

It was good to see you at Southern Manufacturing

Welcome to the igus newsletter

Dear igus visitor,

Welcome to the first newsletter of the New Year, I hope that all readers enjoy a happy and prosperous 2014. Christmas is now a fast fading memory and perhaps like me only the credit card bill remains, all other traces have been removed.  January is the month where the high street stores seem to directly target my better half with all kinds of marketing promotions, and I usually fight a losing battle against the success of these “too good to miss” special reductions. The old adage is almost always true “There’s no such thing as a free lunch!” I say almost, because the exception of course are the vector® awards, held again this year. You can read about this below, but the basic facts are if you use e-chain® then tell us about your application and you can win up to €5000. Nothing would please me more than an igus® UK newsletter reader taking the top prize!

Best regards

Matthew Aldridge


We want your energy supply applications!
… for novel applications using e-chains®
… e-chainsystems® with cables…
The vector® award is an joint initiative between igus®, the industrial media and engineering associations.

Novel applications wanted!
The vector® award aims to recognise novel energy supply applications, which have been realised with energy chains and cables.

We are looking for novel solutions, e.g. for:

  • Longer service life
  • Higher speed
  • Resisting dirt, extreme environments, chemicals, etc.
  • Savings in the design or installation cycle
  • Logistics
  • and much more

Whether a prototype or a production application; big, small, complex or simple… taking part is easy!
Harald Nehring, Vice President e-chainsystems®, igus® GmbH
Simply submit your application. The jury will then select the technically most novel and creative solution; 1st prize is €5000!

1st Prize:
The gold vector® award, certificate and prize money of €5000

2. Prize:
The silver vector® award, certificate and prize money of €2500

3. Prize:
The bronze vector® award, certificate and prize money of €1000&nbs p;

Further information about the vector® award, video and entry form at: www.vector-award.eu

The vector® award ceremony will take place at the Hannover Messe
(7. -11. April 2014)

Winners 2012 
Gold vector® 2012:
KUKA Cobra Silver vector® 2012:
sludge treatment Bronze vector® 2012:
wood handling

fast, light, compact …


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