Auto Expo Special: Part 2

Our car is the main attraction of this event with some people even making offers on purchasing the car! Our booth is always crowded with visitors and potential customers from all over the world. Still, I’m sure we are attracting that many people not only due to the car, but also due to how we are presenting ourselves. With our booth we are standing out of the mass. As most companies are just showing their products we are focusing on “interaction”.

Auto Expo Special Part 2

For this we offer two games where people can compete with each other. One is a racing game a la “Carrera” and one a videogame. The racing game is testing your driving skills (unfortunately the car has no horn) whereas you can prove in the video game your knowledge about our “iglidur® on tour” car.

Auto Expo Special Part 2.2 Auto Expo Special Part 2.3 Auto Expo Special Part 2.4

We combine this interaction with various forms of media. We have a huge screen where we are showing our teaser and funny igus® clips. Additionally, all is highlighted by loud techno music.

Furthermore, we have a special offer as people don’t need to shoot photos with the car by themselves. We are doing it for them! We collect their email addresses and Facebook profile names. Thus, they exclusively can get their picture via mail or being tagged directly.

Auto Expo Special Part 2.5

All in all the response to our project is very good. The word is spreading and iglidur® on tour is getting more and more famous. For instance yesterday, while we were having dinner in the evening the father of a colleague called. Apparently a local newspaper published an article about iglidur® on tour. 600km south in Kanpur.

For more info on igus bearings, see here:


Auto Expo Special

Driver, Sascha, tell us all about iglidur at the Auto Expo show in India:

We had our first day on the Auto Expo in New Delhi. It is not only the major automotive show in India, but also the second largest in the world held every two years. There are two shows at two different venues this year; the motor show and the component show. At the component show we are represented with two booths. One inside a hall, showing our products and one outside demonstrating the car and our “iglidur® on tour” project. We have 70m² for our vehicle which is more than we have ever had at this show!

The outside booth is more “funky” as it aims to engage as many people as possible (although the car alone is already an attraction by itself) raising awareness of the tour and iglidur components in themselves. In addition to the car, we have a small car racing game as well as one big screen with short clips such as this music video from igus India:

and one with a video game where you can test your knowledge about the car and our applications.

The first day was a success although some things went wrong. We had a cable fire at our outdoor both and a leaking pipe inside. Despite these minor technical problems we were able to carry on with the issue in hand and work properly. We not only got a lot of inquiries but also new potential customers so the event proved to be a great success for us. As I was outside the entire day with the car, I cannot estimate the crowd indoor but at our “iglidur® on tour” booth we predominantly had a huge crowd! Not only did iglidur attract the generic customer audience and the general public, yet it also grasped the attention of the ‘times of India’ newspaper, one of the largest in the subcontinent!

I will keep you guys up to date.
Good night,

yours Sascha.

Under the Sign of the Auto Expo!

Sascha continues to update us on his all around the world tour adventures with iglidur:

The upcoming week is all about the Auto Expo in New Delhi, which opens its doors on Thursday. One final big event before the trip continues.

Under the Sign of the Auto Expo!

Do not worry I will not bother you with a blog entry on the preparations for the fair. There is always here and there a little time for other things.

Despite the tight schedule, we still had time for a customer visit to JCB in Faridabad. JCB is a leading manufacturer of construction vehicles that uses igus ® plain bearings in the steering and the loading mechanism of its vehicles. We can now provide storage for two additional application areas in the hinge and the joystick. Due to the very limited time that JCB mustered for us to introduce briefly our “iglidur ® on tour” project, we did not have time to fully explain. JCB is the first of many customers, which we will visit on our trip.

Under the Sign of the Auto Expo!.2 Under the Sign of the Auto Expo!.3

Upon leaving Faridabad, we had to make our way swiftly to a neighboring city New Delhi. I knew that Delhi invested heavily in infrastructure, but not that the Metro is extended so far into the “suburbs” (it takes about an hour by car). A taxi driver once told me that here every day 3000 new cars are registered. The number is probably exaggerated, but nonetheless, you can see the boom of India everywhere. For example, in Connaught Place, which was built during the colonial period by the British. There, western shops and restaurants rub shoulders in order to satisfy the ever-growing middle class.

Under the Sign of the Auto Expo!.4

In my first post I said I would like to write in a chronological order, let me so reflect back on the past weekend.

Even though I ‘m not a big fan of dance shows, yet I have quite enjoyed my Saturday night, we went to a traditional Khatak dance show. Khatak is one of eight classical Indian dance forms.

Under the Sign of the Auto Expo!.5

If you are interested in dancing then I can recommend you a show to attend (even if you have nothing to do with dancing, as in my case, it is definitely a great experience). Most of these events are also free! Classical dance forms are usually performed in theaters, which are subsidized by the state. (For a little insight: On Sunday I went on a little journey of discovery through Delhi. I’ve talked a lot about the contrasts in the city. I have had this experience again yet on another level. As I went down in the morning in the thick of Old Delhi, I found myself at noon in a different world. If you should once be in New Delhi, then necessarily go into one of the many parks. These places of harmony and tranquility are scattered like green oases in the otherwise chaotic capital. You can find there even monkeys (Well, actually you will find monkeys also sometimes in the city itself, but in the parks they are naturally most frequently encountered). I had not the pleasure of seeing monkeys in the park but should you have the pleasure then takes care of your camera and belongings. They are aggressive. Wild monkeys attacks here and the last thing you want is for you to have already fallen victim.

Under the Sign of the Auto Expo!6 Under the Sign of the Auto Expo! 7

I had the impression that the people outside Delhi have even more interest in our car. Some even stopped their vehicle to take pictures or to look at iglidur accurately. When so much attention is available in urban areas, will it be the same in the country?

Under the Sign of the Auto Expo!8

I’m curious to find out. What a week it’s been so far. When we leave the metropolitan area of New Delhi, the next destination is within the direction of Jaipur.

Until next time,

Your Sascha.

For more information about igus parts in the automotive indusrty see here:

New Delhi- The link with the sheep

Sasha continued to give us his insight into his all around the world tout start in India:

In my last post I mentioned that there is a connection between a flock of sheep and our “iglidur® on tour car”. Well, let me tell you about it.

New Delhi- The link with the sheep

The two days we had struggled to get the car through customs were really exhausting as we had been waiting each day for about 7 hours in the customs office and time just didn’t want to pass by. Well, our customs office was kind of “sourced out”. We were having a tea with the customs officer in a little Indian café next to the cargo terminal. While we were working on our papers I could hear a little “baah” which seemed to continue. It was kind of strange for me to see a flock of sheep passing by at the customs office at an international airport. Once more New Delhi has shown me its incredible diversity. This is kind of the word I would use to describe New Delhi best. Diversity! It is just amazing to see people from so different backgrounds living together in peace.

New Delhi- The link with the sheep2

In the evening of the second customs-marathon-day we finally made it. We got our car and were understandably extremely relieved! Of course, we couldn’t stop ourselves from driving the car the next day a bit around the city. As we still had the press conference and the Auto expo ahead, we were kind of careful with driving. Still, it is very interesting to see how much attention this car is attracting especially since there is not such a car on the Indian roads combined with the fact the vehicle is the standard bright igus orange. It is becoming a common occurrence at traffic lights for the taxi drivers to wind down their windows and actually enquire about the car. We made a similar experience at the place where we are parking the car. A group of playing children seemed to have more interest in the car than in continuing their cricket game.

New Delhi- The link with the sheep3 New Delhi- The link with the sheep6 New Delhi- The link with the sheep9

The first day we were driving the car around I would have liked to see it also in Old Delhi but both of my Indian colleagues were against it (keeping the events in mind that are ahead. After the Auto Expo we can test the limits of the car 😉 ). Well, after I had spent some time in Old Delhi I highly changed my opinion about showing iglidur® there. I barely had the experience of facing so many sensations at the same time. Small streets encircling pretty and hidden mosques and temples, varieties of known and unknown scents that are in the air, of course the honks all the time and people everywhere. The streets are so full of life. A colleague told me that this was the thing he missed most when he went for a visit to Germany “Streets are so empty in Germany. I felt kind of lonely, in India streets are always crowded and full of life.”
One thing I can really recommend in New Delhi: Buy yourself a tea and enjoy watching what’s going on! (The teas are always reminding me of Masala tea. I cannot count how many times I have asked my colleague: “Well, this is really nice tea. This is Masala or?…No Sascha, this is just normal tea. I will tell you when it is Masala”).

New Delhi- The link with the sheepE New Delhi- The link with the sheep 3

I spare writing about the press conference as there is an article about it in my blog. Just one thing, I want to mention the voluntary network of “make a difference” that is going to receive one euro for each driven kilometer. They help children living in street shelters and orphanages and have a focus on education. They work on equality of opportunity ( It is really nice that we combine our Indian trip with supporting this network that is doing really great work (I had the chance to talk for a while with the spokeswoman).

Well, there is so much more I could write about. I feel like I could already write a book. And this, although the trip hasn’t even started yet. We plan 4000km through India, thinking about passing deserts, coast roads, natural reserves and and and. Afterwards, I could write a whole book series I guess.

Anyway, before it will come to this I will keep you up to date and informed on this blog. See you soon again.

Yours Sascha.

For more information about igus in the automotive industry, see here:

New Delhi officially welcomes iglidur

Driver, Sasha, shares his thoughts of the day from the iglidur press conference in New Delhi:

It was a big day for iglidur®. Our Indian colleagues presented “iglidur® on tour” to the media and thus have made an impressive start to the journey in India. Around 30 journalists were expected however in the end, 52 turned up! What a start!

Our sales manager, Patrick Carl, initially stated the idea behind “iglidur® on tour” and introduced igus® and our bearing production line. Mr. Antony P Kurian, COO of igus® India, subsequently gave some general information about the work they are doing. Paul Deepack and Santosh Jakob k followed and guided the journalists in the direction of the main focus of the day.

The big reveal!

Music started to play, fog started to fill the scene where a screen opened slowly and our car entered the stage, the star of the day. Journalists flocked to the stage out of their seat all without a doubt competing to get that winning shot of the iglidur car.

As the initial buzz started to simmer we presented the tour the car is going to drive as well as me as a driver. Following this, the charity organization “make a difference” got to know that we donate 100 rupee (85=1 euro) for each kilometer/mile we are going to drive (about 4000km/2500miles). “Make a difference” is a voluntary network that is empowering children living in street shelters and orphanages.

Finally, this all got topped off with a lively discussion. It was a short but very intensive and successful press conference. Next stop is the Auto expo in New Delhi before we afterwards are going to start out to discover incredible India.


iglidur on tour-Welcome to New Delhi

Sascha, igligur’s very own driver, shares the start of his all around the world tour.

‘To be honest I do not even know where to start. I have only been here four days but have already experienced more than I can summarize in a blog entry!

Let’s start with the flight.
Actually, everything went fantastic until we were on the way to the airport in New Delhi. What I thought were normal clouds, was in reality a mixture of smog and fog that lay over the whole city and buried everything underneath. I recently just read that the air pollution in New Delhi is even worse than Beijing. The smoke, smog, fog was so dense that I though I was sitting right next to it, the wings I could no longer see. What is an inconvenience for me, was a big problem for the pilot. After the third attempt, he broke off the landing and flew to Mumbai.

After a short recharge (1.5 hours to Mumbai and then 1.5 hours back to New Delhi) I finally arrived in the city, seven hours late, which was so incredibly strange.

How can you take a first impression and describe it fully in one word? I would say that the best way to describe it is “intense”. If you leave the quiet, insular airport hall, the first thing you perceive is a significant amount of taxis. Everyone is trying to outdo the other and to lure you in. I chose one of the many taxis and began a ride that I will look back upon as a mixture between fun and looking death in the eye, switching back and forth. I had the impression that my taxi driver was driving without any system. Everyone seemed to be driving so fast no matter how small the spaces were. The Road Traffic Act seemed to me to play a subordinate role, with drivers permanently honking while driving. I am sure that when I reflect upon my time in New Delhi, the whole honking scenario is definitely going to be the first thing think of. Horns can be heard actually constantly to at any time, whether morning, noon, evening or night. A few days after my first taxi ride I had the theory that the horns are the reason why I have not seen any accidents. You honk when you drive into a road when you overtake a car or when you see that someone comes too close.

When I finally arrived, after what felt like an eternity, at the hotel I went straight to my bed. The next day I set out to explore the city in which I will live for the next two weeks. My Indian colleague: Nitin, picked me up at the hotel and showed me a few sights. What prevails life on Delhi’s roads I found really impressive. Above all, the peaceful coexistence between extreme opposites, e.g. between rich and poor has fascinated me. Here there are high-tech shops next to hawkers, stray dogs and cows next to modern skyscrapers and cars sometimes in addition to very exotic means of transport such as elephants.

I would love to tell you more about the city, such as where to eat but I have not had time to explore the past couple of days. The last two days we spent at customs in order to free iglidur ® from the shackles of Indian bureaucracy. I have never waited so long in my life for a few signatures. While Monday was probably “Happy customs day” and none of the officials felt responsible for us. After waiting seven hours, we were good to go. Nevertheless, the wait was worth it!

Next time I’ll tell you more about the liberation of iglidur ® and also where there is a connection between our car and a flock of sheep. Strange but true. :).

Until next time.

Your Sascha


iglidur on tour-A successful press event

The iglidur on our press event, hosted at igus HQ in Cologne, was a superb way to reveal and celebrate the start of the world-wide tour.

Our very own Leanne Golding, Marketing Manager here, was fortunate enough to be able to attend the event for herself.

“The event was very well organised and included lots of featured product areas that kept every visitor engaged. Presentations from the CEO, Frank Blase, and colleagues were informative and really drummed up the excitement between myself and other attendees in terms of seeing what challenges the tour will bring!”

Concluding this, on the 20th of January 2014, the car was then driven to Frankfurt airport to be flown to India in preparation for the launch of the tour in Asia.

Meet the driver

Our ‘iglidur on tour’ car is accompanied by Sascha, who introduces himself in the following Clip:

Third week of remodelling

Now for the real thing!

Our car for “iglidur® on tour” shows us what’s ‘under the bonnet’!

Now that our car has disclosed its secrets the remodelling goes one step further! The bearings at the break pedal have already been replaced! Following you will find more novelties:

Now it is time to start dealing with the “starter”. This is used to not only start the engine but also generate electricity. In our car the “starter” is fixed to a shoulder bolt. Allowing the bolt to move enables radial- as well as axial movements to balance out vibrations. This ensures that the link which connects starter and crank shaft, is tensioned all times. The bolt, holding the starter, is fixed by two bearings. They enable the movements and are going to be replaced by igus® bearings.

The bold that carries the “starter”

Also the suspension strut is brought to focus. Its purpose is to prevent smashing our heads on the ceiling when going over a bump. More precisely we are going to examine the rolling bearing which is located above the suspension to ensure that the axis can be moved. As it is frequently in use it has to be able to endure pressure and friction over a long period of time.

This bearing is planned to be replaced with an igus® bearing which is specifically manufactured to endure pressures up to 11KN (which is about 2420 pounds)! Nevertheless there are two challenges with this bearing: The original bearing is of a different size which means we need to confirm if we still can use this special igus® standard-bearing or if one needs to be manufactured first. Furthermore, the suspension is screwed with the rolling bearing. Thus the igus bearing® has to be adapted. Will the suspension work afterwards or shall we already prepare ourselves to face a terrible headache?

The original bearing (right) and the possible igus® bearing (left).

Johannes Thomé is showing where the bearing is located

The throttle valve was examined too! Throttle valves are located in the air intake pipe of a car. Modern engines not only need fuel but the right mixture ratio of both fuel and air. The volume of air flow is determined by how fast we accelerate which is regulated by the throttle valve. It is placed on a shaft, which is moved by a small electric motor fitted inside our two bearings. They will be replaced by igus® bearings.

The throttle valve which is located on a shaft.

The handbrake

Last but not least the handbrake. The hand lever is connected to a module that is located on the car body. It is going to be investigated if the hand lever is connected through a replaceable bearing or just a metal bolt. This decides on whether we can fit an igus® bearing or not.

Conclusion: It comes to details but it still remains exciting!

Second week of remodelling

Our car for “iglidur® on tour” stripped off!

In the course of the next weeks the car will be totally dismantled.

During the first step it will be lifted so that the engine can be lowered and examined. This is done in order to check if we can replace bearings in the “starter”. Simultaneously the modules that have been already dismantled are going to be examined closely too. In cooperation with the german Technical Control Board (TÜV), igus® employees investigated which parts are replaceable. Thus the question that arises is “How can they be replaced best?“

Some are absolutely no challenge for the specialists in the University of Applied Sciences. For instance the bearings at the break pedal. They can be easily substituted by igus® “standard bearings”.

On the contrary other parts offer surpises as well as challenges like for instance the convertible top:

A positive surprise: The convertible top contains steel bearings! They will be substituted by igus® plastic bearings which will be one of the many parts sent on a 100000km (approx. 62100 miles) journey! By doing this we are proving that we have confidence in our products and that our plastic bearings are on a par with steel bearings.

A challenge: Bearings in the convertible top are riveted and therefore can only be replaced forcefully. Furthermore those bearings, which are “guiding” the top, are an on-off production meaning that igus®-substitutes need to be manufactured! Will the convertible top still work? Will it still protect us from rain, mud and extraordinary weather conditions on this incredible long trip?

Also the “door window machanism” consists of revitet bearings. Will it still work after they had been removed? Is it also possible to recreate the sliding carriages and to adapt them to the giving System?

The mechanism for the door-window with riveted bearings

iglidur® on tour

First week of remodelling At least 21 countries in nine months! Our car for “iglidur® on tour” is going to drive not only on conventional roads but also on dirt roads along fields, mountains and forests to visit customers, branches and exhibitions. India, China, South Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, Brazil and almost all of Europe are destinations of this extraordinary tour.

In the Cologne University of Applied Sciences students are working under the instruction of Johannes Thome to get the car ready for the trip. Over the course of the next four weeks various parts and bearings in the car are going to be replaced by igus® parts which will be put on the test when travelling about 100000km. During the exhibition in Hannover in 2015 they are going to be removed again to demonstrate how they endured the tour.

Currently students have already removed the chassis to get access to the modules they work on. In the next step they analyse how certain bearings in the car could be replaced. For instance they exposed the front part to be able to deal with the linkage of the windscreen wipers and the steering gear. The rear chassis as well as the doors have been removed too. The bearings which are helping to lift and lower the window will be replaced by igus® bearings.

The chassis on the sides had been removed to work on the window opener

In the course of the next weeks the project will be accompanied to document how the car will be prepared for this unique adventure.

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