Christmas Newsletter

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten,
and children listen I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten,
and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow
I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

You’re dreaming of cost down products
While improving your machine
Well give us your idea
At the end of this year
Tell us; we are very keen
Your dream could be our new product
Tell us what you want us to make
(igus plastics work well, no mistake!)

We will then work on your design headache

Christmas greetings from igus®, see you in 2015


Your top 10 products in 2014 and your wishes for 2015
igus® presents its top 10 igus® products in 2014 at the year-end. The series is based on the click rate from the 47 countries around the world where the igus® newsletter is received. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the lively dialogue, here and in daily contact – and of course for your trust and orders in our 50th igus® year.We have many motion plastics® ideas being realised for 2015, reducing costs and improving technology. With your further wishes, this will be a technically inspiring new year.>>> Your wish list for 2015

On behalf of all igus® employees, we wish you happy holidays, a happy new year and the best of luck in all your projects.

Warm regards

Frank Blase

“Call me or send me an email with your ideas for igus®, or if you have problems that we haven’t solved till now.”
Frank Blase
Managing Director, igus® GmbH
Tel.: 02203-9649-118

Your wish list for 2015

Christmas wish list

Christmas wish list
We are asking you this year, as we have for many years, about your wishes, suggestions and criticisms. This isn’t just about product requirements. Have we disappointed you, or not kept a promise, in 2014? Do you have suggestions for improvements to the catalogue, the website, service, etc.? Simply write your requests on the wish list – each wish will be personally answered.
>>> Go to the Christmas wish list

Your top 10 new products in 2014


1st place
Quiet, fast and low-abrasion – e-chain® for fast gantries, cranes, machine tools and chains up to 800 m.



2nd place
Connect without tools in seconds – plug-in, complete energy chain system®



3rd place
The first tribo-filament for 3D printing in the world – up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than conventional 3D printing materials.



4th place
Automatic coupling of e-chainsystems® on cranes (RTGs)



5th place
Up to five times longer service life – high-helix thread , nut and lead screw using “dryspin® technology”


tribo tape

6th place
Highly wear-resistant tribo-tape made of iglidur® V400, temperatures up to 200 °C


E4.1 light

7th place
30% lighter* and highly dynamic – E4.1 light e-chain®



8th place
chainflex® M – up to 40% less expensive – complete range of control cables up to bus cables, with UL approval



9th place
drylin® SQE low-cost automation lifting and swivelling unit
Mehr erfahren…

drylin® E

10th place
Linear technology complete solutions from stock – one- and two-axis systems, lubricant-free and low cost

Top 25

Moving on to your “Top 25” and all the new items** in 2014Discover here…

Where is igus® hiding?


Snowboard-like appliance
This device is moved like a snowboard, but uses two skis instead of a single board. It must be small and light enough, but must withstand cold and wet environmental conditions. iglidur® J bearings are used in control cables for axially controlled movements.

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** and product range extensions

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igus UK Newsletter October 2014: Tribo tape up to 200°C

Dear Sir or Madam,With summer now a fading memory, it seems that I never actually see my home in daylight, and the usual October weather takes any pleasure out of travelling. It is quite normal at this time of year that after arriving home, my better half will casually mention that she has had a “tiny weeny scrape”, referring to the family car. I have learnt that this can mean anything from an alloy wheel which looks like it has been attacked by an angle grinder, to half the side of the car hanging off. I saw a car recently that seemed to have plastic air pockets along the side rather than metal panels, but I think these are really to stop impacts from shopping trolleys rather than trucks. Its a great idea though, and should help to save many relationships.The high technology plastic products made by igus® also replace traditional metal items, and can also take extremely high loads. Take for example the world’s largest plastic e-chain, which can take fill weights over 100 kg per metre! Or the iglidur® TX1 plain bearing which can take pressures up to 200 MPa! These two products can be used to replace expensive metal traditional solutions, and save you money as well. If you have moving parts on your machine, then talk to us, it is highly likely we can save you money while also increasing the life of your design. Email me with the details of your requirements and, I promise I will give it my urgent attention. This applies to bearings, linear guides, cable chains and flexible cables, the samples are free and you could save a lot of money. Simply email me at will be exhibiting at the Engineering Design Show at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, on 22nd and 23rd October, you will find igus® at stand number D20. We will be offering drinks and light refreshments, as well as the chance to see, touch and feel new igus® products, including the robolink® D.Best regards
Matthew Aldridge


Tribo polymer – more temperature, less wear
New tribo tape for applications up to 200°C
This autumn, igus® presents the highly wear-resistant tribo tape made from iglidur® V400 material. This tribo tape is now available in a new material, permanently withstands temperatures up to 200°C and is extremely media-resistant. The tribo tape is easy to install and assembled in seconds.Reduce valuable design-engineering time with “Open Space”: Specify your open space, and we will plan, design, produce, and assemble your energy supply modules.Have fun on your explorations! Tribo-Tape
Highly wear resistant tribo tape made from iglidur® V400 in applicationsOpen Space
igus® “Open Space” service


Topics in this newsletter


plastics for longer life® in applications
Reduce costs and improve technology with 1 of more than 1,200 “plastics for longer life®” examples
Smooth travel, wear-resistant, flawless operation.
Nearly twice the service life with iglidur® plain bearings
The demand for packaged beverages is increasing. In order to handle PET bottles with speed and reliability, so-called star wheels play a key role in the complex beverage bottling plants. Especially in the high-performance range, they are exposed to very high loads. Since they have been equipped with epoxy plastic rollers, their service life has nearly doubled. Read more430 additional iglidur® application examples


Brand new plastics for longer life®
Your igus® novelties*
Highly wear resistant tribo tape made from iglidur® V400 Tribo-Tape
Assembled in seconds.
The new highly wear resistant iglidur® tribo tape made from iglidur® V400 withstands upper long-term application temperatures of 200°C and is extremely media-resistant. At a tape thickness of 0.5 mm, the tribo tape is easy to install and easily and quickly assembled.More information here
Slewing ring bearing in two plastic versions iglidur® PRT
For sporadic adjustments.
The new outer plastic attachment ring reduces weight and costs. The version with plastic screws and nuts avoids metal components entirely. Very cost-effective, lubricant and maintenance-free:More information here
Easily filled, chip tight e-tube R2.75
Snap-open along the outer radius on both sides.
Cost-effective, rugged e-tube with 75 mm inner height. Snap-open and removable along the outer radius from both sides. Very tight design and rugged twin stop dogs for high additional loads and unsupported lengths. High stability due to twin stop dog system and with small bending radii.

More information here

Harness measurement system cables 30% faster chainflex®
No cutting costs.
Due to the optimised cable configuration, the CF211 and CF111.D measurement system cables can be harnessed 30 % faster. Starting immediately, 6 additional types available from stock. All types with UL/CSA and available with PVC or PUR jacket.

More information here


dry-tech® tested
Insights from the igus® lab
Plain bearings in a wear test for a customer.
Wear testing for customers
The wear on three different pre-selected iglidur® plain bearings was tested on an igus® test stand on behalf of a customer. In a first step, it was necessary to find a material similar to the customer supplied shaft. At a wear rate of 23.11 μm/km, iglidur® W300 plain bearings ultimately have the lowest wear. Read the entire test report here


the-chain tested
Insights from the igus® lab
Series E4.350 during tensile and failure testing.
Tensile and failure testing on the largest plastic e-chain®
E-Chain® series E4.350 is used when extremely high additional loads of up to 600 kg/m need to be reliably guided, while also providing convenient assembly and low weight. Of course igus® put it through its paces – the E4.350 effortlessly withstands tensile and failure loads of up to 175,400 N! Read the entire test report here


Where is igus hiding? iglidur®
Small and reliable.
iglidur® in an inspection robot
This robot inspects ventilation shafts before and after cleaning. The reliability was improved by using iglidur® W300 plain bearings. The previously used ball bearings needed to be routinely oiled, which is eliminated on iglidur® bearings. Because of their small size, the robot dimensions could be reduced, allowing even smaller ventilation shafts to be inspected. More




igus UK Newsletter- June 2014!

Dear Sir or Madam,  
While I am writing this, the English world cup squad have just landed in Manchester, after a very short (even by English standards) and disappointing campaign. However, this does mean that fans now have a succession of free evenings ahead, time which would have otherwise been spent watching the tournament. This unexpected free time could be used for summer barbecues, trips to the beach, time with friends, the possibilities are endless. In our increasingly time-poor world, any product or process which relieves this pressure is surely worth exploring.At igus®, our philosophy is to supply our customers with products which save time and money, you can see some of the latest examples of this below. Remember, if you have moving parts on your machine, then talk to us, it is highly likely we can save you time and money while also increasing the life of your design. Email me with the details of your requirements and, I promise I will give it my urgent attention. This applies to bearings, linear guides, cable chains and flexible cables, the samples are free and you could save a lot of time and money. Email me at for some bad news, this will be the last igus® UK general newsletter until September as the editor has to take a well earned break, see you after the holidays.Best regardsMatthew Aldridge



Topics in this newsletter


plastics for longer life® in applications
Reduce costs and improve technology with 1 of more than 1,200 “plastics for longer life®” examples
profile-rol e-chain® P4 in highly dynamic linear gantry profile-rol e-chain® P4
The profile-rol e-chain® stands up to high accelerations and speeds over the long-term.
The P4 in this linear gantry is quiet, fast, and efficient. “Our specification required that the loading process needed to be standardised and simplified”, the user Peter Vogl explains. “This can only be accomplished with dynamics. And this quickly brings up the issue of the matching energy supply system.” The profile-rol e-chain® P4.32 has proven its capabilities in the module from the start. Read more300 more e-chain® application examples


Brand new plastics for longer life®
Your igus® novelties*
Quiet, fast, and with low abrasion – e-chain® for high-speed gantries P4
Maximum speeds on long travels
The rollers travel at an offset and minimise friction and the noise profile. Accurately tracking “autoglide” crossbars and a special aluminium trough keep it in the track. The smallest available bending radius of 75 mm facilitates installation in confined space.More information here
Aluminium trough construction kit for profile-rol e-chains® P4 Aluminium trough construction kit for profile-rol e-chains® P4
Lighter and more cost-effective than steel troughs
The new trough system makes the entire guide system even smoother and lighter. The special trough shape reliably supports offset travel of the P4 e-chain®.More information here
Rolling and adjusting – drylin® W hybrid carriages as “door openers” drylin® W
Low displacement forces and low-noise operation
The new hybrid carriage now represents an ideal solution whenever a lateral manual adjustment needs to be implemented without a secondary guide. It travels smoothly and nearly noise-free – completely without lubricants.

More information here

xiros® polymer ball bearings in new installation sizes xiros®
Rinsable and corrosion-resistant
xirodur® B180 polymer ball bearings in combination with the PA cage and choice of glass or stainless steel balls provide long service life and an outstanding price-performance ratio.

More information here


the-chain tested
Knowledge from the igus® lab
How does the P4 perform in noise tests? igus® lab
Noise test of the profile-rol e-chain® P4.
The profile-rol e-chain® P4 has become a standard for many crane manufacturers, and runs smoothly and with low vibrations due to its tribo-optimised rollers. The P4 underwent a noise test in the exterior grounds of the igus® lab. Various travel speeds up to 4 m/s and various measurement parameters demonstrate that the general noise level is very low, and that the system travels with no vibration. The system has a noise level of 76 dB at 4 m/s. Read the entire test report here


Insights from the igus® labs
Short linear stroke on various shafts wear test
Wear testing on short stroke test rig: iglidur® plain bearing on various counter partners.
The igus® lab regularly conducts wear tests even on linear motions. Among others, this also involves an analysis of very short linear motions of 5 mm at high frequencies, such as occur on actuators and in solenoid engineering. Read the entire test report hereWear results are available for all iglidur® materials against a wide range of shaft materials. The chart only shows an excerp. If you are interested in the results of other pairings please contact us.
Humanoid robot showing promise
Light, rugged, and chock-full of high-tech: the potential of 3D printing is also seen in the collaboration between University Bonn and igus® GmbH. Both partners jointly developed a robot that will compete in July at the RoboCup World-Cup in Brazil. The exterior shape and load-bearing components consist of plastic parts fabricated with the laser sintering process. The new generation of football robots is light and mobile, and designed to withstand falls. Find out moreThe robot is still needs a name. Submit your name suggestion on our facebook page. The winner will receive a surprise.  RoboCup
Where is igus® hiding? Where is igus hiding?
An 11,000 tonne tray with the playing field is moved with igus® profile-rol e-chains®!
profile-rol e-chains® move the playing field of the VELTINS arena
“The world has never seen such a stadium “, FIFA President Joseph Blatter raves about the VELTINS arena at Schalke. One of its hallmarks is the mobile playing field. With the help of two space-saving profile-rol e-chains® and special cables made by igus®, it travels a one-way distance of 170 m. Read more here


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