speedigus- What makes this such a unique service?

Here at igus, the customer really is at the heart of all of our activities and speedigus is no exception.

speedigus is a platform that enables us to offer custom made parts with a flexible lead time whilst still maintaining the igus ‘dry-tech’ promise: this being a lubricant free, dry-running and technically optimised iglidur material suited perfectly to the application in focus.

When lead time is crucial, the speedigus service is perfect where delivery times are rapidly reduced. For machined parts, the standard lead time is 10 working days and for moulded solutions it is 15, although with the Speedigus service this can be dramatically reduced to as little as one day.

You as the customer are in control!

Special bespoke parts are made from iglidur polymers according to the customer requirements.

  • 13 different igus standard materials.
  • From design to manufacture of real igus parts can potentially be complete in as little as 24 hours..
  • Requires a 3D model.
  • No minimum order quantities.


  • The extensive range of iglidur stock bar materials enable us to machine parts rapidly to a customers design.
  • 8 standard iglidur stock bar materials, available in various sizes and 2 standard stock sheet materials.
  • The lead time can be from 24hrs from design to manufacture.
  • Requires a 2D drawing and/or 3D model.
  • Perfect for low volume test parts.

For more information, visit our website on: http://bit.ly/Oobxat

Or Contact Erin Kemal, igus’ speedigus expert:

01604 677240