We’re showcasing robotics and linear guide solutions at Engineering Design Show 2016

We are returning to one of the UK’s must-attend events for engineering, electronics and embedded design, the Enginering Design Show at Coventry‘s Ricoh Arena from 19th–20th October 2016. During the exhibition, we will showcase the latest drylin linear guide systems, as well as cable management and energy supply solutions for industrial robots, on its stand, D20.

igus motion plastics are used extensively throughout the industry and everyday life in demanding moving applications. Our high performance engineering plastics are self-lubricating and maintenance free, as well as being lighter and harder-wearing than traditional materials. This results in more reliable and cost-effective solutions which are resistant to dust, dirt and extreme conditions. Thanks to extensive testing in its 2,750m² test lab, we are able to accurately predict the service life of our motion plastics, by offering a guarantee.

We are exhibiting our comprehensive range of tribopolymer bearings, continuous flex cables and cable management systems on our stand, D20. Also on display will be our drylin W linear guide system that can be used to help design engineers optimise production processes and reduce costs for dynamic applications. Modular and flexible, drylin W can be preassembled and easily installed, with individual or double hard-anodized aluminium rails. The dry-running lubrication and maintenance-free iglidur polymer gliders are low noise and weight, dirt-resistant and hard-wearing. Other technology demonstrations will include energy supply systems developed specially for sophisticated multi-axis robotic applications in harsh industrial environments.

“Dedicated to meeting the growing needs of manufacturers and engineers, igus offers a huge range of innovative engineering plastic bearing and cable management solutions for applications in virtually every industry,” says Matthew Aldridge, managing director, igus.

Throughout the show, members of our team will be available on Stand D20 to demonstrate to visitors the benefits and potential applications of our bearing products and cable management systems, as well as provide an insight into the full range of igus products suitable for your industry and application. For more information, please visit: http://www.igus.co.uk/industry

To arrange an appointment, please email Megan Campbell: mcampbell@igus.co.uk and for further information, please visit: www.igus.co.uk or call igus directly on 01604 677240. Follow us at twitter.com/igusUK, watch our videos at www.igus.co.uk/YouTube, connect with us at www.igus.co.uk/Facebook and read our blog on blog.igus.co.uk.


igus® UK MD Matthew Aldridge writes….

I had a pleasant surprise the other day when I received a phone call from a wine club telling me that I had built up a lot of money in my account and would I like to spend it? I had no idea that I was a member,  I must have filled in a card for a special offer once, but it seems that £20 each month was being paid into this fund, which was now at a level that would buy some seriously good bottles.

Anyway, I cancelled the membership and cashed in the total sum for a nice case of fine wines, so please excuse the clumsy grammar in this edition! There is no need to pay into a club to get an immediate win with igus®, if you have moving parts on your machine then it is most likely we can save you money right now, and improve technical performance.

You can also come and see the latest ideas and products from igus® at the PLASA show this month (http://www.plasashow.com). This is held once again at the Olympia, London on 18th to 20th September, you will find igus® on stand C20, please drop by to see the latest igus® e-chains®, chainflex® cables, and dry-tech® bearings, we will be serving drinks and light refreshments all day every day.

We will also be exhibiting at Northern Manufacturing Event City, Manchester, you will find igus® on stand D44. Again you can see the latest igus® products while enjoying drinks and light refreshments.

Hope to see you soon


Matthew Aldridge

Roll on … screw on … super quick fitting

igus® has developed the readychain® rack to bring harnessed readychain® energy chains systems® to your machine quickly and safely.

The modular telescopic transport and mounting frame can be adapted with millimetre accuracy and fitted to the interface of your machine within one working day, enabling huge savings in terms of productivity and costs each year.

For more information, visit our readychain® rack page here

Reduce valuable design-engineering time and process costs. In this short video Matthew Aldridge explains how outsourcing sub assemblies is the key to solving the productivity puzzle

Summer savings and a stick of rock!

It’s round, it’s good and it’s available this summer. Bar stock is now available up to 150 mm diameter and is ex stock from igus®. Also, round and good  as a stick of igus® rock.

Click here to get yours today.

The advantages: igus® bar stock

  •     saves you money
  •     round, tube and plate
  •     customised
  •     conforms to FDA
  •     low wear resistance

For our complete stock material range, including stock bar, plates, tubes and tribo-tape see http://www.igus.co.uk/wpck/3196/barstock


Clean & Safe! Food-compliant plastics from igus®

igus® products made of food-compliant plastics help you to comply with the strict requirements for food hygiene and food safety in all process stages in food production.

We have developed physiologically safe, FDA-approved, 10/2011 EC-compliant high-performance plastics for the food industry.

If you would like to learn more about our motion plastics then you can get some more information from our food industry site

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Its igus® UK’s 25th Birthday this week, so we wanted to share with you 25 facts about igus®

– Enjoy!

  1.        The name “igus®” is derived from the German phrase Industrie Spritzguß which means the technology of moulding.


  1. igus® employs around 3000 people in the world.


  1. All employees and visitors at igus® receive free food in the igus® canteen, every day.


  1. igus® was one of the first industrial companies to put a website address on a print advertisement in the UK.


  1. In the UK, igus® can be found on average at an exhibition every 4 weeks.


  1. igus® UK’s longest serving employee is Dave Spence who has been with us for 22 years.


  1. igus® does not have a typical hierarchy of management, instead igus adopts a “solar system” where the customer is at the centre and everyone is a manager.


  1. One of the fastest growing areas in igus® is the installation of e-chains® on site at the customer.


  1. igus® is the first (and so far only) company to manufacture 3D printable engineering plastics.


  1. igus® started making plain bearings before e-chains®.


  1. The reason why igus® launched the chainflex® cable range is that all other cables failed when used in e-chains®, igus® developed and manufactured a cable which did not.


  1. Although now retired, the founder of igus®, Gunther Blase is still very involved and visits the factory most days.


  1. Both the smallest and largest plastic e-chain® in the world is made by igus®.


  1. igus® launched the first e-chain® electronic catalogue on floppy disk in 1991.


  1. In 2011 igus® manufactured the first plastic bearing range made from bio-polymers in the world.


  1. You can buy over 100,000 standard catalogue products from igus®.


  1. As well as moulding all components, igus® also has their own on-site tooling company called i-form.


  1. The igus® factory in Cologne was designed by Nicholas Grimshaw. His other famous designs include Heathrow AirportT5, Leicester space centre.


  1. Based on a sales engineer making 16 visits a week, one sales engineer over 25 years would have made 19,200 customer visits.


  1. For 25 years the slogan at igus® has been “in today out today”, the goal is that all customer orders are shipped within 24 hours.


  1. A team member of igus® UK marketing once had a UK top 10 hit single.


  1. An igus® UK sales man once played for Norwich City.


  1. An igus® UK director once represented England for rifle shooting.


  1. The most unusual insurance claim by igus® UK so far is when a race horse jumped on a company car and flattened it.


  1. igus® bearings were used in one of Lenny Kravitz guitars.
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