Video of the Week – igus® readychain® moving energy made easy

Take a virtual tour of the igus® readychain® factory in Cologne to see how complete energy chain systems are designed, developed and assembled.

Following a technical consultation onsite, igus® plans and engineers readycable® or readychain® solutions, specific to the customer’s requirements and individually quality checked. These come with a system guarantee upon request.

Each custom solution is delivered promptly to the customer’s factory for easy ‘plug and play’ assembly onto the machine, saving both process and storage costs.


Video of the Week – introducing drylin® N linear guides

Developed for applications where the installation height is small (between 6 and 12mm), the drylin® N linear guide system is available in four rail sizes with numerous carriage options. Like all drylin® products from igus®, the guide system is self-lubricating and therefore maintenance free.

The drylin® N guide rails are made of anodised aluminium and incorporate iglidur® J or J200 plastic bearing elements to ensure the lightweight system runs quietly. Speeds of up to 15m/s are possible, for payloads up to 50N.

The bearing elements are offered in standard and preloaded (with pretension) versions with either through-hole or threaded mounting fixtures for easy assembly. Longer carriage versions are also available. Profile widths available are 17, 27, 40 and 80mm and all parts are available exstock for immediatedelivery.


Video of the Week – Easy unrolling of harnessed e-chains®

Harnessed energy chains, especially for long travel lengths, are usually delivered on big drums, which can take several people to unroll. To help ease this task, igus® has developed the flexible, affordable and reusable rolling rack.

In this week’s video of the week Till Brinkman, product manager for readychain® and readycable® products at igus®, explains how the rolling rack can save manufacturers both time and money.

Based on the readychain® rack, the rack is simple to use, enabling one person to easily unroll up to 100 metres of readychain® cables. The racks can be moved around easily using a fork lift truck, and are also available on transport rollers for extra ease of movement and positioning.


Video of the Week – multi-dimensional drylin® E gantries

Combining numerous linear axes to allow multi-axes movement, the drylin® E range of gantries from igus® provides flexible multi-dimensional solutions for a variety of applications, such as automation, measurement and positioning systems. Thanks to the self-lubricating nature of the drylin® components, the gantries are maintenance- and corrosion-free, which makes them a clean and low-cost solution especially in the medical, food and packaging industries.

Part of the complete range of dry-run linear drive systems, drylin® E gantries are available from stock and dispatched within 24 hours in all three basic options: line gantry with a working space of 500x100mm, flat gantry operating within 300x300mm envelope and a room gantry reaching each point within 500x500x100mm.

Video of the Week – Quick assembly tools for E4 e-chains®

Energy chain specialist igus® offers a wide range of tested and proven assembly tools for convenient opening and closing of its e-chains® as well as the interior separators.

Designed for use with E4 e-chains®, the opener is available in four different sizes to accommodate upper and lower crossbars from the 450 and 650 ranges. The tool makes it extremely quick and easy to open crossbars – even in confined spaces – providing an effective solution for energy chain assembly and filling.

Made from a high-performance plastic material, the tool provides designers and engineers with a durable, reliable and cost-effective solution that helps cut assembly time significantly.

Video of the Week – Offset adjustment for energy chains with FTA

Allowing for lateral offset at the moving end, the floating tow-arm (FTA) from moving energy specialist igus® ensures smooth running of energy chains in a guide trough by floating from side-to-sideto compensate for misalignment in the system. The igus®FTA system is suitable for a variety of applications; in particular for ‘ship-to-shore’ container cranes where the system can accommodates for play in the trolley wheels and rails.

Offering stress-free movement along the entire travel distance, which can be up to 100m, the FTA system extends operational lifetime of the system and can handle speeds up to 2m/s.

Small, lightweight and cost-effective, the FTA system from igus® is compatible with the company’s “PPDS basic” unit for remote condition monitoring; this helps prevent damage and downtime on gliding applications with smaller energy chains.

Video of the Week – robolink® drive units for articulated joints

Articulated joints with grippers are increasingly being used to aid people with disabilities. The latest video from igus® shows how robolink® technology, which integrates its multi-axis joints and drive unit, with a 3-jaw angle gripper can be used to create an auxiliary arm for wheelchair users.

Featuring five DOF (degrees of freedom), with variable arm lengths due to the modular design, robolink® is proving an ideal solution for pick and place operations. When equipped with a direct drive incorporated within the joint, robolink® modules can be combined to create lightweight and cost-effective articulated arms from one to as many as six degrees of freedom.

During this year’s Medtec event, held on 3rd – 4th March at the ExCeL, London, visitors to the igus® stand (H310) will have the opportunity to meet with technical experts for practical advice and guidance on selecting igus® products and solutions for their own specific medical application.

Video of the Week – Products to help the medical industry

Medical equipment manufacturers are constantly faced with developing products that are subjected to demanding requirements, such as small space envelopes and frequent cleaning cycles, which is why polymer specialist igus®continuously invests in R&D to provide innovative solutions that help meet these needs. igus®manufactures a wide range of self-lubricating and maintenance-free solutions for medical applications that support the demands of equipment reliably and safely.

Video of the Week – Products to help the medical industry

One such example is the xiros®ball bearing, which are made of the cost-effective, yet high-performance xirodur® B180 material. With its self-lubricating and media resistant properties, this material is also FDA compliant and therefore suitable for a wide range of medical applications up to 150ºC.

All igus®’ products undergo extensive testing at the company’s laboratory in Germany to ensure that all materials are suitable for the specific industry requirements. igus® will be exhibiting its xiros®plastic ball bearings, as well as plain bearings, linear systems, energy chains and continuous flex cables systems suitable for use in medical applications, at this year’s Medtec (Stand H310) taking place on 3rd – 4th March at the ExCeL in London.

To watch a short video demonstrating the qualities of the xiros® for the medical industry, please click here:

Video of the Week – e-rover for automated coupling of e-chains for RTG cranes

Energy chain specialist igus® has developed its new e-rover carrying system for Rubber Tyre Gantry (RTG) cranes. The e-rover provides a safe and secure means of switching the RTG from diesel to electrical power, helping to drastically reduce fuel costs at ports and harbours. Thanks to the innovative use of igus®’ e-chains®, the e-rover is capable of carrying up to three different types of media, including electrical power and data, fibre optic cables, and fluids.

The e-rover ensures that no manual connection is required, thanks to the automatic coupling and uncoupling of the e-rover to the energy chains. The self-aligning system also ensures a risk free connection. An internal mechanism allows the e-rover to compensate for horizontal and vertical offsets, ensuring the e-rover provides the RTG with an uninterrupted connection.

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