Video of the Week – ‘iglidur on tour’ car completes UK leg


iglidur visits British landmarks before completing the UK tour

Polymer bearing specialist igus rounded off 2014 with a celebration of their 50th birthday and also 30 years of their self-lubricating bearing material, iglidur. To mark both milestones and demonstrate the robust and durable nature of the material in extreme environments, igus retrofitted a small car with iglidur bearings and sent it on a round the world trip. The iglidur car has now completed the UK leg of its tour, which began in November, having visited famous landmarks around the country, such as the Stonehenge, Angel of The North, EdinburghCastle and BuckinghamPalace.

A key part of the tour is the donation of the equivalent of €1 per mile travelled to charities in communities through which the iglidur car passes. In the UK, igus held a small charity event at the Northampton Guildhall, near to its UK headquarters, where the company donated £2,500 to the neonatal Gosset Ward at Northampton GeneralHospital.

The iglidur car left the UK at the end of November to continue with the rest of its European leg, moving on to France.

Video of the Week – considering the lengths of linear tables

A new video by polymer expert igus® explains what limits the length of its drylin® linear module’s leadscrew. Designed for axial movement, the leadscrew should have a clearance between it and the nut – this ensures reliability and quiet operation. When the clearance between the nut and leadscrew increases, the leadscrew begins to sag. This has negative effects on the operation as it causes increased friction, creating excess noise and wear, leading to premature failure.

Video of the Week – considering the lengths of linear tablesIn the ‘Drive Technology’ section of igus’ catalogue users will find details on the maximum stroke length for different size leadscrews. Specialised options are available to fit the customer’s needs, should they exceed the standard maximum length.

To watch a short video on length limitations for leadscrews please follow this To keep up to date with igus® new online training centre platform, visit


Video of the Week – Direct drive robotic arms support lean automation


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Expanding its range of cost-effective modular robolink®  systems, igus®  introduces the robolink® D direct drive articulated arm – a tougher, more durable solution compared with remote drive versions – supporting lean automation. Typical robotic applications are repetitive tasks, such as on assembly lines and pick-and-place equipment. To support this, the new robolink® D system is completely modular due to the direct drive situated within each joint, which helps achieve significant cost savings.

The new robolink® is driven by a worm gear drive and a NEMA 17 or 23 stepper motor directly in the joint; these can be easily controlled using any commercially available control module. Based on self-lubricating iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings, robolink® D system is available in three sizes, which can be combined to create articulated arms from one to as many as six Degrees Of Freedom.

The sea-water resistant, maintenance and corrosion-free bearings of the robolink® D makes it equally well-suited to a variety of other applications, ranging from underwater vehicle operations to humanoid robots for explosive equipment handling.

Video of the Week – eliminating bearing failure at low temperatures

A new video by polymer bearings specialist igus explores how bearing failure can be eliminated in low temperature applications. Available on the company’s new online training centre platform, the video demonstrates how by using self-lubricating tribopolymer bearings, such as the drylin W, the chance of a bearing failure can be bypassed completely.

Conventional metal-based bearings, which use lubricants such as oil, run well at room temperature. At cooler temperatures, however, the lubricant can congeal to an almost solid state. This, in turn, can result in the bearing becoming more prone to failure as the lubricant ceases to effectively lubricate. At cooler temperatures, these sticky lubricants run the risk of attracting contaminants into the bearing, such as dust and other micro-particles, which can also lead to failure.

Thanks to the self-lubricating capabilities of igus bearings, they are an ideal alternative to conventional lubricated bearings for use in specialist industries, such as the food industry, where the lubricant can run the risk of contaminating food. Also, many of igus’ bearings are FDA-approved.

Video of the Week – igus e-chains in offshore applications

Ideal steel alternative for cable carrying in harsh environments 


Plastic energy chains from tribopolymer specialist igus are an ideal alternative to steel, which has been the design material of choice for many decades, for working in the harsh environments of the offshore industry. igus e-chains are tougher than steel for a given size and are, of course, much lighter. They are also inherently resistant to corrosion and weathering, and the best types are unaffected by exposure to virtually every type of chemical and petrochemical as well as by exposure to UV light from the sun.

In areas where explosive vapours or gases may be present – that is, those areas where the ATEX Directive applies, as it does to many areas of offshore installations – igus recommends e-chains made of igumid ESD (ATEX material). 


Available in many versions, energy chains provide mutli-directional support for cables that provide power, services and communication to moving systems. Typical applications include drilling crane carriages, rig skidders and link spans.


 igus offers a range of e-chains in different lengths and sizes, including the world’s largest plastic e-chain, the E4.350, with a maximum fill weight of >100kg/m. This e-chain is predominantly used for the movement of large, heavy and stiff cables, such as those used on oil platforms.


In addition, igus holds GL (Germanischer Lloyd) approval for many of its chainflex cables and, specifically for offshore applications, including the CF11.3D and the CF27.D cables with NEK-606 (Norsk Elektroteknisk Komitee) approval are also available, including control cable CF 170 D as well as servo cable CF270.

Video of the Week – drylin belt drive takes centre stage


Self-lubricating, extremely quiet for the entertainment industry

Linear motion specialist igus has developed its latest linear belt drive for use in the entertainment and theatre industry. The drylin toothed belt axis is ideal for the movement of stage systems or prop adjustments, offering a range of possible applications. Due to the use of iglidur  polymer plain bearing materials in all moving parts, the drylin toothed belt axis is self-lubricating and maintenance-free, ensuring quiet running while minimising background noise.

Ideal for camera movements, the toothed belt axis helps ensure quick and smooth positioning. The hard-anodised aluminium profile and carriage plate, make it lightweight and provides rigid support for camera and lighting systems.


Video of the Week – CFV easy strain relief for cables

Secure cables in e-chains quickly and easily

Energy chain specialist igus has unveiled its latest accessory for e-chains and e-tubes, the CFV strain relief element.  This offers the chance to strain relieve cables outside of the chain cross section, even in enclosed energy tubes. The CVF ensures that cables within the moving e-chain do not move around when moving and with a stepped design to secure cables of different diameters, it ensures simple installation when strain relieving several cables.

Video of the Week - CFV easy strain relief for cablesThanks to its simple quick-clip base design, the CFV can easily be installed onto the “C” profiles of the e-chain mounting brackets, but can also be used on top-hat rails for static applications in control panels and cabinets. The CFV comes in three sizes for e-chains with inner heights of 31mm, 35-42mm or 56-80mm.

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Video of the Week – igus’ chainflex cables beat standard cables in dynamic applications

Preventing cable failures in e-chains

igus chainflex cables are proven to last millions of cycles in dynamic e-chain applications.

This is because of the special way in which the cables are designed and manufactured. The copper stranding, core bundling, shielding and outer jacket are all vital parts of a good dynamic cable design, and by optimising these igus can always guarantee that its chainflex cables will last millions of cycles in e-chain applications.




Video of the Week – e-spool in customer applications

e-spool provides power and data in all directions

For more information, take a look at the igus website:

e-chain specialist igus has developed the e-spool as an alternative to cable reels and zigzag systems.  e-spool is unique in allowing different media types to run together with no breaks at all through the system. Typical applications include stage and theatre and cranes.

In this novel customer application, the e-spool is successfully used to manage power and data cables in all directions on an automated rack feeder system

Video of the Week – iglidur knife-edge rollers for conveyor applications

Long life, cost-effective and maintenance free solution to existing rollers.


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Polymer bearings expert igus has developed knife-edge conveyor rollers for materials handling applications. Manufactured using igus’ iglidur materials, the knife-edge rollers are cost effective, quick and easy to install and provide a long service life to the conveyor system.

Providing a tight deflection radius, the rollers are moulded from lubricant and chemical free materials to ensure no contamination of food/product, thus providing a reliable solution for packaging and food industry applications. In addition, selected iglidur materials are FDA approved.

Three iglidur materials are available to cover a range of operating temperature requirements up to 180° Celsius and require a low torque to provide a cost-effective running solution and replacement for existing rollers.

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