igus® xiros® rollers – a revolution for packaging machines

We have developed a system for guide and transport rollers used in the labelling, packaging and food industries that helps OEMs build machines that adhere to some of the most strict regulations and cope with extremely harsh environments when deployed on the factory floor. The xiros® rollers consist of an anodised aluminium tube and two xiros® ball bearings, which are lightweight, low friction and cost-effective in comparison with their metal counterparts. They also run without the need for lubricants, which may damage, discolour or deteriorate the integrity of the material or film during the processing.

“In a thermoforming machine for coffee creamer packages, for example, the customer originally used ball bearings, which were built into the sterile area and used in the rollers, where the thermoforming and sealing films are guided,” said Dean Aylott, xiros® product manager, igus®. “During the process, these films pass through an H₂O₂ bath, which degraded the steel bearings resulting in failures. xiros® A500 polymer ball bearings were used as a replacement due to their high resistance to such chemicals.”

Tuned to the specific needs of the packaging industry, such as food hygiene or FDA compliance, igus® xiros® B180 ball bearings provide FDA-compliant, self-lubricating and maintenance-free machine elements that help optimise machine design. Also available for the food industry are xiros® ball bearings that are made of detectable magnetic materials, so that they can be found quickly and easily in the event of a system failure.

Using the igus® online xiros® configurator (www.igus.co.uk/xiros), users can assemble their own individual solution in just three simple steps. First, the desired inner diameter is selected – 8, 10, 12, 15, or 17mm; next, the appropriate outer diameter is added, either 30 or 38mm. Finally, the required length of the aluminium tube is specified, which can be anything between 25 and 1500mm. After defining the three parameters, the item is added to the shopping cart and can be ordered online for prompt delivery.

igus® xiros® rollers – a revolution for packaging machines

Robot block party- helping students around the world

Michael Hardy, igus marketing specialist from the US office, gives us an inside view on the latest YES action overseas:

See here for more information on igus’ YES programme in the UK: http://bit.ly/1ihNcyL

This past Saturday, igus participated in the first ever Rhode Island Robot Block Party, a celebration of National Robotics Week. The event, hosted by the Rhode Island School of the Future Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative at Brown University , free and open to the public, ran from 11 – 4 at Brown University’s Pizzitola Sports Center in Providence, and hosted hundreds of guests throughout the day.

igus was just one of the events’ sponsors, which also included National Grid, Yushin America, IEEE-Providence Section, SSERVI-SEEED, Textron, SAIC, Amica, Tech Collective and the Slater Technology Fund.

Many student projects and STEM skills were on display at the event, from elementary students Lego robots to Brown University Robotics Team full-fledged robotic assistants. igus brought several machines to the show to demonstrate our products, and also spent much of our time discussing the YES program with parents, students, and mentors of robotics teams.

As the event got underway, orange igus was seen across the whole show – bags in hands, brains and clips on tables, and stickers on students’ clothes and projects. Hundreds of giveaways were taken throughout the day, including custom orange igus sunglasses.

In addition to students, parents and educators, several notable Rhode Island public officials attended the party, including David Cicciline, Sheldon Whitehouse, Gina Raimondo, and Alan Fung.

The efforts of igus’ staff at the show was proven, as by Saturday evening, less than 2 hours after the event came to a close, requests for YES program donations were already coming
through. For a follow-up from the party, guests who signed up will be sent information on the YES program, including student request forms.

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