iglidur® X – the high-tech problem solver

plain bearing material with universal resistance to chemicals

iglidur® X, from the tribopolymer and plain bearing specialist igus®, is defined by its combination of high temperature resistance with compressive strength, along with high resistance to chemicals. In comparison with other iglidur® materials, this material is designed for extreme environments. Typical areas of application include: plastics processing, petrochemical and petrol pumps, as well as heat treatment plants, aerospace engineering and nuclear engineering.

The material’s resistance to acids, alkalis, fuels and other chemicals, as well as resistance to radiation and UV light make it a high-tech problem solver in the industry. It offers excellent wear resistance through the entire range of continuous operating temperatures from –100°C to +250°C, even up to +315°C for short term periods.

Further material properties include high compressive strength, featuring pv values of maximum 1.32MPa·m/s, and low moisture absorption of approximately 0.1% by weight in ambient conditions. As a result, OEMs can benefit from an affordable and reliable bearing that operates safely over a long service life.

As with all plain bearing materials from igus®, iglidur® X bearings are self-lubricating and maintenance-free, making them an excellent ‘fit and forget’ solution. All standard plain bearing sizes are available with dispatch within 24 hours.Wissenschaftler im Labor hlt Reagenzglas

Video of the Week – e-chains® tested in different chemicals

igus® Video of the Week – online 3D printing service with instant quotations

In this week’s video of the week, igus® demonstrates how well e-chains® perform under real-world test conditions in different concentrations of bentonite – a mixture often used in the Offshore industry.

Bentonite is an absorbent clay that is used at low concentrations in drilling fluids to help lubricate and cool the cutting tools, as well as flush away chips and swarf. Another benefit of using this type of fluid is to prevent blowouts.

At high concentrations the bentonite mixture is very thick, taking on the characteristics of a gel. In this form, the mixture is used to stop contamination of the fluid being drilled by the drilling fluid, using a caulking technique.

After 100,000 strokes, the energy chains remained undamaged; tests for resistance to dirt, seawater, chemicals and extreme temperatures have also been performed with equal results. As a result, OEMs servicing the offshore industry can benefit from an affordable and reliable energy chain system that operates safely and reliably under various extreme environments over a long service life.
Video of the Week - e-chains® tested in different chemicals

iglidur® F2 – antistatic material from igus® for ESD-compatible applications

Self-lubricating and maintenance free

igus® has introduced a universal plain bearing material that helps prevent the build-up of electrostatic charges. Being electrically conductive, any electrostatic charge is safely discharged avoiding sparking, and like all other iglidur® materials, the bearings are self-lubricating and require no maintenance.

The ESD-compatible iglidur® F2 plain bearings are suitable for use in wet conditions, in addition to numerous applications including material handling, automation and electronics manufacturing.

iglidur® F2 plain bearings demonstrate good wear and media resistance, and can operate over a wide range of temperatures from -40°C to +120°C, with short term use at +165°C. The maximum moisture absorption is a low 0.2% (weight) at 23°C and 50%RH. The bearings also have a good resistance to chemicals and most lubricants.

The universal bearings are currently available in two types, a cylindrical sleeve and with a flange, with six standard internal diameters and lengths ranging from 6mm to 20mm. Other standard sizes can be requested.

For further information about iglidur® F2 plain bearings, please visit: www.igus.co.uk or call igus® directly on 01604 677240.iglidur® F2 – antistatic material from igus® for ESD-compatible applications

robolink® D – direct drive articulated arm supports lean automation

Complementing its robolink® W low-cost, wire-driven modular robotics kit, igus® introduces robolink® D – a direct drive articulated joint kit. Currently available in three joint sizes – size 20, 30 and 50 – the new development is based on self-lubricated PRT slewing ring bearings, with the joints driven by a worm gear drive and NEMA 17 or 23 stepper motor.

“Until now, the stepper motors were not placed in the robotic joint itself, but instead in a separate drive unit, driven by means of Bowden wires coupled to it,” says Robert Dumayne, director, igus®. “In order to carry higher loads with better precision, robolink® D is our second concept where the motors are integrated into the joints. The direct drive makes the robolink articulated system tougher and more durable than before, opening up more opportunities for lean automation.”

The robolink® D components kit, which comprises articulated joints, consisting of iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings, a worm gear and a plastic housing, that can be optionally equipped with igus® stepper motors and connecting components, as well as limit switches for zero point definition. Designed with the ability to be collaborative, or ‘soft’, robolink® D gives robot manufacturers, mechanical engineers and automation specialists the opportunity to develop safe working environments for repetitive tasks or in applications where robotic movements would enhance productivity. Potential applications areas range from automotive production to medical technology.

“With robolink® D, it is possible to use the individual articulated joints as a construction kit to make an articulated arm with up to 6 degrees of freedom,” adds Robert Dumayne. In addition to the articulated joints, different connection elements (made of plastic) and connection tubes (made of aluminium) are also available. STEP files of the connecting parts are available free of charge; the control elements are not included.

Whether used as individual components, or as a complete system, the modular design allows a high degree of flexibility to be maintained. The designer is free to select their own control solution, with many options available, including stepper motor control cards, PLCs or educational solutions such as Mathlab, Labview and ROS. For more information about robolink® D, please visit: www.igus.co.uk or call igus® directly on 01604 677240.

robolink® D – direct drive articulated arm supports lean automation



Its igus® UK’s 25th Birthday this week, so we wanted to share with you 25 facts about igus®

– Enjoy!

  1.        The name “igus®” is derived from the German phrase Industrie Spritzguß which means the technology of moulding.


  1. igus® employs around 3000 people in the world.


  1. All employees and visitors at igus® receive free food in the igus® canteen, every day.


  1. igus® was one of the first industrial companies to put a website address on a print advertisement in the UK.


  1. In the UK, igus® can be found on average at an exhibition every 4 weeks.


  1. igus® UK’s longest serving employee is Dave Spence who has been with us for 22 years.


  1. igus® does not have a typical hierarchy of management, instead igus adopts a “solar system” where the customer is at the centre and everyone is a manager.


  1. One of the fastest growing areas in igus® is the installation of e-chains® on site at the customer.


  1. igus® is the first (and so far only) company to manufacture 3D printable engineering plastics.


  1. igus® started making plain bearings before e-chains®.


  1. The reason why igus® launched the chainflex® cable range is that all other cables failed when used in e-chains®, igus® developed and manufactured a cable which did not.


  1. Although now retired, the founder of igus®, Gunther Blase is still very involved and visits the factory most days.


  1. Both the smallest and largest plastic e-chain® in the world is made by igus®.


  1. igus® launched the first e-chain® electronic catalogue on floppy disk in 1991.


  1. In 2011 igus® manufactured the first plastic bearing range made from bio-polymers in the world.


  1. You can buy over 100,000 standard catalogue products from igus®.


  1. As well as moulding all components, igus® also has their own on-site tooling company called i-form.


  1. The igus® factory in Cologne was designed by Nicholas Grimshaw. His other famous designs include Heathrow AirportT5, Leicester space centre.


  1. Based on a sales engineer making 16 visits a week, one sales engineer over 25 years would have made 19,200 customer visits.


  1. For 25 years the slogan at igus® has been “in today out today”, the goal is that all customer orders are shipped within 24 hours.


  1. A team member of igus® UK marketing once had a UK top 10 hit single.


  1. An igus® UK sales man once played for Norwich City.


  1. An igus® UK director once represented England for rifle shooting.


  1. The most unusual insurance claim by igus® UK so far is when a race horse jumped on a company car and flattened it.


  1. igus® bearings were used in one of Lenny Kravitz guitars.

igus® Video of the Week – online 3D printing service with instant quotations

igus® Video of the Week – online 3D printing service with instant quotations

igus® has introduced a new online 3D printing service using lubrication-free, abrasion-resistant iglidur® tribo-filament. These parts are extremely strong even when compared to traditionally machined and injection-moulded techniques, making them suitable for low cost prototyping and low volume manufacturing.

For an instant quotation, easy-to -use online 3D printing service can be completed in three simple steps …

  1. Drag and drop your STL file into the igus® configurator
  2. With the 360° viewer, check your model and enter the units of measurement
  3. Select a suitable tribo-filament, the desired order quantity and place your selection in the shopping basket to instantly receive a quotation

Once the order is placed and depending on the complexity of the design, your product can be delivered in as little as 24 hours.

3D Printer Office igus® Video of the Week – online 3D printing service with instant quotations.3

Predict the future with the worlds first intellegent cable.

igus® takes the next step towards industry 4.0 by developing the worlds first chainflex® cable that warns the user before it fails. If problems arise, such as the threat of a core breakage, the cable issues a warning while in operation. This enables the user to replace the cable before it has a chance to fail.

A big stride for preventive maintenance and therefore,  increased plant availability. The cable will be presented at the 2016 Hannover Messe.

If you are already interested, you are welcome to gain initial experience as a beta tester.

Predict the future with the worlds first intellegent cable

Video of the Week – solving the productivity puzzle for OEMs

Video of the Week - solving the productivity puzzle for OEMs

Matthew Aldridge, managing director of igus®, introduces one solution to the UK’s productivity puzzle – by intellectually outsourcing secondary tasks, OEMs can concentrate on their core skills.

“We are experiencing a rise in demand for subassemblies that can be slotted directly into industrial machines,” says Aldridge.

Customised readychain® is a more cost effective way to order multiple components, because the cables and hoses come pre-assembled in the energy chain. Advantages of choosing readychain® are clear to see, in terms of reducing cost and time for the OEM, eliminating inventory costs, and increasing factory capacity. In addition, readychain® is fully tested and certified and delivered with a guarantee.

Video of the Week - solving the productivity puzzle for OEMs.2

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