Video of the Week – igus® readychain® moving energy made easy

Take a virtual tour of the igus® readychain® factory in Cologne to see how complete energy chain systems are designed, developed and assembled.

Following a technical consultation onsite, igus® plans and engineers readycable® or readychain® solutions, specific to the customer’s requirements and individually quality checked. These come with a system guarantee upon request.

Each custom solution is delivered promptly to the customer’s factory for easy ‘plug and play’ assembly onto the machine, saving both process and storage costs.


Video of the Week – introducing drylin® N linear guides

Developed for applications where the installation height is small (between 6 and 12mm), the drylin® N linear guide system is available in four rail sizes with numerous carriage options. Like all drylin® products from igus®, the guide system is self-lubricating and therefore maintenance free.

The drylin® N guide rails are made of anodised aluminium and incorporate iglidur® J or J200 plastic bearing elements to ensure the lightweight system runs quietly. Speeds of up to 15m/s are possible, for payloads up to 50N.

The bearing elements are offered in standard and preloaded (with pretension) versions with either through-hole or threaded mounting fixtures for easy assembly. Longer carriage versions are also available. Profile widths available are 17, 27, 40 and 80mm and all parts are available exstock for immediatedelivery.


New molbiltiy for the igus® humanoid

Earlier this year the igus® humanoid received a Design Award at RoboCup 2015. The idea behind the awards was for a team of autonomous humanoids to win a football game with the official FIFA rules.

Now the igus® humanoid has many more skills thanks to the research group from the University of Bonn in Germany.

He can now capture items such as a football, move towards the ball, stand up from abdominal, supine and lateral position and score a goal.

New molbiltiy for the igus® humanoid

Click on the video below to see the igus® humanoid in action.

The Manufacturer ‘Top 100 2015’ awards

igus® MD Matthew Aldridge was awarded TheManufacturer ‘Top 100 2015’ award last night for being an inspiring leader.

The Manufacturer ‘Top 100’ awards provides a platform for the recognition of exceptional individuals in UK manufacturing by publicising the commitment and enthusiasm of those achieving great triumphs within the industry.

The Manufacturer wrote ‘Matthew Aldridge is a passionate ambassador for manufacturing and a strong advocate for innovation, equality and opportunities for young people.

The Manufacturer 'Top 100 2015' awards The Manufacturer 'Top 100 2015' awards.2

Southern Manufacturing 2016

We will be at Southern Manufacturing show from the 9th – 11th of February 2016 showcasing several new cable and bearing products on our stand (N97).

One focus to our stand will be the new dryin® W linear guide system, which is constructed entirely of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). Ideal for applications across the aerospace, automotive and medical industries, the drylin® W linear guide system is up to 60% lighter than a traditional steel rail system, and 40% less compared with, the ‘light’ alternative, an aluminium rail. This light weight system is available for travel lengths of up to 2 metres, allowing designers to develop a more cost-effective solution.

“This CFRP linear system is ideal for aerospace and motorsport applications where weight may constitute money, or where high dynamic movements are important, such as robots for manufacturing,” said Rob Dumayne, director at igus®. “In addition, the carbon drylin® rail is available as a completely metal-free belt drive system, which integrates plastic pulleys and xiros® plastic ball bearings, meaning these systems can be used without restrictions within X-ray equipment.

Another focal point will be the readychain speed 2.0. Whilst looking for a solution to reduce the amount of cable needed for a customer, igus® developed readychain®; a pre-harnessed energy chain with integrated attachment designed for fast swapping. As with the whole readychain® service, the manufacturer only needs to determine exactly what is required, and igus® will supply the energy chain fully assembled and ready to fit.

Come along and visit our technical experts from the igus® team who will be available throughout the show to provide visitors with practical advice and guidance on selecting igus® products for their own specific applications.

Baby feet in feathers

Video of the Week – Easy unrolling of harnessed e-chains®

Harnessed energy chains, especially for long travel lengths, are usually delivered on big drums, which can take several people to unroll. To help ease this task, igus® has developed the flexible, affordable and reusable rolling rack.

In this week’s video of the week Till Brinkman, product manager for readychain® and readycable® products at igus®, explains how the rolling rack can save manufacturers both time and money.

Based on the readychain® rack, the rack is simple to use, enabling one person to easily unroll up to 100 metres of readychain® cables. The racks can be moved around easily using a fork lift truck, and are also available on transport rollers for extra ease of movement and positioning.


Introducing e-skin


Recently we have extended our range of energy supply systems, so let us introduce e-skin.

e-skin is a lightweight, versatile alternative to conventional corrugated tubes. With it’s easy to open hose making it suitable for a variety of delicate applications, where demands on the energy supply systems are not too high.


Our e-chain director Justin Leonard says “Comprising an upper and lower shell, which when fitted together is completely closed, the e-skin is simple to open and close, which is just one of the many advantages e-skin has to offer compared with corrugated tubes.”

Due to e-skins abrasion resistance and water and dust-proof offering it is also clean room compatible in accordance with IPA Class 1, and ideal for clean room appliances. It has a defined movement direction and can also support itself. It can therefore be used as a horizontal energy supply for short unsupported lengths. Also, the modular tube can be extended and offers more space than round corrugated tubes, due to its oval design. The interior separation modules also enable cable-friendly cable guiding.

With its simple opening mechanism, it allows trouble free maintenance and inspection of the cables inside, and can be tailored to suit an individual application and is available is a variety of different materials and colours.

If you want to read more about e-skin please follow this link to our website



Our speedy day in London at Give me 5

Yesterday was rather an early start for us (numerous cups of coffee got us through though) as we attended Give me 5 which was held at W Hotel in London.


Give me 5 is a speed-press briefing event, which operates rather like ‘speed dating’, allowing a company spokesperson to brief 10-12 journalists in a quick 5 minute succession.

There are set rules to the event which are as follows:

1. Each briefing lasts for five minutes.

2. When you hear the bell conclude your discussion.

3. Journalists to move in a clockwise direction.

4. Once all journalists have been briefed by all the representatives the process stops.

5. Further discussions can be had during lunch.


The briefings got off to a good start with Rob Dumayne (igus dry-tech director) discussing igus’ new revolutionary ‘drylin W carbon fibre linear guide’ constructed entirely of CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced plastic) and Justin Leonard (igus’ e-chain director) discussing the new product ‘e-skin’ – the new lightweight, versatile alternative to conventional corrugated tubes.

Overall we had a great day at the Give me 5 event and we got the opportunity to talk to a number of journalists on our latest product innovations.

Below are some images we took from the event.


SPE Offshore Europe 2015

A team from igus UK made their way up to Aberdeen for SPE Offshore 2015.

Offshore Europe 2015 conference and exhibition from the Society of Petroleum Engineers attracts a global audience of engineers, technical specialists, industry leaders and experts to share ideas and opinions on the current issues in the upstream oil and gas industry. With over 63,000 people in attendance and over 1500 exhibitors it was was the largest Offshore Europe to date.

Overall Offshore was a success for igus UK with many visitors to the stand benefiting from talking to our product specialists.

Here are some pics from our time at the exhibition…



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