RoHS Update: igus highlights environmental benefits of their iglidur bearings

igus is helping machinery and equipment manufacturers, who are required to adhere to the RoHS Directive, achieve more reliable performance with lowered environmental impact by switching to iglidur plastic bearings. iglidur plastic bearings are well-suited to a wide range of applications including those found in the automotive, transportation, construction, industrial, medical and food & packaging industries.

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“Up until 1 July 2008, bearing manufacturers were given an exceptional provision, which allowed them to continue putting lead-containing and therefore potentially hazardous bearings on the market,” explains Rob Dumayne, director, igus. “This exemption has long passed and, although most bearing manufacturers have invested heavily to ensure their products comply with the requirements specified in the RoHS Directive, some are still missing the target.”

Typical application examples include the use of lead in solder, or as an ingredient in metallic composite bearings, and the use of PBB as a flame retardant, these restricted substances also commonly occur in metallic alloys.

“Steel-backed bearings with a lining of PTFE based material are still available on the market,” adds Rob. “In some cases, this material can contain lead additives and for this reason the bearing would do not comply with the RoHS Directive. REACH compliance is also an important factor to consider as often bearings that contain a sintered material can be impregnated non-regulatory oils.”

Additionally in the Medical Technology industry from 22nd July, any products such as plain bearings face extinction if they have high concentrations of lead within them, this is further evidence for the use of igus dry-tech polymer bearing systems, ensuring legal, safe and future proofing functionality to the manufacturer.

All igus bearings are RoHS2 and REACH compliant. For more information or to receive the igus Certificate of Conformance to RoHS2, please contact igus directly on 01604 677240 or visit the website at:

A big announcement

We have just passed the Canadian border. For the first time, I am with the car on a picture, the reason being; that I want to make an announcement. The U.S. tour will be my last one. At the end of August, I will leave this tour to pursue studying in Paris. I have had an amazing journey so far, but it is time to go back to reality. I will inform you about my successor soon but as a sneak preview, she/he is already traveling with me. Anyway, we still have more than two weeks together. I will keep you up to date. Yours, Sascha.


igus says goodbye to this years summer intern

This years igus annual summer intern, Tobias Feth, came over from Germany to the igus UK with the intention of finding out more about the automotive industry alongside, of course, improving his English.

Tobias, 22, previously worked at an automotive dealership as their intern for 3 years, gaining experience within administration, customer service, marketing and warehouse operations. With his passion to succeed within the automotive industry increasing, he applied to igus for an internship.

igus says goodbye to this years summer internIn between assisting the Sales Engineers with visits, Tobias became a member of the accounts department which involved in depth credit analysis for large scale customers.

Of particular interest to Tobias were the visits made to two prestigious UK automotive companies, with our Automotive Project Manager, Mr Dave Spence.

The first, was a manufacturer of braking systems where the manufacture and logistics of this industry was shown in all it’s complexity. The second stop of the day was to a prestigious factory of a luxury car manufacturer. After the initial security checks, access was allowed to the production and development areas where the future of manufacture and design is applied.  Many igus products are used within the prototypes for this manufacturer’s new release.

Whilst working at igus UK, Tobias was subject to the ‘One team, one igus’ mantra being included and welcomed into igus which included many social events. In terms of work, his experiences have not only made it clearer in his own mind that he wants to pursue a career in the automotive industry, his skill set for organisation and working towards deadlines has improved.

After completing his internship, Tobias spent a few days in London before travelling back to Germany, looking forward to study economic automotive business at a private University near Kassel.

e-chain solution development

igus are developing a number of low cost e-chain solutions specifically for high volume applications in the automotive industry (actually used in the car, not to be confused with automotive plant applications!)

Dave Spence, our automotive expert for dry-tech bearings, will be working with his existing contacts in the industry to promote these new e-chains.

For more information on igus parts within the automotive sector, take a look at the igus website here:

drylin linear guides benefit the entertainment & film industry

Robert Nartowski tells us how the use of igus products have benefited his application:

“Igus DryLin linear guides are essential and valuable tools, replacing the need for bulky camera dollies. Constructed with superb precision and trusted in the most extreme environments they offer timeless cinematic beauty…in every scene. I traveled across Poland with two metres of DryLin in the summer of 2012 creating this short film, since then the DryLin linear guides have become a fundamental pillar in my artistic projects.”

For more information on drylin, visit the igus website here:

Big final in Sao Paulo

The press conference for iglidur® on tour in Brazil, for the first time to date, the conference was after and not prior to the trip. Many journalists showed up to see the car that had been travelling around their country for three weeks while driving in excess of 6000 kilometres. Marcello Pimenta, country manager of igus®Brazil, welcomed the journalists and introduced igus®.

His presentation followed Marcio Marques, bearing product manager in Brazil, who presented the wide igus® product range and the use of iglidur® bearings within the automotive industry.

Marcio also guided the journalists to the highlight of the conference: The introduction of the car!

I took over with some explanations about the retrofitting and the tour itself.

At the end, Marcello turned the attention on the charity organization that received one euro for each kilometre that was driven. The money will contribute towards the equipment at a children’s hospital that specialises in cancer therapies. The hospital was born out of the initiative of two parents. Their child was suffering with cancer and they were complaining that they had to travel across the entire country for treatment. After their child could finally be cured, they found the hospital that carries out all treatments in one place, so that expensive travels were a thing of the past.

The press conference concluded with a lively discussion.

From the venue, the car left directly to the airport making tracks towards the cold, icy Alaska. We will spend two months travelling the whole United States and Canada.

I will keep you up to date,

yours Sascha


igus chainflex cables claim a world first as they receive Germananischer Lloyd certification

chainflex product manager, James Harrison, returns to tell us about this important development within the commercial shipping and offshore industries.

Cables for moving applications on ships and within offshore in general would, until now, have needed costly custom certification or design concessions. In response to this, igus has further extended its list of approvals and certifications by announcing that 328 of its chainflex dynamic cables are now certified by DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd), the world’s largest ship and offshore classification society.

igus chainflex cables claim a world first as they receive Germananischer Lloyd certification

igus and DNV GL, jointly developed these new industry standards in order to allow dynamically flexible cables to be safely used in moving applications on ships and offshore more generally. This announcement makes igus the world’s first company to offer a full range of dynamically flexible cables, guaranteed for millions of movements and compliant with commercial shipping regulations.

“The approval process for igus chainflex cables took three years and there were many stages to go through before the cables could be ‘Germanischer Lloyd’ certified,” says James Harrison. “But now our customers have the option of buying DNV GL certified control, bus, measurement, data and power cables, specifically for dynamic applications, from stock.”

Harrison explains what this means to igus customers:

‘igus Chainflex customers can now be assured that chainflex cables for dynamic applications, such as power, control, data and bus, comply with commercial shipping requirements. We are really proud of this new development and feel it affirms the high-quality and reliable nature of our products to our customers.’

For more information, take a look at the igus website:

Alternatively, contact James Harrison directly on:


Phone: 07971468439

Rio Grande do Sul

We have left Santa Catarina and are now in Rio Grande do Sul. It is the most southern state in Brazil. It borders with Argentina in the West and Uruguay in the South. Rio Grande de Sul is famous for its’ endless sandy beaches that are only broken by the estuary of two huge lakes.

At one of these lakes lies the capital city of the state and home to 1,5 million people, Porto Alegre.


Regarding to a comparative study of the United Nations, is Porto Alegre, the city with the highest living standard in whole Latin America. This also reflects the well functioning public transportation system. For instance, there are exclusive bus lanes in the median of main streets. They ensure that buses arrive on time despite facing heavy traffic in rush hours. One manufacturer that is supplying cities with urban but also regional buses, is the Brazilian company MarcoPolo.


MarcoPolo focuses on bus bodies. They produce more than half of the bodies made in Brazil and export their products to more than sixty countries. They have been associated with igus® for about 1 and a half years and are making use of iglidur® bearings in their door system.


The bearings have been working to such a high standard that the leading engineer has plans to equip other parts with iglidur® bearings too. He appreciates the high quality and long life of igus® products stressing in-particular the self-lubrication of iglidur® bearings and their advantage over conventional bearings.

iglidur® within door hinges is a very common application. iglidur® bearings are not only maintenance-free, yet additionally have a high compressive strength, are dirt resistant and very cheap.



Part of our tour in Brazil includes visiting specific universities. Here, students have the opportunity to get to know our products and receive support if they already make use of them.


igus® offers a young engineering support (Y.E.S).. Y.E.S. provides help and comprehensive packages for those who would like to research, create and develop (Get to know more on

Porto Alegre was a host city for the World Cup. On the way to our customers, we passed the stadium which can hold about 51000 people.


Here, five World cup matches took place (For instance: France vs. Honduras or Germany vs. Algeria).


The stadium is located next to the lake. The lake bank offers space where people can relax and escape from the stressful city life.



Porto Alegre is more or less the most southern point of our tour. We will only have a short stopover in Argentina and then head towards the stunning Foz do Iguacu waterfalls.           
As this is being written, we are in Bento Goncalves. The town Bento Goncalves is the centre for Italian immigration. This goes hand in hand with the fact that it became famous as the wine capital. Most Italian immigrants dedicated themselves to the grape and wine production.


We leave the city to take our last big journey.

I will keep you up to date,



yours Sascha


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