Tip Of The Day- How to reduce noise and vibrations in the E6 chain


More information on the E6 chain can be found here: http://bit.ly/VJILVQ

Does the mounting direction for E6 chains matter?…

Yes it does. In case the E6 chains are mounted the wrong way round (fixed end and moving end mixed up) this would lead to a slightly higher noise level and increased vibrations during travel. Especially with printers this can be a big factor.

Correctly mounted, the side parts at the top face towards the moving end, as shown in the drawing to the right.

How should the lids of e-tubes be assembled?…

To guarantee the highest possible chip-resistance, you should start assembly of the lids from the fixed end. Every next lid in direction to the moving end should overlap the previous one.
This prevent the chips (mostly falling from above) to enter the chain between the lids.
Chip-resistance tests with both assembly methods showed significant differences in the number of chips that entered the tube.



Rio de Janeiro

We went from summer to winter. As we changed from the northern to the southern site of the earth, we changed the season too. Well, theoretically it is winter but I don´t feel it. At least not in Rio de Janeiro.


It´s about thirty degrees and my face is completely burnt (despite sun protection 50). The bearings of the car endure this heat better than I do. They are working perfectly. It is not surprising as they are used to facing much harsher environments. One of our bearings, iglidur® X, even feels comfortable in hot environments up to + 250C (long run).


After we had picked up the car from its’ inspection, we directly went visiting one of our beloved customers. 
Located in the outskirts of Rio, is the factory of the biggest Latin-American and Brasilian TV network. There, they manufacture all equipment that they need for their TV shows, movies etc. For chairs, that are in use for a singing show, they rely on iglidur® PRT.
Four coaches, all recording artists, listen to the contestants in chairs facing opposite the stage so as to avoid seeing them. If a coach likes what they hear, they press a button and the chair rotates. Thus, the coach signifies interest in working with the contestant.
Our Polymer slewing ring bearing ensures the smooth, noise-free motion of the chair while rotating (At the visit, only the base was available).


The smooth motion is not the only advantage, yet also that all igus® products are maintenance free. The coaches can sympathize with countless contestants without that the need for lubrication.


The fabric as well as major parts of the city are embedded between mountains.



One of the most famous mountains is Pao de Acucar (Sugarloaf Mountain), that is rising 396 meters above the harbor.


If you don´t want to climb the steep walls, then you can take a cable car up to the top of it, from where you have a stunning view on the city.


From Pao de Acucar you can also see the symbol of Rio de Janeiro. The statue of Christ, located on the peak of Corcovado mountain (altitude of 700 meters), is overlooking the city since 1931.


Initially, they built the 40 meter high statue for the one hundred anniversary of Brazil´s independence from Portugal (1922). Due to financial problems, they took nine years longer.


Did you know that there are more statues alike? For instance, another statue of Christ is placed in Lisbon.


We visited the statue at sunset. The colors of the sky were beautiful and the view stunning. 



As a tourist in Rio, there are currently two Brazilian passions visible at the first glance. Obviously, one is football, in particular as it is World Cup. A very good place to experience the football obsession is at the FIFA Fan Fest at the Copacabana.


The Copacabana is one of the most famous beaches worldwide. It is only four kilometer long but so wide, that they were able to build the entire Fan fest, containing thousand of visitors, entirely on sand.



Nevertheless, when Brazil plays, then also the Fan fest is too small and the party extends over the whole beach.


At the Fan Fest you can also experience the second passion, Samba. In the half as well as before and after matches you can listen to Samba music everywhere. The following picture is showing Brazil´s most famous Samba school Mangueira.


The school is located at the edges of the Mangueira favela, one which is spreading from the school up to the stadium in which Germany defeated France last week. 


Favela is the Portuguese word for slum. They are part of Rio as the Copacabana and Pao de Acucar. Often, the inhabitants of Favelas are wrongly presented by media. Usually, not the majority of normal people is in focus but only the criminals that are operating there. In 2010, the government implemented a controversial program that aims at decriminalizing these neighborhoods by expelling gangs and establishing police stations.


Rio de Janeiro has many faces and is surely one of the most beautiful cities worldwide.

Soon, we will leave Rio and head towards the South until we reach the border of Argentina.

I will keep you guys up to date,

yours Sascha 

One country, one passion

Samba, Caipirinha and football: most people associate these words with Brazil. So far, our colleagues are not dancing samba and drinking Caipirinha for the whole day. It’s world cup and everyone in Brazil from young to old and men to women, everyone is crazy about it (but lets remember the World cup in Germany. Everyone, even those not interested in football at all, were suddenly watching it).
A unique world cup feeling could be felt by all, the Brazilian football obsession, at public viewing in Sao Paulo.

The cheerful atmosphere turned tense when Chile caught up and forced Brazil into penalty shootout.

In the end everyone was relieved and in the “party-mood”, when Brazil finally made it.

I don´t want to put my focus on the world cup today as we will deal with it regularly on the immediate tour. I want to present you another cup. Hidden and pushed into the background is the RoboCup world cup that will take place in Brazil (Joao Pessoa) from the 19th to 25th of July. igus® is taking part putting forward a robot, that will have to compete against the best robots of the world in several disciplines. One of these disciplines is robot football.

The University of Bonn, in cooperation with igus®, constructed a Humanoid robot that makes use of several iglidur® bearings and plastic components that were made by igus® using the laser sintering process.

In the next step the robot will be equipped with igus® chainflex too.
While iglidur® bearings ensure smooth, noise-free motion and help to reduce the weight of the robot, igus® chainflex cables will be a space saving solution that ensures the energy supply. The plastic parts, for instance the body, that were made by igus® in the laser sintering process, make the robot extremely light in weight and robust. This gives him a big advantage over competitors.

I´m referring to it as “the robot” as he still lacks a name. On http://goo.gl/mkYJ54 you can help him to get one. In the course of the following weeks, we will tell you more and more details so that you can get to know him a bit better. Then put a name on our Facebook page. You can win a prize if both igus® and the University of Bonn agree on your name.
As I already mentioned, I´m in Sao Paulo right now. Sao Paulo is the economic stronghold of Brazil and with 20 million inhabitants the largest metropolitan area in the southern hemisphere.

Unfortunately, the car is 700 kilometer north of here in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. The customs in Rio is specialized on such imports and therefore much faster than the one in Sao Paulo.

The car at customs in Rio

In the course of this week, we are taking a plane to Rio de Janeiro, from where we start the tour. We will take drive south until we reach the border with Argentina.

I will keep you guys up to date,

yours Sascha

Video of the Week – iglidur knife-edge rollers for conveyor applications

Long life, cost-effective and maintenance free solution to existing rollers.


For more information on igus products and to request free product samples, please contact igus on 01604 677240.

For regular updates, follow us on www.twitter.com/igusUK,

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Polymer bearings expert igus has developed knife-edge conveyor rollers for materials handling applications. Manufactured using igus’ iglidur materials, the knife-edge rollers are cost effective, quick and easy to install and provide a long service life to the conveyor system.

Providing a tight deflection radius, the rollers are moulded from lubricant and chemical free materials to ensure no contamination of food/product, thus providing a reliable solution for packaging and food industry applications. In addition, selected iglidur materials are FDA approved.

Three iglidur materials are available to cover a range of operating temperature requirements up to 180° Celsius and require a low torque to provide a cost-effective running solution and replacement for existing rollers.

igus bearings used in cutting-edge extreme sport

igus bearings used in cutting-edge extreme sport

A state-of-the-art sport has hit the scene, free-style kite land boarding, using wind to provide the motive power and lift using a power kite with mountain board (similar to a skate board). Competition within this field has developed leading onto the integration of tricks and risky manoeuvres. Technology of the kites and boards has therefore also progressed to complement these tough conditions, and with the pressures on safety and performance steadily increasing, riders are constantly looking to source strong, light weight components.

Yannick Schwicket (German Pro Team Rider) demonstrates how the boards are tested:

The Art Of Big Air – Big Day @ Schillig from Yannick Schwickert on Vimeo.

Custom Kite Boards have found that igus bearings are a great fit for the needs of this specialised market. Their bespoke boards use Prepreg carbon fibre in the construction of the deck. Paul Hartland, founder of CKB, explains how igus products have been used. ‘I am always searching for alternative innovative products to use in components. iglidur Z bearings, from igus, were used initially within an early prototype to give overall weight reduction and reduce wear in muddy and sandy conditions. The bearings withstood the use of various riders within the challenging environments.’

igus bearings used in cutting-edge extreme sport.2

Custom Kite Board are now testing igus spherical bearings which are set to replace the pivot cup in conventional skate board type truck axle plates. The pivot cup is traditionally a simple polyurethane structure, which due to continual friction between the pivot arm and cup, wears out swiftly. Frequent replacement is inevitable and necessary otherwise instability (speed wobble) occurs due to slack as well as eventual wear occurring on the pivot arm resulting in damage to the truck axle.

The dry-running, weather resistant, lubrication-free properties of the igus bearing is a perfect solution. Sliding surfaces are transferred to the spherical bearing without the need for lubrication. As a result, the overall life of the board is increased, maintenance and incurred costs are reduced and truck axle steering ability is improved. If required, the bearing can still be replaced with ease via 2 bolts and lock-nuts.

Video of the Week – E1 e-chain opens quickly and easily

Pop-open e-chain provides easy access for cables


Want more information? Go straight to the designated area on the igus website here: http://bit.ly/PdBXwp

e-chain specialist igus has developed its latest range of e-chains, the E1 modular chain. The E1 e-chain features an easy snap-open lid, which allows users to fit or access cables quickly. The modular design enables segments of the E1 e-chain to be connected to achieve the desired length. Manufactured from robust igus polymers, the E1 e-chain system can be used in a variety of applications such as the automotive and construction sector, as well as office technology and machine construction.

For more information on igus products and to request free product samples, please contact igus on 01604 677240. For regular updates, follow us on www.twitter.com/igusUK, watch our videos at www.igus.co.uk/youtube, connect with us at www.igus.co.uk/facebook.

igus go Above and Beyond

Here at igus, the customer really is at the centre of our operations which is why we strive to go above and beyond what is expected to meet their exact requirements.

Analyzation of new methods of packaging in the UK subsidiary along with the recycling of materials, has led to quick turn-around, dispatching times and increased environmental friendliness. The customer is therefore secure in the knowledge that their order will be with them in a very short lead-time.

A dedicated readychain® assembly area, where energy chains are fully harnessed as complete systems for customers (and configured with all requisite cables and connectors), means a system can be supplied; ready-made to customer specifications and fully tested complete with an igus® guarantee. Elements including overall costs and time, are reduced for the customer along with the number of suppliers the customer has to deal with.

igus® employ a highly trained workforce of skilled electricians within this department ensuring the upmost standard of work is achieved. The installation team have a designated workshop area, where highly trained qualified personnel install these complete systems on site.

It was only last week that our reliable Warehouse Coordinator, stayed on-site past midnight especially to complete an emergency chain build order and delivery for one of our customers.


Your opinion matters to us. Want to have your say?  Fill in the igus customer survey via this link: http://bit.ly/1mTmr6d

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