Video of the Week – e-spool all-in-one

Power, data, air and media all in one system

Carefully designed to guide multiple cables within confined spaces, e-spool, from e-chain expert igus, is an ingenious alternative to the classic cable drum, accommodating power, data, air and media together in one system.

Rigorously tested, both in the field and in the igus test laboratories, e-spool offers a reliable and durable guiding solution allowing movements in any direction, hence is suitable for a number of fields of application: process cranes, mobile crane trucks, sorting plants or stage applications.

e-spool uniquely combines two different energy supply systems – a standard energy chain guided by one roller, with an integrated retaining spring, that provides the correct length and tension of the energy supply system, and an igus twisterband that performs rotational movements.

To see e-spool in action in igus’ test laboratories, please watch this video:

Video of the Week – e-spool all-in-one

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iglidur commences the Korean side of the world wide tour

For more information on igus parts in the iglidur car, see here:

iglidur has already covered in total more than 10.000km on not only conventional but also dirt roads, passing numerous landmarks and sites such as the Indian desert, seashores and stunning mountains. Of course, our bearings are still in a perfect shape. They are used to run much longer.
iglidur is now embarking on the Korean side of the tour where we are to cover a minimum of 2000km more.

Spring is evidently on the way with trees starting to bloom and blossom, although it is still unmistakably cold.

We left from our branch in Incheon the day after I had arrived and headed towards Asan. With me now becoming accustomed to Chinese dimensions, I would say that Asan with its 290000 citizens is a nice and small village.

We have customers everywhere in the world. Thus, also in the small town of Asan. There we visited the company Leepack Co., Ltd. Leepack is the leading Korean company for intermittent rotary packaging systems. Their product portfolio ranges from filling units and vacuum packer to rotary fill and seal machines.
As their machines are dealing with groceries, they need products that are in particular corrosion free. igus® products not only offer this, yet moreover have other advantages. Mr. Lee Sangkun, vice president of Leepack, is extremely pleased with the service and products provided by igus®, relying upon the company for numerous years.

Having dinner in Asan also gave me the chance to enjoy a real Korean barbecue and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A grill in the centre of the table surrounded by meats, fish and vegetables really made me get a sense of the culture and way of life.

One of my new favourite dishes is kimchi. Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish that in its basic form is cabbage soaked in a salty brine, accompanied by anything such as meat.

It is a new experience for me that iglidur® is ready for driving when I arrive. This time everything went really without any problems. No sitting for two days in the customs office like in previous times and no struggle to get a driving permission.

I expect everything to continue as smooth as it has begun. igus® korea set up a shaman ceremony for the car. Thus, we are protected against any kind of bad luck.

To protect iglidur® on tour we prayed to several gods in both heaven and earth. Actually, to all gods that are controlling life on earth. To gain divine support we had to hold a ceremony that is called “Gosa”. A typical “Gosa” ceremony consists of a memorial address by the ceremonial master, in form of country manager Ernie Kim, and a special table.

The table is laid out with various foods, such as fruits, dried fish, rice, and most importantly, a pig’s head. The pig head represents money and fertility. This idea originates from that pigs can breed up to 15 at a time and a Korean word that comes originally from China. The word “Don” means in Korean both pig and money.

To gain support of the gods, it is tradition to place money in the ears and the mouth of the pigs head.

After this, you then kneel down and bow to the pigs head to show your respect and wish for good fortune.

When the ritual is over, everyone eats and drinks together (also the pig head is part of the meal). The neighbourhood was also invited to join us at the table, again a real cultural and community feel.  After the ceremony a traditional band topped off the program.

Feeling protected, iglidur will commence this side of the tour at the weekend.

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Robot block party- helping students around the world

Michael Hardy, igus marketing specialist from the US office, gives us an inside view on the latest YES action overseas:

See here for more information on igus’ YES programme in the UK:

This past Saturday, igus participated in the first ever Rhode Island Robot Block Party, a celebration of National Robotics Week. The event, hosted by the Rhode Island School of the Future Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative at Brown University , free and open to the public, ran from 11 – 4 at Brown University’s Pizzitola Sports Center in Providence, and hosted hundreds of guests throughout the day.

igus was just one of the events’ sponsors, which also included National Grid, Yushin America, IEEE-Providence Section, SSERVI-SEEED, Textron, SAIC, Amica, Tech Collective and the Slater Technology Fund.

Many student projects and STEM skills were on display at the event, from elementary students Lego robots to Brown University Robotics Team full-fledged robotic assistants. igus brought several machines to the show to demonstrate our products, and also spent much of our time discussing the YES program with parents, students, and mentors of robotics teams.

As the event got underway, orange igus was seen across the whole show – bags in hands, brains and clips on tables, and stickers on students’ clothes and projects. Hundreds of giveaways were taken throughout the day, including custom orange igus sunglasses.

In addition to students, parents and educators, several notable Rhode Island public officials attended the party, including David Cicciline, Sheldon Whitehouse, Gina Raimondo, and Alan Fung.

The efforts of igus’ staff at the show was proven, as by Saturday evening, less than 2 hours after the event came to a close, requests for YES program donations were already coming
through. For a follow-up from the party, guests who signed up will be sent information on the YES program, including student request forms.

Thank you,

MACH 2014

Thanks to everyone that visited the igus stand this week. Yesterday was especially busy with visitors flocking to see our extended range of products. Customers were keen to find out how our plastic bearings, energy chains and flexible cables can save them money and time, along with increasing the performance of their machines. The team were on hand to answer any queries and provided many application solutions, which were greatly appreciated.

With two more days to go why not visit the team at the NEC on stand 4539, you can qualify for a free case of igus beer, pick up free samples or just simply have a chat and enjoy some refreshments. Whatever the reason you can expect to be welcomed by a friendly face.

Hope to see you there!

Video of the Week – igus micro fizz 10 is even bigger

energy chain guide system enclosed for safe operation

e-chain expert, igus, has developed the micro fizz 10 aluminium guide system to meet the engineers and designer’s need for a larger cable and hose capacity, compared to the existing MF06 and MF08 systems . Thanks to its unique enclosed design, the micro fizz guide system is already proving an ideal solution for a variety of applications, ranging from sliding doors to camera and studio Equipment.

Thanks to the integrated spring element, the polymer energy chain is captive in the guide system whilst still having low friction and maintenance-free properties. Other key features include a low friction carriage and mounting brackets for easy joining and fixing of the system.

To find out more about the micro fizz 10 aluminium guide system, please watch this video:

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Drylin Technology- Proven Favorable in Special Purpose Machinery


Case study area: Reeling Machine

Take a look at the igus website for more product information and to request free samples:

As the Reeling Machine moves the Product from the Reeling Unit into a Cutting Unit, the customer needed a Grease free solution. igus can provide just that alongside bespoke elements such as locks and extra fittings.


Chris Foot (dry-tech® Sales Manager), goes onto explain the benefits of igus’ Drylin within this application:

1. Maintenance and Lubrication Free, the system is used to fold bed sheets, so having no grease is a massive plus point in terms of cleanliness and overall machine maintenance.

2. Cost Effective, a saving on their other options due to high performance materials that reduce machine downtime.

3. Easy to Assemble to the Machine. Saves time and energy, therefore the customers productivity is effected in a minimum manner.

4. Vibration Dampening.   The machine has numerous moving parts, bearings are not effected by this.

5. Low Friction. Constant movement is required, so the combination of iglidur J and Hard Anodised Aluminium is perfect.

6. Dust resistant.  Plenty of dust in the air, this doesn’t effect the performance of the Bearings.

7. Corrosion Resistant. Humid environment, so no chance of a Polymer Bearings rusting.

The application itself fitted with igus parts.

Contact Chris Foot on:

Telephone: 01604 677240


iglidur reaches Beijing

Finally, we arrived in Beijing, the capital and political centre of China.

For information on igus parts in the automotive industry, visit the designated area on the website here:

Square of heavenly peace

Beijing marks an important step on our trip as from here we are leaving the coastal area to drive through the inland back to Shanghai. We arrived at the hotel late in the evening and woke up early the next day to visit our beloved customers. Most customers are located in the outskirts of Beijing. You cannot compare “outskirts” of Beijing with “outskirts” of, for instance, cologne. Here in Beijing this basically means 1-1,5 hours of driving to get there. One customer, who had the pleasure to welcome both car and truck, is a specialist for medical equipment.

We met Mr.Ma, who is the chief engineer of this company. He wanted to show us one of their x-ray generators.
X-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation that allows the user to look at the inside of objects. One of their x-ray generators is a mammography system that is used for scanning the breast for cancer.

The doctor has the possibility to adjust the machine so that he can scan the exact part he would like to examine. It is all automatic so that he doesn’t need to do anything by hand anymore. He can choose between three different settings of motion. One of the motion setting is carried out by DryLin® N.

DryLin® is moving the plate, that is reflecting the x-rays, up and down along the y-axis.

Mr. Ma stressed that the plate is moving very smoothly and is making absolutely no noise. As he is working on lowering the noise of his x-ray machine, he intends to use more of our DryLin® products.

Now to Beijing. Well, my first impression was that Beijing is completely different to Shanghai. Granted the city has fewer people than Shanghai, but whether a city has twenty four million inhabitants or fifteen million makes no big difference. Beijing has skyscrapers too, but you never have this “metropolitan feeling” that you get when you walk through the skyscraper-canyons in Shanghai. This is surely also allowed so the streets are very broad. Some even have seven lanes, ON EACH SITE.

Nevertheless, in the rush hour you are moving forward in walking speed. The incredible high number of cars goes hand in hand with extraordinary high pollution. Yesterday, we had a day where you could barely see the car in front of you.

As Beijing lacks this metropolitan “spirit” it offers more historic sights than Shanghai.
A very well known sight in Beijing is the forbidden city. The forbidden city was basically the palace in the Ming Dynasty.

What can you expect at one of the most famous sights in the most crowded country of the world? Of course, a huge crowd.

Still, despite the crowds it is a very pretty area containing huge squares and nice gardens.

We saw India’s landmark, the Taj Mahal. Now we also had the chance to get to know Chinas landmark, the Great Wall. We visited a section of the wall that is not far from Beijing. Afterwards, I must say that this wasn’t the best idea. To repeat my question from above: What can you expect at the most famous sight in the most crowded country? Too many people again.

Nonetheless, it was impressive to know that you are at the biggest sight in the world and that this particular wall had stretched about 8800 km across old China. Nowadays, the largest part of the wall is dispersed and only the maintained parts are in a good shape (by the way, it is a myth that the wall is visible from space. It is too narrow).

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a better spot for a picture with both car and wall. Still, it is more the historical moment to be with our iglidur® on tour car at the Great Wall of China, that matters.

The next stop we are aiming at is Luoyang, which is about 800km south again.

I will keep you guys up to date,

yours Sacha

Video of the Week – drylin Q20 linear guide is tough yet light


available in multiple options for flexible bearing design

Visit the igus website for more information:

drylin Q20 linear construction kit is the latest torque resistant square linear guide from linear guides expert, igus. Available in a variety of mounting options and with adjustable bearing clearance, drylin Q20 offers designers and engineers a highly flexible solution.

To meet all igus’ customer needs, drylin Q20 comprises a carriage version for all unsupported solutions as well as models with or without manual clamp. In addition, fastening slot nuts are only one of the many mounting options offered by drylin Q20, which can also be combined with all 20/20 aluminium construction profiles.

Due to its hollow chamber design, the drylin Q20linear construction kit’s rugged hard-anodised aluminium profile is light-weight, self-lubricating and thus ideal for carrying supply cables.

To find out more about drylin Q20 linear construction kit, please watch this video:

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iglidur is accompanied by the exhibition truck in China

Today, I would like to show you the truck that is accompanying us during the trip within China, in more detail.

For more information about iglidur on tour, visit the igus website here:

The truck is attracting a huge following reach and crowds and alongside the car, is becoming a huge success. To be blunt, it is a normal truck that has been modified. Within five minutes we can turn the truck into an exhibition booth where we are showcasing a wide range of igus products, currently in China.


For our customer we offer the “whole package”. On the truck he not only can have a direct look at our products, but also approach us with technical questions.

Every day dozens of customers are handing over their contact details (and this not only due to the famous igus® cups they get as a reward afterwards)

Usually, after the visit of the booth, we turn the attention to our iglidur® on tour project. For everyone we offer a drive with the car. Most people think about the project as a great idea, but often add that it must be a real adventure to drive with this certain city car once around the world.

Two days ago we arrived with iglidur® at the yellow sea in Quingdao. To be honest, I haven´t  heard of the city before, but I got to know that it is a famous beach-holiday mecca for Chinese and other Asian tourists. For sure, it is growing fast. When you are coming close to the city you only see construction work going on everywhere.

In Quingdao we met one of our suppliers who delivers us with goods for exhibitions (By the way, the main street is not called “Marktstraße” any more, but something in Chinese).

Sascha Kurtenbach, born in cologne, has been living in Quingdao for about ten years. Although he speaks Chinese fluently, he mentioned that he only knows about 3500 signs. This is not enough to read a newspaper (the average Chinese knows about 5000 signs and a professor at a university about 10.000). For me every word sounds the same and for this reason I imagine that learning the language must be extremely hard.

Mr. Wang is 35 years old and father of two children. He is from Henan province where we are going to visit a famous temple soon. Although he has been working as a professional driver for decades, it is his first time seeing a truck like this. I asked my colleague to ask him about his opinion. For him it is very special to be part of this project as he can do more than just driving. When the truck has transformed, he always helps us at the booth. For instance, he hands over leaflets or guides customers to someone who can answer technical questions.

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