speedigus- What makes this such a unique service?

Here at igus, the customer really is at the heart of all of our activities and speedigus is no exception.

speedigus is a platform that enables us to offer custom made parts with a flexible lead time whilst still maintaining the igus ‘dry-tech’ promise: this being a lubricant free, dry-running and technically optimised iglidur material suited perfectly to the application in focus.

When lead time is crucial, the speedigus service is perfect where delivery times are rapidly reduced. For machined parts, the standard lead time is 10 working days and for moulded solutions it is 15, although with the Speedigus service this can be dramatically reduced to as little as one day.

You as the customer are in control!

Special bespoke parts are made from iglidur polymers according to the customer requirements.

  • 13 different igus standard materials.
  • From design to manufacture of real igus parts can potentially be complete in as little as 24 hours..
  • Requires a 3D model.
  • No minimum order quantities.


  • The extensive range of iglidur stock bar materials enable us to machine parts rapidly to a customers design.
  • 8 standard iglidur stock bar materials, available in various sizes and 2 standard stock sheet materials.
  • The lead time can be from 24hrs from design to manufacture.
  • Requires a 2D drawing and/or 3D model.
  • Perfect for low volume test parts.

For more information, visit our website on: http://bit.ly/Oobxat

Or Contact Erin Kemal, igus’ speedigus expert:

01604 677240


Online technical data sheets now available for over 1,100 chainflex cables

Extensive information available on flexible cables

igus, the leading expert in dynamic cabling for energy chains,now offers technical data sheets for over 1,100 chainflex cables. The data sheets, which are available online at: www.igus.co.uk/chainflex, provide cable specifiers with detailed information, including cable cross-section drawings.

“The cross-section cable drawings provide designers with a unique opportunity to gain a detailed view of the position of the individual cores within the overall stranded structure, and optimally assign connectors’ PIN configurations, explains igus director, Justin Leonard. “The overview provides a precise description of the various jacket materials used for igus cables with their full resistance information, which makes choosing the right cable even easier.”

Electronic devices isolated on white background

The detailed usage parameters such as, the ambient conditions, and travel or bending radius, help design the system as a whole and therefore, extend the service life of the individual systems and machines.

The lifespan of igus’ cables are guaranteed for millions of cycles but typically last much longer. This is established by the rigorous tests that all igus products go through. The tests consist of millions of cycles in real life applications, as well as tests within the igus laboratory.

“These tests reassure engineers, machine builders and OEMs that igus cables will improve the performance and reliability of their equipment,” adds Leonard. “This is backed-up by the large number of customers that report that igus cables ‘just don’t wear out!’”

For further information, visit igus on http://bit.ly/1oJbq4H or please contact:

Justin Leonard, igus

Tel: 01604 677240

Email: jleonard@igus.co.uk


Quickpin 2.0- Why make it complicated?!

Ever wanted to be able to just go online and access a service where you can order your very own bespoke cable via a few simple clicks? The Quickpin 2.0 is a clearly designed online tool, that does not require prior registration, where the user can select from a variety of standardised cables and develop them on to a complete bespoke product allowing almost unlimited options.

We catch-up with Dan Seeney, our very own Readychain® product manager and Quickpin expert, to find out exactly what makes this such a unique piece of software!

“Your needs as an igus customer have driven us in this direction. Quickpin 2.0 is a fantastic tool for everyone, especially electrical designers. The software enables you to quickly configure any cable to your unique requirements using industry standard and approved connectors.” Dan Seeney, igus.

Quickpin 2.0- Why make it complicated

Dan’s top 10 factors that make quickpin 2.0 a must for designers

  1. Free software package, e-plan, used by industry designers.
  2. Files can easily be exported into your own designs.
  3. Fast, quick and easy.
  4. Quote the same day.
  5. Tailored to your specific designs, a true bespoke and individual package.
  6. 24/7 online accessibility.
  7. chainflex cables are available with no minimum order quantities, cutting charges or copper surges so there are no hidden charges.
  8. A request can be send to igus’ chainflex team via one click.
  9. Within 24 hours, a member of the igus team will call you to discuss your bespoke package personally and find what really is the best option to suit your needs.
  10. Cable will be delivered within three weeks, fast distribution: no wasted time.

A real affordable solution enabling electrical and design engineers to reduce time and improve the performance of their product.

Want to have a look for yourself? Click here to use Quickpin 2.0: http://bit.ly/1cc3eJQ

For more information and to talk to Dan himself:

Email: Dseeney@igus.co.uk

Call: 07768396792

igus India says goodbye

For information on igus parts within the automotive industry, see here: http://bit.ly/1aiIKyf

It is unbelievable how fast the time has gone. The India tour is already over. It feels weird, after more than five weeks, to hear no one using the horn on streets. Guess one thing that will always be related to India for me :). Of course, igus India organized a proper goodbye for iglidur®. One day before we handed over the car to customs we did a small closing event. Following you find some memories that we would like to share with you:

At the beginning, a traditional south Indian band welcomed iglidur® when the star of the evening went to its place in front of the igus team, guests and journalists.

igus India says goodbye

After a proper opening with a traditional dance show…

igus India says goodbye.2

…we began our program. First point, the manus winner. As it seems appropriate, we combined the closing of the tour with the manus awards.

Gold and one hundred thousand Rupees to late Mr. Harshwardhan Gupta. Tragically, Mr. Gupta died in the night before we announced the winner. Instead, his daughter came to take the price (right). Mr. Gupta perfected a file cutting machine by using Drylin®, but also many other parts (Neubauplan Automation).

Silver and seventy five thousand Rupees to Mr. Munir Pansare who works for Tata Motors and had been rewarded for applying iglidur® JVSM for noise reduction in steering column (center).

Last but not least, Ms. Manhari Govankop of Mahindra & Mahindra who got bronze and fifty thousand Rupees for a tractor application by making use of igubal® WGRM.

igus India says goodbye.3

After this make a difference, the voluntary network which supports children living in street shelters and orphanages, received from igus Germany 4600€ euros/rupees. Beforehand, we calculated with about 4200km but in the end accomplished more than 4600km! Additionally, igus India spent 100 rupees for each driven kilometer! In total we handed over about 10.000€. This is money that will ensure the school education of dozens of children.

igus India says goodbye.4

We had a very successful start of our tour. This was only possible due to the extraordinary organization and work of the igus India team.

igus India says goodbye.5

Thanks also again for the great hospitality and your support. I felt welcomed from the very first moment and will surely come back for visits.

igus India says goodbye.6 igus India says goodbye.7

Next stop is Shanghai. See you guys there in a few days.



Yours Sascha

From the begining to the end

What a final of our Indian tour. Our car visited his family members at Mercedes.

About one hundred people welcomed us when iglidur® arrived at the Indian headquarter of Mercedes (R&D department).

Most employees were astonished when they got to know that their more or less “own” car, improved with igus® bearings, is going to drive around the world.
The managing director itself, Mr. Koellermeyer, took this occasion to pass on his good wishes for the project.

We visited Mercedes on our way back from Chennai. Chennai is an automobile hub at the east coast. It was the last stop on our tour. Imagine yourself sitting in a sauna where a few million people are working and you a have the entire year 100% humidity. This is more or less the climate of Chennai. We took off from Bangalore at five in the morning to be able to drive about five hours, to visit some customers and to find some nice places for pictures. This time I would like to go straight onto talking about my surroundings rather than the drive itself.

Up on a hill, overlooking the entire city is a cathedral. About one to two hundred meters below the square from where you have a stunning view on the city and the nearby airport is the parking place, the highest point you can reach by car. If you want to get further you need a special permission.
We went to the church a few kilometers south where we were looking for a talk with the Reverent Father in charge.
Reverent Father Aeja is working closely with make a difference, the voluntary network which will receive hundred Rs per kilometer we have driven. Not interested in our bearings but fond of that we connect our trip with helping children, he gave us not only a special permission to drive up to the cathedral but even accompanied us.

The next day we woke up at five again. As we were at the east coast we wanted to take the occasion to have a sunrise picture with iglidur®.

Unfortunately, we couldn´t take the car as close as we wanted to the water so that we continued searching for a better spot. A few kilometers west of Chennai is a small fisher village which at this time, was already full of life.

Nevertheless, we took the chance to demonstrate that our bearings can endure not only unbearable heat and humidity…

…but also sand and sea water.

It was still very early when we left for our second trip the day. We tried to find more tropical areas. A colleague has told about a hill with stunning views. Initially, we thought about going there shortly and then to continue to Bangalore but due to traffic we got delayed. Thus, we decided to stay over night. The hotel wasn´t the best but the view the next morning was worth it.

I can barely believe that our India trip is at its end. The last five weeks went by incredible fast. The time has to come to say goodbye for me. I want to use this occasion to say thank you to all my Indian colleagues and friends. With your great hospitality and your support you made my stay here an experience I will never forget.
On the plane on the way to Germany I was sitting next to a guy who had been travelling to India already four times. When I asked him about India he just said one sentence: Once you come to India, you always come back!
I agree on this. For sure, I will come back to see you guys again and to explore more of this country, of incredible India!

The next time when I will write to you guys I’m in China. I will take a few days off from the blog-writing business. See you guys in Shanghai!

yours Sascha.

For more information on igus parts, click here: http://bit.ly/1aiIKyf

Drylin Q- The Exclusive Product Managers Feature Preview

New to face the linear module drylin kit is the drylin-Q 20, a square guide system that boasts some great application features and can be used in a range of industries from medical to pick & place machines. We catch up with Lee Wilkins, igus’ Drylin product manager, to find out exactly what this new addition is all about!

“The drylin-Q 20 really adds a fresh and diverse twist to the original drylin range. This square guide system not only complies with the usual igus lubrication and maintenance free benefits, it goes that one step further with numerous added extras of which I cannot wait to share with you all.” Enthused Lee.

Lee’s top properties of the new Drylin Q:

  1. Don’t Lubricate- no need for added lubricant reducing machine maintenance, downtime and contamination which is particularly beneficial in industries such as food and medical.
  2. Absolute safety against twisting due to the square profile.  A real special product feature!
  3. Impacting loads and moments up to 10 Newton Meters can be supported in all directions.
  4. Space for supply lines has been integrated via the hollow profile.
  5. Adjustable guide carriage to suit your exact requirements.
  6. Hard anodised square aluminium profiles.
  7. The guide carriage can be combined with not only the igus square shaft, yet all 20/20 aluminium construction systems meaning it can be offered as an individual igus component.
  8. Bearing play can be manually adjusted with an Allen key in all directions, therefore tolerance differences can easily be compensated.
  9. Applications can be mounted simply and in little time in all directions due to the use of slot nuts.


    Take a look at Drylin Q for yourself here: http://bit.ly/MBkDQ1

    For more information, Contact Lee Wilkins himself on:

    Email: lwilkins@igus.co.uk

    Phone: (07736269217)





Video of the Week – igus readychain is ready to go


our energy chain is always delivered in less than 10 days and ready to install

readychain is a comprehensive energy chain solution designed to help machinery and plants – from an access platform to a crane – reduce down times and thus costs.

readychains are the complete energy supply ready to install and comprise energy chains completely assembled with cables, hoses and connectors as well as custom metal work and fittings. Transport racks, installation and maintenance support are also available on request.

We deliver to the customer in around 10 days, readychain is specifically designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers. With no storage of cables, connectors and associated extra parts needed, storage costs are reduced to zero.

In order to ensure speed, every readychain system is carefully tested in our laboratories before delivery and certified according to ISO 9001.

See here for more information: http://bit.ly/1hWiIUT

Video of the Week – igus readychain is ready to go

iglidur on tour adventures continued: Pune to Bagalore (4000Km)

iglidur driver himself, Sascha, continues to give us his hands-on insight into the all around the world tour:

The Indian igus office is based in Bangalore, which is where we are now. We took a direct route from Pune to Bangalore which was, by the way, the longest we had so far. All in all it took us about 17 hours.

Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and with about 8,4 million inhabitants, the third largest city (following Delhi and Bombay). Furthermore, it is the Silicon Valley of India. Although, it is further south, it is not as hot as Pune (nevertheless, still 30 degrees and sufficient for a painful sunburn).
As the following day was a Saturday, we kept it a bit slower with customer visits and made only five in total. One of the customers was Dynaspede.

They manufacture electro-mechanical components and machines for a wide spectrum of industries. You tell them what machine you want and they build it for you. We had the chance to get an insight view in an engine-testing machine, which is designed for a leading Indian car manufacturer, analysing the performance of engines.

They need to fix and move the engine. For this they put the engine on four shafts that are embedded in bearings.
Originally, they made use of THK bearings (Japanese company). At this time, they were facing many problems with scoring marks. Scoring marks are scratch marks on the shaft that are owed to movements. They occur when the friction between shaft and bearing is too high. To diminish this problem, they always had to lubricate as well as to use a hardened shaft. Eventually, they tried our Drylin® R FJUM-01-30 Flange housing instead, take a look at the igus flange housing for yourself: http://bit.ly/1hltyAD.

We supplied them directly with shafts and bearings at the same time. This not only decreased their number of vendors and therefore their administrative work, but also helps save money. As our products are self-lubricating and maintenance free, they solved their problem of the scoring marks. Thus, they have been using Drylin® R for years. They got rid of annoying work besides the actual work and could save costs. Nowadays, they don’t need to pay for the hardening of the shaft and for lubricating any more.

Inside the testing rid the engine is lifted and fixed both vertically and horizontally. There we have supplied jsm-6065-50 and jsm-20-23-20 for servo actuator and ejector pin respectively (horizontally). Inside the testing station is a shaft that they put on the gears-shift lever of the engine. The shaft is then moving the shift. Through this they are enabled to measure the performance. This shaft is guided by iglidur® J, which is characterized by a low wear with shaft materials and a low coefficient of friction.

We could also see our e-chains®. They are used for guidance and protection for moving cables. Most of their machines are already equipped with them.

The last days were entirely under the banner of driving and customer visits. We made at least another 1000km and visited about 25-30 of our beloved customers. Yesterday, I checked how many kilometers we have covered so far. About 4000! And there will be about 700km more as we are heading tomorrow towards Chennai, the other automobile hub of India.
Thus, I kind of cannot present you incredible adventure trips. No beach, no jungle, no desert etc. Just highways that were in a very good shape. I even cannot tell so much about Bangalore, just that at first glance, it seems to be a very modern and nice city.

Next time I will tell you more about the tour again. We’ll have some time in Chennai to discover a bit of the city, the culture itself and to visit some nice places.

As always I will keep you guys up to date,

Yours, Sascha

For more information, go onto the igus website: http://bit.ly/1aiIKyf

Cables, Standard vs Dynamic…is there really any competition?

igus’ chainflex product manager, James Harrison, tells us why choosing cables for dynamic applications is so crucial

As technology advances rapidly, more and more machines need moving power and data supplies. The process of selecting cables for these dynamic applications, where cables may have to move in a range of repeated strenuous motions, is definitely one that needs consideration.

The simple construction of standard cables is unsuitable because the cable may fails due to the few, yet large, conductor strands bending at a small radius and breaking. Another common problem in standard cables is the “corkscrew” effect primarily due to the compression of inner cores and the cores untwisting because of a loose fitting jacket with poor grip.

So how can you solve these problems?

Simple; purchase a chainflex cable specifically developed for dynamic applications!

Cables, Standard vs Dynamic…is there really any competitionFinely stranded copper cores, that are optimised for maximum flexibility, reduce the risk of work hardening and core fractures and even give large core high-current motor cables the flexibility required for dynamic operation. Cores are twisted with a shorter pitch and in multi-core cables the cores are braided and bundled wherever possible.  This results in the path of the core being from the outside of the cable to the inside and back over a very short optimised distance. Compressive and tensile stresses therefore cancel each other out reducing the overall level of stress and wear.

Of course, the outer jacket is greatly relied upon as a means of preventing the core from twisting, a good dynamic cable has a pressure-filled jacket rather than plain extruded!  Where EMC shielding is required a braided shield will be seen in quality dynamic cables preventing gaps opening via a shallow braid angle.

“We’re so confident about the quality of our chainflex cables, we will even guarantee a minimum number of cycles in an energy-chain. A true reflection of our chainflex guarantee program!” Enthused James Harrison.

James’ top 10 tips when choosing your cable:

  1. Make sure that the bend radius is dynamic, opposed to static. You don’t want to waste your time or money!
  2. The cable needs to be suitable for the bend radius of YOUR energy chain.
  3. Ensure that the cable is rated for the appropriate number of cycles. How can you find this out? Click onto the igus chainflex Lifetime calculator tool to see: http://bit.ly/OhGIos
  4. Know your travel length. The longer the travel, the higher the grade of cable required.
  5. Be clear on the applications speed and acceleration. This ones simple:                                                         The faster the speed/acceleration = More strain = Better quality of cable required.
  6. Have the working environment clear in your head. Exposure to factors such as dirt, oil and chemicals are all elements that the outer jacket needs to suit.
  7. Ensure cables are suitably laid in the energy chain upon installation.
  8. Check there is sufficient clearance and space between cables using appropriate interior separation where necessary.
  9. Appropriate strain relief is essential; this can be achieved simply via tie-wrap plates or for more demanding applications use igus CFX saddle clamps.
  10. Finally, order from a reputable supplier!
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