Video of the Week – iglidur on tour – Our Journey So Far


A car with plastic bearings travels the world to celebrate 30 years of iglidur

To celebrate 30 years of iglidur materials, polymer specialist igus has retrofitted a car with iglidur bearings which is currently travelling around the world. The iglidur bearings have replaced bearings in applications such as the windscreen wipers, brake pedal pivot point and throttle valves, thus demonstrating the durable and robust nature of the iglidur materials. The self-lubricating iglidur bearings provide a more efficient solution for car designers looking for dirt and chemical resistant bearings that operate more quietly than their metallic counterparts. Whilst reducing weight and eliminating the need for maintenance.

The iglidur car has nearly completed the first leg of its tour, travelling through India, China, Taiwan and Japan visiting customers and spreading the ‘plastic for longer life’ ethos, and of course, doing a bit of sightseeing! Through its already vast journey, iglidur has proven its reliability by travelling in some harsh environments, from dirt tracks to wet and humid locations throughout.

Press conference-Tokyo

This morning was the official start of iglidur® on tour in Japan where, to mark this occasion, Thirty-two journalists came to a hotel in the centre of Tokyo to join the press conference.

Kunihiko Kitagawa (or Kenny, which is easier for non-Japanese), country manager of igus® Japan, was informing the journalists about the history of igus®, our iglidur® products and the immediate tour.

We intend on exploring the whole island, driving along the coast once around Japan with at least 4500 km lying ahead. For each kilometre, igus® Japan will donate one euro to a foundation that is helping children who have suffered from the Tsunami in 2011 (For instance, those who lost their home).
One highlight of the conference was the speech of Mr. Sickert, who was representing the German embassy. The German embassy helped us with the complicated registration of the car.

Mr.Sickert referred to igus® as a highly innovative company that is representing the German “Mittelstand”:
“With its highly specialised products, sales and production facilities on several continents and obvious knack for marketing, igus is a prime example of the successful Mittelstand”. The German “Mittelstand” comprises of mid-size companies that are considered as the economic backbone of the German economy.

After his speech, the journalists had the chance to ask questions and to get more information about our products.A wide range of igus® products were also showcased on several tablets.

Following on from the press conference we left Tokyo. Our first stop is Isesaki, where we are going to visit our first customers. Three weeks of customers, driving and adventures. Let the tour begin.

igus gets involved with the World Cup

Thursday June the 12th marks the start of The World Cup 2014, all kicking off in Brazil.

To mark this occasion and to show our patriotism, we will be sending out our very own football themed bearing information pack, highlighting the main players in the iglidur team:

Want one of your very own? All you have to do is click the following link and request either samples or a catalogue:


Incheon to Asan- the journey in pictures

From our branch in Incheon we took off to Asan…

…from there to Donghea at the east coast…

…then along the coast to Seoraksan mountain….

…then we continued driving north up to the demarcation line with North Korea…

….then we drove west to Seoul for the press conference….

…From Seoul we left for Gunsan….

…from Gunsan to Mok´po…

…then to Busan…

…from Busan to Jeonju…

…and finally back to Incheon.

Video of the Week – drylin Q20 linear guide is tough yet light


available in multiple options for flexible bearing design

Visit the igus website for more information:

drylin Q20 linear construction kit is the latest torque resistant square linear guide from linear guides expert, igus. Available in a variety of mounting options and with adjustable bearing clearance, drylin Q20 offers designers and engineers a highly flexible solution.

To meet all igus’ customer needs, drylin Q20 comprises a carriage version for all unsupported solutions as well as models with or without manual clamp. In addition, fastening slot nuts are only one of the many mounting options offered by drylin Q20, which can also be combined with all 20/20 aluminium construction profiles.

Due to its hollow chamber design, the drylin Q20linear construction kit’s rugged hard-anodised aluminium profile is light-weight, self-lubricating and thus ideal for carrying supply cables.

To find out more about drylin Q20 linear construction kit, please watch this video:

For more information on igus products and to request free product samples, please contact igus on 01604 677240. For regular updates, follow us on, watch our videos at, connect with us at or visit our blog on


Drylin Q- The Exclusive Product Managers Feature Preview

New to face the linear module drylin kit is the drylin-Q 20, a square guide system that boasts some great application features and can be used in a range of industries from medical to pick & place machines. We catch up with Lee Wilkins, igus’ Drylin product manager, to find out exactly what this new addition is all about!

“The drylin-Q 20 really adds a fresh and diverse twist to the original drylin range. This square guide system not only complies with the usual igus lubrication and maintenance free benefits, it goes that one step further with numerous added extras of which I cannot wait to share with you all.” Enthused Lee.

Lee’s top properties of the new Drylin Q:

  1. Don’t Lubricate- no need for added lubricant reducing machine maintenance, downtime and contamination which is particularly beneficial in industries such as food and medical.
  2. Absolute safety against twisting due to the square profile.  A real special product feature!
  3. Impacting loads and moments up to 10 Newton Meters can be supported in all directions.
  4. Space for supply lines has been integrated via the hollow profile.
  5. Adjustable guide carriage to suit your exact requirements.
  6. Hard anodised square aluminium profiles.
  7. The guide carriage can be combined with not only the igus square shaft, yet all 20/20 aluminium construction systems meaning it can be offered as an individual igus component.
  8. Bearing play can be manually adjusted with an Allen key in all directions, therefore tolerance differences can easily be compensated.
  9. Applications can be mounted simply and in little time in all directions due to the use of slot nuts.


    Take a look at Drylin Q for yourself here:

    For more information, Contact Lee Wilkins himself on:


    Phone: (07736269217)





The journey through pictures


The iglidur on tour car has already covered a large area, from having its’ very own press event, show casing at The Auto Expo and visiting customers in Asia. The snippets above indicate really how far the car has come right from the initial development stage, where igus iglidur bearings replaced the standard, right through to having eventually passed through customs and arriving safely at the other end to be firmly on the roads in New Delhi.

For more information on iglidur on tour, and of course the igus parts themselves, see here: