Video of the Week – Quick assembly tools for E4 e-chains®

Energy chain specialist igus® offers a wide range of tested and proven assembly tools for convenient opening and closing of its e-chains® as well as the interior separators.

Designed for use with E4 e-chains®, the opener is available in four different sizes to accommodate upper and lower crossbars from the 450 and 650 ranges. The tool makes it extremely quick and easy to open crossbars – even in confined spaces – providing an effective solution for energy chain assembly and filling.

Made from a high-performance plastic material, the tool provides designers and engineers with a durable, reliable and cost-effective solution that helps cut assembly time significantly.

igus celebrates their 500,000th order shipped from Northampton

The Northampton based motion plastics company, igus, recently celebrated their 500,000th order by hand delivering an e-chain to Performance Enclosures Ltd (TeamMate) in Oxfordshire, who have been loyal igus customers for over 10 years.

Team Mate have designed and manufactured a diverse, practical and innovative range of furniture solutions since 1997, specifically tailored to the corporate and educational environments. Their concept of designing industry solutions, after finding out the users needs, has resulted in them becoming a world wide market leader in their field of Audio Visual & IT solutions.

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Team Mate have designed and manufactured a diverse, practical and innovative range of furniture solutions since 1997, specifically tailored to the corporate and educational environments. Their concept of designing industry solutions, after finding out the users needs, has resulted in them becoming a world wide market leader in their field of Audio Visual & IT solutions.

Their product range includes teaching lecterns that go into the majority of UK Universities and also exported to  Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and many other countries. The need for height adjustability not only within static teaching lecterns and? products in general, is increasing as technology advances. Team Mate have addressed this need, incorporating their VariHite feature into the designs; a lift and lower mechanism. For this feature to be possible and safe, sophisticated cable management is required. This is where the igus e-chain has proven to be the best solution. The e-chain provides a safe cable-management system, protecting the cables so that they not only look neat yet are also tamper-resistant. Servicing is also made easy; the energy chain allows cables to easily be connected and inserted so the workstation can be altered to meet the need of the user, and cables can be checked.

With 80% of Team Mate’s market being educational, they like their products to stay with the brand scope as the Universities associate Team Mate with high quality. Energy chain from igus lives up to this high quality standard, confidently being included in the 10 year product warranty that Team Mate offers.

Matthew Aldridge, Managing Director from igus, visited their factory and office with other team members to say thank you for their consistent loyalty and to deliver Team Mate’s e-chain order in person. Matthew was also able to see exactly what applications the igus products are used in and the features which make igus ideal for this application.

“We have enjoyed working with igus for the past 10 years” says David Botting, Managing Director,  Performance Enclosures Ltd, “igus has helped contribute to the quality of our products. The back-up and support that we have received from the company has been outstanding and we look forward to receiving the one millionth order.”

The igus mobile exhibition is in full swing!

Find out how plastic bearings, linear systems, energy chains and cabling assemblies can help improve designs

A series of one day Road Show Exhibitions throughout the UK commenced on the 21st of July and will continue until 1st of August 2014. Using a modular display stand system, the exhibition truck is tailored to meet the needs of each company it visits. Engineers and purchasers will have plenty of time to speak to igus for advice on selecting energy chains, bearings and cabling assemblies for their applications – as well as viewing and handling product samples.  All of this will be in the comfort of their own premises.

The igus mobile exhibition is in full swing!

“We understand that our customers don’t always have the time to leave their workplace and attend trade shows,” explains Matthew Aldridge, Managing Director, igus. ”That’s why we decided it would be a great idea to offer an alternative, giving us the opportunity to visit customers while, at the same time, helping them save on travel, accommodation and valuable working time.”

Tip Of The Day- How to reduce noise and vibrations in the E6 chain


More information on the E6 chain can be found here:

Does the mounting direction for E6 chains matter?…

Yes it does. In case the E6 chains are mounted the wrong way round (fixed end and moving end mixed up) this would lead to a slightly higher noise level and increased vibrations during travel. Especially with printers this can be a big factor.

Correctly mounted, the side parts at the top face towards the moving end, as shown in the drawing to the right.

How should the lids of e-tubes be assembled?…

To guarantee the highest possible chip-resistance, you should start assembly of the lids from the fixed end. Every next lid in direction to the moving end should overlap the previous one.
This prevent the chips (mostly falling from above) to enter the chain between the lids.
Chip-resistance tests with both assembly methods showed significant differences in the number of chips that entered the tube.



Video of the Week – E1 e-chain opens quickly and easily

Pop-open e-chain provides easy access for cables

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e-chain specialist igus has developed its latest range of e-chains, the E1 modular chain. The E1 e-chain features an easy snap-open lid, which allows users to fit or access cables quickly. The modular design enables segments of the E1 e-chain to be connected to achieve the desired length. Manufactured from robust igus polymers, the E1 e-chain system can be used in a variety of applications such as the automotive and construction sector, as well as office technology and machine construction.

For more information on igus products and to request free product samples, please contact igus on 01604 677240. For regular updates, follow us on, watch our videos at, connect with us at

igus go Above and Beyond

Here at igus, the customer really is at the centre of our operations which is why we strive to go above and beyond what is expected to meet their exact requirements.

Analyzation of new methods of packaging in the UK subsidiary along with the recycling of materials, has led to quick turn-around, dispatching times and increased environmental friendliness. The customer is therefore secure in the knowledge that their order will be with them in a very short lead-time.

A dedicated readychain® assembly area, where energy chains are fully harnessed as complete systems for customers (and configured with all requisite cables and connectors), means a system can be supplied; ready-made to customer specifications and fully tested complete with an igus® guarantee. Elements including overall costs and time, are reduced for the customer along with the number of suppliers the customer has to deal with.

igus® employ a highly trained workforce of skilled electricians within this department ensuring the upmost standard of work is achieved. The installation team have a designated workshop area, where highly trained qualified personnel install these complete systems on site.

It was only last week that our reliable Warehouse Coordinator, stayed on-site past midnight especially to complete an emergency chain build order and delivery for one of our customers.


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Wimbledon’s roof glides with energy chains

Wimbledon’s roof glides with energy chains

When the roof first glided over Wimbledon’s illustrious Centre Court on 29th June 2009, allowing the fourth round singles match between Amélie Mauresmo and Dinara Safina to continue, it was the landmark occasion for the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament.

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The Grand Slam Championship, which enjoys huge global television audiences, was often at the mercy of Britain’s unpredictable and inclement weather. With hundreds of millions of viewers tuning in around the world the All England Club needed to find a solution.

The organisers thought long and hard before deciding to build a retracting roof over one of sport’s most iconic venues, but the roof over the Centre Court was to be no ordinary roof. Constraints of space, a desire to minimise noise and a requirement for it to blend into the historic venue all required a novel solution.

“There are plenty of retractable roofs on sporting stadium, but to date the majority have been flat roofs,” explains John Biggin, project manager at mechanical engineers SCX Special Projects Ltd – the firm chosen to design and build the retractable roof moving parts and control systems. “The Centre Court roof was to be a concertina roof; sliding roofs lack the flexibility of this offering. If you have a flat roof you need the space to move it into when you open it and we didn’t have that at Wimbledon. So the concertina type was the way to go.”

The concertina roof project involves 148 axes of control, huge steel trusses and over 17,000 sq ft of fabric covering, with the assorted cabling. All controlled by 108 high performance actuators, 40 servo motors and 196 servo drives, along with miles of cables.

The new roof works on a principle similar to a folding fabric concertina – with metal ribs or trusses supporting a translucent industrial fabric. “The trusses are basically inverted triangles, which are supported by the end arms and set into precise motion by electric actuators which form a structural yet moveable part of the roof,” Biggin adds.

The roof comprises nine bays of tensioned fabric divided into two sections (North and South).  The northern section has five bays, with four in the south.  Each bay is supported on either side by a steel truss (10 trusses in total) spanning the 77m wide court with approximately 5,200 square metres (55,972 square feet) of fabric keeping the rain out and allowing the light in.

The ends of each truss are supported by a wheeled carriage or bogie which moves along a track positioned on the newly installed fixed roof of the Centre Courts being done because of rain, court covers will protect the grass in the usual way while the closure is in progress.

With such a concertina design, preventing damage to the myriad of required electrical cables was a major concern. The solution was to use igus energy chains. The energy chains guide and protect the cables while the intricate movements of the roof protect the playing surface below.

The energy chains are modular and therefore can be assembled quickly and easily to accommodate any length or orientation of travel, which enables engineers to save installation time. They are tested and proven against environmental elements, high loads and speeds and noise. Above all they reduce downtime and increase the service lives of cables and hoses.

“The energy chains were always part of the original plan,” Biggin explains. “We needed the energy chains to get the cables safely across moving items. They support and protect the cables. If we didn’t protect and control the cables they would keep getting bent as the roof concertinas and they would eventually fracture, so we put in the energy chains.

“They are a unique solution. If you need to get cables across a gap and the gap moves they are the only way to go. There are various flexible type curly cables out in the market, but they are just impractical. They protect the cables and assist them moving and bending in a safe manner. Energy chains can also be partitioned to take a number of different cables.”

Another important benefit is that the plastic energy chains can be colour co-ordinated to fit in with the overall design. In this instance they were moulded in white plastic.

Such has been the success of the Centre Court project that plans are now underway to install a roof on the Number One court. “It is likely that this retractable roof will be very similar to the Centre Court one,” Biggin says.

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Video of the Week – igus e-chain for offshore applications

Corrosion resistant e-chains for the deep

Polymer expert igus has developed corrosion and sea-water resistant e-chains for the use in offshore applications. igus’ e-chains are comprised of a lightweight polymer structure that is used to replace existing heavy steel drag chains. Their low maintenance and long service life make the e-chain ideal for difficult environments or for those hard to access places.

Owing to its polymer structure, the e-chain is UV and sea water resistant, allowing it to provide a heavy duty energy supply to the ocean floor without the need for continued maintenance. The e-chains stability provides a high tensile strength with hanging applications of up to 200m in length, whilst maintaining a flexible modular design that is easy to install. The e-chain comes in various installation applications, including chain-block and e-chain drum versions. ATEX solutions are also available.

Video of the Week – igus e-chain for offshore applications

igus currently holds the record for manufacturing the largest plastic energy chain in the world, the E4.350. This e-chain is predominantly used for the movement of large, heavy, stiff cables such as those used on oil platforms. Research and development is being undertaken to produce a larger one.

The e-chain is resistant to extreme temperatures, such as those seen on the ocean floor. Typical applications for the e-chain include offshore, drilling rigs and ships and harbours. To learn more about igus offshore applications please go to

Iglidur® meets e-chain®

Busan is not only the second largest city in South Korea, yet also the world’s fifth busiest seaport by cargo tonnage. Dozens of cranes are handling a high number of goods daily, thus such cranes need a lot of energy. In order to protect the cables against any kind of weather and therefore to ensure the energy supply, igus® offers the solution in the form of the Energy chains®.


igus® power chain systems are a good alternative to bus bar, festoonings and reel systems. igus® e-chainsystems® and chainflex® flexible cables are worldwide in operation on more than 10,000 port equipment applications.


Sixteen cranes in the port of Busan rely on the igus® e-chain® 5050RHD.


igus® e-chains® are the perfect solution for crane users and builders as they offer numerous advantages such as: 

  • Space saving design
  • No control system necessary
  • All media can be conveyed: power, data, air, water, etc.
  • Low maintenance product reduces your downtime
  • Wind and weather resistant
  • Synchronous run of trolley and e-chainsystem®
  • Quick an easy installation of additional cables
  • No parts marked as reason for wear and tear
  • Spare part guarantee for 10 years+

Video of the Week – E4.1 light chain is light and large

igus’ e-chain solution for large hoses and cables

IGUS 400-B6For more information on igus products and to request free product samples, please contact igus on 01604 677240. For regular updates, follow us on, watch our videos at or connect with us at

The new E4.1 light e-chain from energy chain specialist igus meets the engineers and designers’ need for a strong but light e-chain. It combines the benefits of the E4.1 series’ ruggedness and the E2/000 system’s easy accessibility. When used with “extender” crossbars, this e-chain has even more potential for carrying larger hoses.

A 4-piece light-weight structure, the E4.1 light chain can be fitted with snap-open “extender” crossbars on both sides along the inner and outer radius. This e-chain then offers a large interior-exterior dimension ratio and is therefore perfect for easy filling with large hoses.

Designed with igus’ customers in mind, the E4.1 light extender chain also provides a cost effective but specialised solution. Thanks to igus’ online calculator, engineers and designers can easily find the right e-chain, by entering simple application data.

To find out more about the igus E4.1 light extender chain, please watch this video: