iglidur on tour reaches Swiss air

“Hey, let’s do the press conference on top of the Schilthorn which is about 3000 m high.” “Ok, but how do we get the iglidur®-car there?” “Hmm … How about a Helicopter?” “Helicopter?” “Yes, Helicopter!” … No sooner said than done!

The iglidur®-car arrives at the platform in 3000 m above sea level.

Due to the wind, our car lost its front lid during the flight. Ok, that happens sometimes … Nevertheless, all the bearings are still where they are supposed to be.

No front lid but still all bearings!

Both Swiss journalists and members of igus® Switzerland participated and were fascinated by location and the event.

igus® Switzerland as well as Swiss journalists were part of this historic event.

Of course, the dry-tech®-box joined us and saw the beautiful landscape above the fog as well.

Dizzy height but no problem for the dry-tech®-box.

We took a step off the path …