10 advantages of choosing igus® e-chain®

igus® e-chain®

igus® e-chain® systems are widely known, in fact, since 1971, igus® has been developing, manufacturing, and testing its plastic energy chains. Vigorous testing ensures the uninterrupted and secure supply of energy and data signals while in motion. By selecting igus® as your supplier of energy chains or cable management systems, a variety of benefits will be guaranteed, 10 of which we proudly give below.

Top 10 benefits of igus® e-chain®

  • Variety of supply side-by-side in the same system: air, energy, data, fluids…
  • Maintenance-free and quiet: plastic chains ensure long-lasting service
  • Universal use: vertical, horizontal, circular or special applications
  • Modular & lightweight: smooth running, and easy to assemble & disassemble
  • Tested for over 3 decades: predictable durability, service life, and safety
  • Suitable for extreme conditions: tested in high & low temperatures
  • Configurable online: use the online tool to find the most suitable e-chain®
  • Fast delivery: energy chains from manufacturer’s stock within 24hrs
  • Bespoke monitoring option: smart plastics sensors available for industry 4.0
  • Available with cables installed: readychain® systems for your exact needs

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Application examples of the igus® e-chain®

igus® e-chain® systems can be used in a large number of different applications, so much so that the industries using our e-chains® are hugely varied across the UK.

Our e-chains® are used in an automated line for handling medicine: our e-chains® perform 20,000 movements each day in this application without failure. The economy and technical benefits from our e-chains® secured the system in this company’s picking system. Find out more about it here.

You can also find igus® e-chain® in the automotive industry where the building of car engines requires a high degree of automation and sensor technology for monitoring wear during operation. High dynamics and fast run times are maintained thanks to our e-chains® supporting the production robots in this factory. Find out more about it here.

Thirdly, our e-chain® systems are used in coal power stations worldwide. a power plant in the Czech Republic boasts our longest e-chain® yet; with 615m of travel it is the longest energy chain in the world yet, and 10 years on is still producing 100% reliability for our customer. Find out more about the power station application here.

At igus®, we love new and interesting applications so let us help you with our electrical, mechanical and production designs to optimise the energy supply and outgoing processes at your site.

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