5 reasons for setting up an online account

Can you remember what it was like before we had the internet? Do you recall the first online account you set up to enable you to shop online? I struggle to remember that far back I must admit! I spend a lot of time shopping online (too much perhaps!) and I have accounts for various retailers. It has become second nature to shop this way and I am not alone; most people now shop this way. However, as an engineering company, we find customers struggle with the concept of ordering their parts online as opposed to sending an email purchase order.

So, this blog is not only a step-by-step guide to show you how to set up an online account with igus® but also hopefully highlights the benefits of doing so.

Reason 1 – it is easy

It is easy! Ordering is simple. Select all the items you want to order and put them in the shopping basket. This can be done on each product by clicking “add to shopping basket”. Once you have added all the products you want, you will see a screen like this:

This shows you the products you have selected, the expected time for the parts to be dispatched, quantity, price and shipping costs. If you are happy, click to “go to check out”.

This step will be no different to many other sites you already shop with.

Reason 2 – Shows the history

The next step is where you can sign into your account if you already have a myigus account, register for an online account or continue as a guest. The benefit of setting up a myigus online account is you can keep a history of your previous orders, making re-ordering very straightforward. It saves all your details which makes checkout even faster in the future.

If you order the same products regularly, you have some options. You can go into your history, click the parts you want to order again, change the quantity if required and press “re-order”. This step can really save you time as you have the list of all your parts already set up with the costs.

Reason 3 – Flexibility

an online account

The myigus account is flexible. If you need to change details, such as changing a delivery address from your work address to your home address, this can be done quickly and easily.

You also have the chance to change your password, register for the igus® newsletters and create shopping lists in this section. These shopping lists allow you to build up a list of parts that you might order regularly or are of interest for future designs. To add parts, find the product you want and instead of adding to shopping cart, you add to shopping list. This list then generates in your “shopping list” section of your myigus account.

This list can help you quickly place your next order, and if your orders are regularly varied, this is a simple way of adding products into your shopping basket, like a checklist.

There is a linked “Part” tab at the top left of the screen which allows you to click into the part and delete it from the list should it become obsolete in your machine or application.

Reason 4 – Discounted shipping costs

So many companies are encouraging people to order online now. It is leaner, quicker and easier in most cases. So, to encourage our customers, we are offering a discount of £5.00 off the delivery charge if the order is placed online. If the order is placed via email, through a sales engineer or through then the delivery charge will be the standard £13.50. N/B This applies to the UK mainland only.

Reason 5 – It is the digital way, the future

Do you remember faxes? Not too long ago, we used to receive hundreds of faxed orders every week. Then, faxes became obsolete, so people had to adapt and adapt quickly to sending email orders through.

This is no different. Soon, the world of online orders will become the norm so set up an online account today!

If you need help setting up you can take a look at this video:

Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01604 677240 or use the online chat service.


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