A cube from a round bar? Let igus® make the impossible possible

Not everything can fit into the “ideal” box, but at igus® we have solutions for everything…

In 1964 Günter Blase established igus® Germany. His sentiment was and still is: “Show me the plastic part that gives you a problem. I’ll provide you with a solution!” Nothing has changed in our philosophy and 50 years on, here at igus® UK we pride ourselves on innovation, flexibility and having the ability to find solutions to customer problems using the most economical and efficient manufacturing methods.

igus® is renowned for having a vast selection of catalogue parts but what happens if the part you need isn’t a standard part? What if it doesn’t currently exist? We can still help!

We have a variety of methods and means of resolving issues where your ideal doesn’t fit the “standard” bill. Whether it be using P2M, replacing metal parts with plastic parts, 3D printing or slightly more traditional methods such as machining. Where there’s a will, there’s an igus® way.

Stock bar & plate machining

A tried and tested method is to machine the specific parts from bar stock or stock plate. It is an efficient manufacturing method for producing standard or custom mechanically finished desired shapes. We have a range of high-performance polymer materials and for each individual case we can recommend the perfect material for the application based.

Machining from stock material is perfect if you want a quick turnaround, no tooling costs and if the part doesn’t conform to the standard parameters of a catalogue part.

We use the following forms of CNC machining:

  • Milling
  • Routing
  • Turning
  • Lasering
machined bearing

All of these manufacturing processes uses pre-programmed computer software which dictates the movement of tools and machinery. All of these methods allow us to turn our hand to most things and offer a cost effective part.

This can be achieved in 3 simple steps:

Submit an enquiry

1.Simply fill in the form with some basic information of the application and any specific requirements you may have for the parts i.e temperature, speed, load, environment. Email this along with a CAD file or PDF and we can start the quotation process. The more information provided, the more accurate we can be with specifying the correct material.  You will then be advised by one of our experts as to which of the high performance materials we would suggest based on the information given to us.

Production, prototypes or specific quantities.

2. Depending on the type of part you require we will produce them using the relevant manufacturing method as soon as your order is received. We hold a large selection of stock bar and plate in the UK,  various diameters and thicknesses in a multitude of materials. This allows us to respond quickly and effectively to requirements.


3. At the time of order, you will have some options for varying delivery services so, depending on which service is selected will depend on the delivery time. The standard lead time for custom machined parts is approx. 7-10 working days, however, we can turn basic parts round in 48 hours if required, at an additional cost. This service is called igus® speedigus®. This service has been an important part of igus® support for many years and we combine the manufacture of customised parts with speed, without compromising on the quality of the products.

Having various methods of machining gives us the freedom to utilise all the tools we have at our disposal, allows us to produce some weird and wonderful parts, some of which can improve lives.

custom machined part into a prosthetic limb
Custom parts machined from stock bar to go into prosthetic limbs

In a world where the impossible is possible, where the cube can be made from round bar, where the non-standard becomes the standard, igus® makes it possible. Just ask!

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