Frequently asked questions about igus® plastic rods 

Plastic rod, made from technical plastic, is iglidur® in one piece. Tribologically optimised plastic bar stock as round bars, tubes and plates. Make your own or as machine-finished special components – for prototypes, test components and small quantity needs.

This is to allow the customer to precision ground to the diameter required.

The standard length of the stock bar is 1000mm long

We can sell by the mm in both plate and bar materials – prices on request for the stock plate however you are able to get prices for stock bar on line. Please click here.

Yes we can. All we need is a PDF and if possible a CAD file. You can up load your requirements on this form.  

These are supplied on the product page at the bottom under the technical data. Please click here. 

iglidur® materials are easily machined with tools manufactured in HSS, High Speed Steel. You can also use hard carbide metal. All tools need to be sharp. 

Tempering is a term for heating up material to relieve tension in the material. All of our iglidur materials are tempered. Should you wish to temper igus material please adhere by the following; 

The heating process needs to be conducted slowly due to the low conductivity of the material. The specific temperatures should be reached in approx 3-4 hours by heating slowly from room temperature. This allows for even and consistent heating. The given temperature should be maintained for 1 hour per 10mm wall thickness. 

The cooling process must be done slowly to avoid tension in the material. The rate that the materials should be cooled at a rate of 20 °C per hour max. 

Tempering temperatures;

iglidur J, J4, A180, R, A181, J2, J3, J200 – 120 °C

iglidur J260- 130 °C

iglidur W300, P210- 180 °C

iglidur A350-J350, H1- 200°C

iglidur x- 220°C and hold for 2 hours per 10mm wall thickness. 

We are developing a MD range as we speak and can offer our development material. This will not be released with an official igus name until we have completed all tests and data and have some in production. 

Currently our largest range is iglidur J and this ranges from 10mm dia right up to 100mm dia. We can offer iglidur J tubes which have a larger out diameter. The majority of the other ranges come in at least 4 or 5 different diameters as minimum. 

This is currently available in 30mm diameter. The standard length is 1000mm but can be cut to increments of 100mm. 

The HLW material does not have FDA compliance. 

We have the stock bar material finder available on our website! You can find it here: and it allows you to put the parameters and requirements of your application and specifies the best material. 

We sell only igus® ranges so only iglidur stock materials. We have a large range and can provide like for like with the standard materials such as Acetal, Nylon, PET

We have a large range of FDA materials in both rod and plate. We have high temperature materials such as A500 or AC500. We have less high performance materials such as A160 and A180 which are also FDA approved, hard wearing but lower in costs as the temperature range and chemical resistance is not as high as the likes of A500 and A350