Frequently asked questions about igus® slewing ring systems

iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings combine igus®  polymers with high quality hard anodised aluminium rings.  The maintenance-free sliding elements are manufactured from proven tribologically optimised iglidur® materials. The rings are lightweight anodised aluminium or corrosion resistant 316 stainless. 

These offer many advantages over metallic roller and ball bearing alternatives. They are fully configurable on our website as well as being life calculable. We can provide the CAD for any part and once ordered, are delivered ready-to install. These parts are self-lubricating and offer very low wear all environments.

The belt profiled outer options make driving these slewing rings easy, we have a range of belt options to chose from including AT10, T10, HTD5M and HTD8M. Spur gearing is favourable for simple direct drive.

There are endless opportunities for these PRT slewing rings, in all kinds of applications and some of the key features are:

For example:

Completely maintenance-free
Easy to install and replaceable sliding elements
High wear resistance
For very high loads and high stiffness
Stainless steel versions available
Extensive accessories available, such as hand clamps and position stops.
FDA options available
Bespoke and full integration enquires welcome

The PRT slewing rings are used in multiple of industries. Furniture manufacturers, Material handling, Food and Packaging to name a few.

We call our slewing rings the PRT range.

There are currently 4 ranges, PRT-01, PRT-02, PRT-03 & PRT-04. Each have a variation of sizes from 20mm-300mm dia. 

PRT’s can be mounted horizontally and also vertically so very adaptable. 

Yes, the PRT-01-20-C is equipped with a collar clamp

Yes the PRT-04 is approx 25% less than the PRT-01 version. 

Yes we do. Ours is ESD Compliant and comes with maintenance free sliding elements out of iglidur® F2. The part number is PRT-01-XXX-ES-F2

We have various accessories:

Manual clamps, drive shafts, distance ring, the individual gliding pads, clamping level, adaptor plate, angle stop sets. Please click here to see all available accessories. 

For use in ESD or ATEX areas, we recommend using iglidur® PRT slewing rings with stainless-steel rings and sliding elements made of iglidur F2.

Yes. As an option, iglidur® FDA-compliant PRT slewing rings with iglidur® A180 plain bearings and stainless-steel rings are available.

This depends on the size of the slewing ring. The maximum permissible load on the currently largest iglidur PRT, PRT-01-300, is 150 kN statically in an axial direction, which corresponds to a weight of 15 t. During movement, the permissible load is 90 kN. For the smallest model, PRT-02-20 – for applications with small loads and simultaneously high pressure of costs –, the maximum load is 13 kN statically and 4 kN during movement.

The maximum speed depends on the size. For the largest possible iglidur PRT slewing ring, PRT-01-300, this is 50rpm; for the smallest, PRT-01-20, it is 300rpm.

The square version is for very high loads and offers a high rigidity. It is easy to install and makes replacing the sliding pads easy.

The PRT-04 ESD has iglidur® F2 sliding elements which avoids the electrostatic charges. It is stainless steel so conductive and protects against electrical currents. 

The new PRT-04-50-T is a new slot nut profile PRT which allows add-on parts to be added and mounted retrospectively. Perfect for the medical industry 

i-sense is the smart bearing technology which allows production monitoring making it “predictive”. The sensors can be operated as a stand alone system or can be integrated within the production infrastructure. 

With the PRT range, the sensor measures the abrasion of the sliding elements and alerts when there starts to have wear allowing you to replace before the part starts to fail.