Frequently asked questions about igus® gears

A gear is a component designed to transfer and modify rotational motion and torque.


There are a few common types of gear such as 

  • Spur gears 
  • Racks 
  • Worm gears 
  • Bevel gears 


Yes absolutely. There are some parameters depending on how you want the gear to be manufactured. Visit to see what the best manufacturing option is for your gear.

As with all igus® products, the gears, no matter which type of manufacturing process are made from iglidur® materials so require no lubrication.

No minimum order quantity! You can order 1 or 1 million! 

Yes we have FDA gears available using all 3 forms of manufacturing, machining, 3D printing and moulding. 

We are lucky that we have 3 main ways of manufacturing the gears: moulding, machining from stock material and also 3D printing. 

We have 5 material available for moulded gears – iglidur B180, F and A500, igutek P360 and iguform S270. Igutek P360 and iguform S270 have been developed for use as gears and we have a standard range of over 300 sizes for these parts.


There are multiple industries and applications that the igus® gears could be used in. One of the key industries is the Automotive industry. 

There is currently 3 different shaft-hub combinations:

Round, D Cut, Feather key. 

In our Testlab, we have test rigs that test our gears made of a wide variety of iglidur® materials in different scenarios. We would also be happy to supply you with samples for your own application-related tests.  

The iglidur® gears do not need any external lubrication and are therefore maintenance-free. In addition,  you benefit from the long service life  of our gears, which is due to wear-resistant materials, which we achieve with the formulations of iglidur® materials. Compared to metal gears, plastic gears are quiet and have optimum emergency operating properties. Due to tribological optimisation of the materials, a low coefficient of friction is achieved as well.  

It has to be replaced as soon as force can no longer be transferred due to wear on the gear. Geometric adaptations of such things as the modulus or number of teeth, or selection of the right material can increase the service life of the gears.   

The 5Nm are applied to the entire gear, not to the teeth.

You can use our gear configurator to create your gear

We have extended our gear configurator, so that it is now possible to configure gears with a minimum number of eight teeth.