Frequently asked questions about igus® energy chains

Frequently asked questions about igus® Triflex®

That depends on the size and type of robot and the job its doing ie: palletising or welding

This depends on the size of cables and or hoses you want to use we have a configurator to help you with this

Fibre rods vary from 400mm to 2m however you can cut a fibre rod to any size you require

We have a configurator . Please click here

With an igus® adapter plate the robot configurator will select the correct one for you and also the correct size triflex®

On the robot ID plate usually found on the back of axis 2

Robots perform so many different functions not every dress pack will be suitable for your application

We have a wide range of mounting brackets which can be used.  The robot configurator will select the best solution for your robot

We supply adapter plates for axis 3 and axis 6 clamps, heat proof, hard wearing and PVC sleeves to cover the triflex® and a wide range of clamping options.

Yes please click here to see our cable options

Yes axis 6 clamps are available for most robot types

Yes we offer the twister chain, but this can also be achieved with triflex®

Yes please click here to see the axis 7 chain options

Yes we have a wide range of cobot solutions. Please click here. 

The scara cable solution was designed to guide cables through hoses to protect them on scara robots. 

There are 3 solutions currently. This blog explains more about each options.


We currently offer the scara cable solution with an inner hose diameter of 29mm 

Absolutely! Visit the scara cable management page to see examples.


There are various industries that are using Scara robots. Industries such as the Automotive, Laboratories and production lines. 

We offer the igus® e-rib as one of the solutions. This is a modular system which is easy to fit. It is easy to maintain and can also be recycled as part of our chainge program.

A robot dress pack consists of special energy chains and accessories suitable for industrial robots. Visit the triflex® page for more details on the igus® optio