Frequently asked questions about the Agricultural industry

All shafts are possible but where possible a hardened surface will give the best results

Yes but all bearings have their limits and should be shielded to avoid excessive ingress. Surface treatments to the shaft such as DLC, Nitro carbonising, hard chroming and even zinc coatings will help depending on the load case and the iglidur® material being used. .

Yes they can thanks to their self lubricating polymer blend

Yes they can but thought has to be given to whether this will cause greater problems attracting debris into the bearing .  In these cases sealing is an option.

Yes up to 200 Mpa with TX1 but also the Q2E for the ultimate wear resistance in dynamic applications of 130Mpa.

Often the reason a metal bearing fails is because the lubrication needed to stop corrosion and allow the bearing to function fails some way i.e from lack of maintenance or from debris entering the bearing creating  an abrasive paste, with the result of  premature wear and ultimately bearing failure. igus® are able to calculate bearing life based on physical lab testing.

Yes our standard program covering our 57 materials are manufactured to cover ISO 3547-1 and DIN 1850 metric and imperial sizes.

igus® products are dry running and maintenance free, low wear and predictable life based on physical tests not theoretical calculations . They are light weight, corrosion free, cost effective, resistance to dirt and dust and are able to run on any shaft material. The igus® range offer low Coefficients of friction in the large standard program and not only that, if we don’t have what you want, we can custom designs your part. Just ask!


Yes igus® is working in and with companies in this future area of farming. We have supplied full drylin® gantry linear slides complete with motors, controllers and full technical back up for this amazing next step in farming. igus® are also able to supply delta robots for pick and place applications. 


Yes we can! Depending on the application and conditions igus® can produce parts from  3D print ( FDM and SLS ) Machinable parts; igus® offer parts produced from Bar and plate materials plus injection moulding either from print to mould, soft or hard injection mould tooling.