Large scale 3D printers. How big can I 3D print?

Think big, print big with the igus® 3D printing service

igus large scale 3D printers

3D printing is larger than you think and with large scale 3D printers you can even print a boat! The largest 3D printed boat was an enormous 7.62 metres in length and weighs 2.2 tons.

At igus® we have been 3D printing parts for years, however, even we had restrictions! Our new 3D printing service is large scale 3D printers, opening doors which were shut to us before. The large-format 3D printer is able to manufacture components up to 3m in a single printing process! No need for joins anymore.

Another benefit of getting your parts printed in igus® filaments, is that the high wear and abrasion resistance is up to 50 times greater than the standard 3D printing filaments. This allows the components to be 3D printed and used as wearing, moving parts within applications!

A few key points on large scale 3D printers printing large components:

  • Up to 80% lighter in weight than machined components.
  • We have a food grade material, so can 3D print large components for the food industry.
  • Extensively tested.
  • 50 times higher abrasion resistance than standard 3D printed filaments.
  • Standard lead times are approx. 3-4 weeks.
  • Ability to modify and rework sliding services.
  • Even more design freedom.
How big can large scale 3D printers print

The benefits of the large scale 3D printers service are that it is exactly that, a service! We can consult with customers about the best materials for their application, best methods of production and can advise on any modifications that can be made to make the part lighter and cheaper!! This can therefore be used as an alternative to machining but with benefits such a reduced weight!

No idea on where to start?

Don’t panic if you do not have experience with large scale 3D printers products. We have the potential to look at your design and suggest ways of making the part stronger, more cost- effective and more precise. This means you can make large quantities of these BIG parts at a fraction of the cost of non-additive manufacturing methods.  

Want to know more about 3D printing at igus®? Read our frequently asked questions here.

So, how can you make large scale 3D printers even better?

Make them smart! With sensors integrated within the 3D part, the part becomes an intelligent component! The sensors can report wear and ensure that a replacement is made before a failure occurs! This saves customers expensive machine downtime and combined with large scale 3D printing, getting your machines to work more productively and efficiently has never been easier!

If you would like to have a consultation about large scale 3D component parts, please contact Dean Aylott.


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