Issue 04/2021

If everyone knew …

5 things that motion plastics® can do

Easter is behind us, Spring is in the air, light evenings, restrictions are thankfully being slowly lifted, and time continues to fly by! They say that wisdom comes with age, I am not sure about that, but certainly time does give experience. Often we hear it said, if only I knew then what I know now!

The engineers in the igus® lab are regularly heard to say “if only designers knew what motion plastics can really do, there would be less problems in industry”. In this newsletter, I give you five engineering “cheat codes”, showing how common engineering problems can be solved by using motion plastics, including how to completely eliminate lubrication, and how 3D printing can give enormous cost savings as printed replacements last longer than the original part.

My message to you remains the same: if you have moving parts on your machine, then it is likely that we can save you time and money. Throughout 2021 my offer of samples still stands, so email me with the details of your requirements and, I promise I will give it my urgent attention. This applies to bearings, linear guides, cable chains and flexible cables, the samples are free and you could save a lot of money.

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Matthew Aldridge

PS: motion plastics® are more sustainable than often expected. You can also find an article on this below.

igus® corner – try it out yourself with real samples

The huge motion plastics® sample box for your office

To try out for yourself whether motion plastics® can really do what we promise, there is the igus® corner. Basically a mini trade show at your site.
We will bring the display and fill the compartments with the products of your choice. Or you can simply set it up yourself

You can use the corner as a permanent exhibition or for a limited period of time. We will also pick it up again or refill it if you need supplies or want to try other products.

5 things that motion plastics® can do

Prevent machine failure
Survey*: 46% of construction companies surveyed have frequent machine breakdowns due to insufficient lubrication. motion plastics® do not need lubrication.

E.g. the iglidur® TX1: high load bearing up to 200MPa static and 140MPa dynamic.
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*Source: Shell Lubricants online TCO survey (2019) in construction | WEKA

Making maintenance predictable
Study*: 70% less unplanned downtime and 30% less maintenance costs through predictive maintenance. The service life of motion plastics® can be calculated online.

E.g. for smart plastics: e-chains®, cables and bearings tell you when to replace them.
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*Source: Vogel Communications Group GmbH & Co. KG | Maschinenmarkt 

Automate cost-effectively
Study*: For 97% of the IT executives surveyed, process automation is the key to digital transformation. Low Cost Automation goes with motion plastics®.

E.g. with robolink® RL-DP: robot arm from €3,150 and with free control software.
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*Source: CAMUNDA | The State of Process Automation Report 2020

Save on expensive spare parts
Application*: 50% saving due to 3D printed cross-threaded shaft. 3D printing with motion plastics® material can do it.

E.g. with the 3D printing service: service life up to 50 times that of regular 3D printed materials. In 1-3 days.
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*Source: igus® GmbH | Application example

Driving innovation
Study*: innovation speed helps to expand competitive advantages, reduce costs and increase quality. motion plastics® are fast in this respect. Also customised.

E.g. with the iglidur® High service: injection-moulded special plain bearings in 7 days
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*Source: neo.Network for Applied Innovation Research | Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art

motion plastics® are extremely clean

REINER! Award for modular cleanroom chain

In order for manufacturers to produce in cleanrooms, particle-free machine elements are required. Every two years, the Fraunhofer Institute honours the most innovative developments with the REINER! Award. The e-skin® flat took 2nd place in the last competition. 

Here motion plastics® already have a proven track record


Withstands 57 million double strokes 
As a specialist in the manufacture of components for automation technology, Weiss GmbH needed to find a cable feed-through up to the centre of the tool that could hold two sensor cables and two hoses, each with a diameter of 4mm. The solution was the flat cable guidance system, the e-skin® flat.
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This is how sustainable the motion plastics® are


Up to 22.7 million tonnes of lubricants end up in the environment – every year!
A large part of this could be prevented by the consistent use of lubrication-free polymer bearings. 
Here you can find more facts about the sustainability of motion plastics®


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