Issue 04/2022

Editor Matthew Aldridge writes:

An “unsung hero” of the igus® range is the tribo-coating process. This is where iglidur® bearing material is powder coated onto a metal part, which means you can turn any part you like into a self-lubricating low friction bearing surface! You can find out more about this here:

My offer to you is this; if you manufacture machines and want to test a tribo-coated part then I will do this for you for free! Send me the metal part, and I will coat it for you to try. There is no catch, I will do this for nothing. A 2022 present to all igus® newsletter readers.

With best regards,

Matthew Aldridge

Old out, new in

Chain recycling has never been so easy

Residual waste, paper collection bin, yellow bag, organic waste, you have to concentrate when cleaning up after cooking. And then we’re already off work and actually have our heads free. Do you have the time in your day-to-day business to take care of the proper recycling of old machine parts? Not always? We thought so.

That’s why we are now starting earlier with “chainge”, our recycling programme for energy chains, and offer to take back your old chains, no matter from which manufacturer, at the time of your enquiry for installation. You have less work and there is also a voucher for the material taken away. So you can look forward to the next chain exchange with peace of mind and a good feeling.

The chain recycling is now included in the installation service

You are already acquainted with our installation service: it saves you time and money when installing your energy chain systems, from replacing individual chain links to large modernisation projects. The NEW thing about it is that we take your old energy chains directly and recycle them in the “chainge” programme. With us, everything comes from one source and goes back into one. There is also a voucher for you on top.

motion plastics® News

360° rotation angle without sliding contacts 
The PRM rotating energy supply system is a plastic trough for smaller measuring and handling machines. The guidance is also suitable for camera applications. It does not require sliding contacts and is protected against corrosion.
Polymer rotation module PRM

Over 210 high-end cables with UL
With the new chainflex® TPE cables, we assure you of the maximum load capacity in combination with UL AWM Style. In the test, TPE proved itself and lasted 13 times longer than PUR. Protect yourself against unplanned failure via longer service life.
TPE high-end cables with UL

First smart plastics® complete set in the igus® online shop
Order the smart complete package for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance conveniently online from now on. Based on your existing e-chain®, you only need to determine the application parameters such as cable projections or switch cabinet position.
The ready-to-use complete set for retrofit

iglidur® P – UV for photovoltaic plants
Bearings of so-called tracking systems in photovoltaic plants defy particularly adverse environmental conditions. iglidur® P UV plain bearings have a high resistance to ultraviolet rays. For long service life with the least possible loss of strength.
iglidur® P UV plain bearings

For flat installation spaces:
Rattle-free thanks to pre-tension
For flat installation spaces up to 12mm. A variety of rails and linear carriages are available in four installation sizes and widths up to 80mm. In installation size 80 now also with pre-tension for less noise and rattling.
Linear carriage drylin® N

FDA-compliant toothed belt axis
New in the modular system: all metallic components are made of highly resistant stainless steel, and the axis is based on the guidelines of hygienic design. For fast cleaning processes and clean and hygienic operation.
Toothed belt axis drylin® ZLW-20-HYD

Young engineers support!

We promote the prospective engineers

A sustainable industry needs new materials and new ideas. With our young engineer support (yes) we support trainees and students in trying out their technical projects with free samples, sponsorships and advice. Teachers can also approach us, not only with requests for samples, but also when it comes to guest lectures as part of a lecture series or a tour of the production facilities.

Where is igus® hiding?

High-speed injection moulding machine – accelerations of up to 10g
The removal robot reaches extreme speeds, and the removal time for injection-moulded parts is less than one second. A conventional cable would fail under these loads after just a few days. Thanks to cores wound in bundles, the chainflex® control cables remain strong even under the highest bending stress and high dynamics.
Learn more about the application here


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