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Editor Matthew Aldridge writes:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I recently heard a story of a businessman who went into one of the specialist banks in central London and asked for a £5000 loan, needed for a European business trip over the next two weeks. The bank knew the man but asked for some kind of security, so he handed them the keys to his new Rolls Royce. One of the employees then drove the car into the bank’s underground garage, parked it, and they all had a good laugh about a man using a £250,000 car as collateral against a £5000 loan.

Two weeks later, the man returned, repaid the £5000 and the interest, which came to £15.41. When the bank employee brought the car round to the front of the building, he asked the man why he would need to borrow £5000 when he clearly had so much money. The reply; where else in central London can I park my car for two weeks for £15.41?

No such lengths are needed to save money with igus parts. If you have moving parts on your machine, then it is highly likely we can save you money and time while also increasing the life of your design! Email me with the details of your requirements and, I promise I will give it my urgent attention. This applies to bearings, linear guides, cable chains and flexible cables, the samples are free. You are also always welcome to visit us in Northampton!

Best regards

Matthew Aldridge

Moving energy made easy: configure energy chains and cables, calculate the service life and submit an order

New e-chains® expert enables speedy configuration of harnessed e-chain systems®

Thanks to the new e-chains® expert, finding the right ready-to-connect energy chain is now even easier. Free of charge and accessible for smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.

The automatic filling calculator has artificial intelligence (AI) which calculates the ideal interior separation of your configured system and you are given reliable information on how long the energy chain and cables will last.

Have fun discovering all the 120 new products and innovations in 2019 and best wishes.


e-chains® expert with automatic interior separation & service life calculation

Configure an individual ready-to-connect energy chains system with guarantee in just a few steps.

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motion plastics® in application

Cutting sheet metal under extremely difficult ambient conditions

Plasma cutting, oxyfuel cutting, marking or a combination of all of these processes for high-quality cuts.

e-chains® from igus® nested inside each other reduce the installation space needed and ensure safe and reliable guidance of cables and hoses.

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Your TOP 5 new products and innovations at Hannover Messe 2019

Wear measurement integrated into the plain bearing

The new iSense plain bearing sensor reports the wear of the plain bearing and enables replacement before a possible failure of the system.

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Continuous panel feed

The e-spool flex is the igus® version of a cable drum. It combines an intelligent housing design with a twisted band for rotary motion on the inside. This results in the flexibility of being able to use any cable with a diameter of up to 10mm.

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drylin® modular system for drive technology

All linear modules from the extensive drylin® linear system are lubrication-free and can be automated easily with very little effort. The product range includes linear modules for manual format adjustments, motorised linear axes and linear robots as entire line, low-profile or room solutions.

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60% lighter and even lower

The new PRT-04 slewing ring bearing is 60% lighter than its predecessor. The installation height has also been reduced by half, offering even more design freedom.

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Profinet – for all kinds of movement

Profinet cables with a guaranteed service life for all kinds of movement. Tested. Cables of different qualities for your different requirements in e-chain® applications. Four jacket materials. Four bend radii. Two torsion ratings. 36-month guarantee*.

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The winners of the 9th manus® competition

This year’s manus® was the ninth manus® award to be announced worldwide. 445 entries from 32 countries participated with their applications. They competed for the gold, the silver and the bronze manus®. Gold at the manus 2019: A robust, reliable and low-maintenance mechanism for cleaning and testing underwater risers and pipelines.

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Insights from the igus® lab

Innovative igus® cleanroom technology on the test rig!

What began at the Dryden Engineering Company, California for the E2 mini-series 10 and 14 and Zipper series 15 (class 1 (ISO class 3) cleanroom class) was completed with an extensive testing and certification programme in the in-house lab (with 3,800 m² floor area, the largest of its kind in Europe) and continued at the Fraunhofer IPA Institute.

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Coefficient of friction of iglidur® after water rinse

Are the properties of iglidur® plain bearings adversely affected by continuous rinsing with water? In order to answer this question relating to a customer’s project, six preselected iglidur® specialist underwater products were rinsed with 688,000 litres of water.

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Where is igus® hiding?

Lubrication-free polymer bearing technology for cow cleaning machines

Cows walk around freely in modern cowsheds. On the one hand, to increase their feel-good factor and, on the other hand, to utilise EU funding, farmers are investing in cow cleaning machines.

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