Issue 05/2021

168 innovations

motion plastics® Newly developed products at a record level

More new products, range extensions and digital offerings than ever before:

Telescopic robot hose packages, dry-operating ball bearings with 21 times the service life, large scale 3D printing, 4K or smart and much, much more … You can find out about the top new products in this newsletter, as a quick video overview, or by reading about them on the web, also as a catalogue and on the physical/virtual trade show stand that has received the iF Design award.

Enjoy reading and discovering all the news.

Matthew Aldridge

Matthew Aldridge

Tech up, cost down. It´s our job.

9 top new products overview in 7 minutes


Artur Peplinski presents the top innovations overview in 7 minutes. Directly from the IMPS igus® motion plastics® show in Cologne.

15 of 168 motion plastics innovations 2021

triflex TRX

Revolution in robot energy supply
Space-saving installation with retraction length of up to 40%.
Telescopic triflex® TRX

iglidur TX2

Heavy-duty plain bearings, lubrication-free and cost-effective
Last 3.5 times longer. Made of high-strength filament fabric. 
iglidur® TX2

e-chain® 4040RHDB

Complicated engineering reduced to a few mouse clicks
Complete systems for long travels up to 200 metres.
rol e-chain® 4040RHDB

ESD tribo-tape

Avoid damage to components
Ideal wherever ESD properties are essential.
iglidur® ESD tribo-tape


Revolution for the semiconductor industry
43% lighter, 39% thinner, extra-long service life.
chainflex® CFCLEAN

3D printing

Huge tribo components in one 3D printing process
Large-format 3D printing with the materials iglidur® I150 and iglidur® I151.
Large-format 3D printing


“Chains for cranes®” next level
Extremely long service life for the latest generations of cranes.
e-chain® P4HD


Gears with more than 300 different dimensions from stock
Available tribo-optimised with different geometries.
S270 gears

e-chain® 4040RHDB

Up to 46% faster harnessing
FastConnect-able PROFINET cable.
chainflex® CF898.061.FC


Corrosion-free housing for operation in tough conditions
With same dimensions as cast iron housings.
igubal® bearing housing


Remote integration for low-cost automation, fixed price
Stand-alone solutions | ROI < 12 months. 
RBTX Lean Robotix

drylin RW360CM

New class of precision & Rigidity
Clip-in liners for linear plain bearings made of iglidur® W360.
drylin® RW360CM


Modular gearbox system for cobots … Build-or-buy
Motor & electronics inside, plastic gearbox, 25% lighter. 

xiros cage

xiros® ball bearings … 21 times the service life, lubrication-free
Improvement of strength and sliding properties.
xiros® cage

i.Sense:modul II

Industry 4.0 … Save 3 devices
Now 4 sensors in a switch cabinet module.
i.Sense:modul II

With all innovations 2021

IMPS igus motion plastics show

With all new 2021 products and having received the iF Design Award: our 400 m² physical/virtual trade show stand has been freshly smartened up for your visit.

Whenever you want, you can explore it on your own. Or you can get one of your igus® specialists to show you the new products personally.

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