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What is a plastic plain bearing doing in an energy chain?

It increases the service life of the energy chain by a factor of 10 for long travels!

Editor Matthew Aldridge writes:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Relative movement at the pivot points on an energy chain causes friction and wear in the long term. A tribologically optimised, maintenance-free plastic plain bearing minimises the friction and therefore reduces wear.
It seemed a good idea to combine two core areas of igus® competence, namely energy chain systems and tribo bearing technology, and install plain bearings in e-chains® for the first time; this has now been done on the P4.56 e-chain® (for long travel). Thanks to this tribological improvement, the service life of the energy chain was increased by a factor of 10 compared to the preceding series!

Rol e-chains® influence the energy efficiency of entire machines. Modern plastic energy chains and chainflex® cables help engineers to design machines that are energy-efficient and cost-effective – they reduce consumption by up to 57%.

Best regards

Matthew Aldridge

Testing long travels of up to 400m* and 8 m/s

Brand-new testing system in the igus® laboratory

* The testing system is 200m long (corresponds to a travel of 400m for an
With additional machines, travels of up to 1000m can be simulated in the future.

Watch now: long travels with energy supply systems

motion plastics® in application

57% drive energy saved
Wherever bauxite is stored, a large amount of dust is created and represents a great challenge for moving machine parts on conveyor units. Over the 330m long travel of the dump machine, roll
e-chains® ensure a low coefficient of friction.

Read the whole story here

motion plastics® news

Automation over long travels, space-saving
New trough system that reliably guides e-chains® lying on their side. Very high fail-safety where high speeds and high cycle rates are involved, such as linear robots and machining equipment. Especially compact design, fail-safe and maintenance-free.

igus® plane-chain

Up to 30% faster harnessing
Servo cable with a new-generation pair shield to reduce harnessing work and increase durability. Calculate service life and order online. 36-month guarantee*.

chainflex® CF21.UL servo cable
chainflex® CF27.D servo cable

Cost-effective toothed belt axis for small installation spaces
Combination of a low-profile and lightweight design of the drylin® N linear guide with the dynamic responsiveness of a toothed belt axis. Desired stroke length to the millimetre and direct motor connection. Lubrication-free and maintenance-free. Delivered quickly.

drylin® ZLN-40 toothed belt axis

Move sharp-edged and heavy loads without lubrication
Polymer ball transfer units, for transport tables. More cost-effective and lighter than purely stainless-steel rollers. Load capacity up to 500 N. Overhead installation possible.

xiros® BB-B180-ES polymer ball transfer units

Install slewing ring bearings quickly and easily
Collar clamp for clamping on shafts with a tolerance of h7. Replaceable sliding element made of wear-resistant and maintenance-free iglidur® high-performance polymers. For simple handling tasks and special machines.
Slewing ring bearing iglidur® PRT

Use inspection time efficiently

What happens during an inspection?

  • Assessment of the technical condition
  • Inspection of the mechanical functions
  • Determination of the repair and maintenance requirements
  • Reporting defects and risks
  • Suggestions for improvement

Agree date and time for inspection

Insights from the igus® lab

Find the very best material for every shaft
The wear of iglidur® bearings where linear short-stroke movements take place on shafts made of different materials is measured. Aim: To test the wear-resistant iglidur® plain bearing material on different shafts and to provide the data on the Internet for service life calculation.

See the test results here

Tested: CF240.PUR data cable survives 30 million strokes
What is the service life of the CF240.PUR data cable in an e-chain® with a radius of 75mm? A long-term test was carried out in the igus® laboratory to find out. This measurement data also makes the online service life calculations more precise.

See the test results here

Where is igus® hiding?

igubal® and drylin® in sport catamaran
Design of a mechanical system for flight control of a hydrofoil sailing ship. Electronic or hydraulic solutions are only second best as they require energy storage and energy provision, to name just two challenges.

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