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Editor Matthew Aldridge writes:

Dear Sir or Madam,

One of the most frightening features on my smartphone is that in the morning it often prompts me to “rediscover this day”, then opens up an album showing photos taken one, two, five years ago. I often click on this when having my breakfast, and am often startled at how quickly time has flown by. A photo from three years ago seems to be only a month or two back in my mind. How time flies! As the years roll by, one constant remains, and that is my promise to you, igus® products provide a technical benefit while saving you money. If you make machines and would like to test this, email me with the details of your requirements and, I promise I will give it my urgent attention. This applies to bearings, linear guides, cable chains and flexible cables, the samples are free and you could save a lot of money.

You are also always welcome to visit us in Northampton!

Best regards

Matthew Aldridge

Save NOW. AND improve at the same time.

40% savings potential due to lubrication-free plain bearings made of high-performance polymer

Now is perhaps exactly the right time to introduce technological innovations such as predictable, lubrication-free polymer bearings: a comparatively new development that enables and demonstrates immediate savings with thousands of implemented applications. Cost savings of up to 40% or more are achieved as well as numerous technical improvements, the absence of a need for lubrication being just one.

iglidur® plain bearings can be safely and reliably integrated into your applications through a 1:1 replacement of metal bearings or needle roller bearings. For 18 years, our customers have been reliably calculating the service life of our products online on the basis of tribological tests, of which there have been 260,000 up to now.

We will be happy to come and visit you and, together with your staff, look at your applications to determine the potential for savings.

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iglidur® improves! Proven. Predictable. Performance.

The new iglidur® sample box

Find the right iglidur® material with ease.

The box with “offline” configurator: use templates to find the perfect material. Including 39 materials for almost every application, catalogue and further information.

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motion plastics® in application

Savings of £80,000 per year
In the case of the agricultural machine construction industry, hay rakes are subjected to continuous stress in rough conditions. No problem for iglidur® plain bearings, however, not only are they particularly wear-resistant, but they are also maintenance-free and reduce assembly costs.

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New motion plastics® products…Cost down…Life up!

16 new MOTEK products* in 5 minutes
From intelligent e-chains®, innovative clips for cobots and plain bearings for heavy-duty to the cost-effective modular slewing ring bearings kit.

Artur Peplinski, Vice President & Head of International Group Development, shows you 16 new products*  of MOTEK 2019 in 5 minutes.

See the video here.

… Compensating for misalignment …
The first xiros® self-aligning ball bearings in accordance with DIN 630 made of the high-performance polymer xirodur® B180. Initially available in four sizes for shaft diameters 8, 10, 12 and 20mm.

  • Compensates for misalignments
  • Lubrication-free
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Lightweight

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… Quieter operation … less vibration …
The special dryspin® thread geometry ensures quiet, vibration-free operation. The dryspin® Ds10x3 is a quiet alternative to conventional 10×3 trapezoidal threads.

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… Continuous feed …
The e-spool® flex is the igus® version of a cable drum. It combines an intelligent housing design with a twisted band for rotary motion on the inside. This results in the flexibility of being able to use any cable with a diameter of up to 10mm.

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… Safe, cost-effective, fixed in place in seconds, lean …
COB holders are low-cost holders used to fasten cables and hoses on cobot arms. A universally usable plastic component is fastened on the cobot arm with coated, silicon-free Velcro tape.
3-axis energy chains or protective hoses can be held, which then guide cables and hoses safely and reliably.

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7th vector award 2020

Competition for bold energy supply solutions and e-chain systems® with cables …
Modern polymer energy chains ensure the safe and reliable supply of energy, data, signals and media at the same time, whilst being constantly in motion. The vector award is for creative applications involving the use of energy supply systems in the form of energy chains with cables and hoses.

The vector award is a worldwide joint initiative launched by igus®. The winners will be selected by an expert jury composed of members from the fields of science, specialist media and associations and will be awarded at the 2020 Hannover Trade Show. (20th April 2020-24th April 2020).

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Insights from the igus® lab

Lower costs with predictable bearings
More than 12,000 tests are carried out every year in the industry’s largest tribological test laboratory. This data helps you to save costs: the service life of plain bearings, for example, can be calculated online so that you can always find the ideal material. And smart bearings tell you when they are close to becoming excessively worn.

Expert system for iglidur® plain bearings

Where is igus® hiding?

The “umbrail” racing car only weighs 166kg
Formula Student is an engineers’ competition between different universities and colleges all over the world. For support of the suspension, iglidur® Q plain bearings were chosen this year instead of bronze bushings as they are many times lighter and nevertheless able to withstand all loads and stresses.

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